rip rav4 2023 honda cr v review
Altair Club Cars RIP Rav4? 2023 Honda CR-V Review

RIP Rav4? 2023 Honda CR-V Review

2023 Honda CR-V review by The Straight Pipes. The Honda CRV EX-L is putting down 190 horsepower and 179 lb-ft of torque from a 1.5L Turbo 4 cylinder. At $45,340 CAD, would you take it over the Toyota Rav4?

Foreign jacob we’re going through a drive 2023 honda crv exl without launch control that’s like kind of screams there at the top yeah yeah it’s okay uh horsepower and torque 190 horsepower 179 pound-feet of torque from a 1.5 liter turbo four-cylinder so this is the new crv fully redesigned and pretty much like the hrv and the civic they’re all exactly the same

Inside yeah and this powertrain is significantly better than what’s in the hrv that we recently drove i wouldn’t say significantly like it is still kind of slow hey this is totally adequate i wouldn’t complain if i bought this hey i’m chilling i’m chilling around 60 kilometers an hour and i floor it it’s good and then that top end you get v-tech it’s like back

In nine thousand maybe i’m spoiled by my family suv perhaps mazda cx-5 turbo significantly more expensive than this actually probably not because you bought it used so now let’s move to the looks of the outside because they change design language went to instead of doing crazy gundam style civics and like weird spaceship looking hrv and crvs to every car is going

To look as good and normal and at least offensive as possible and they nailed it with this car i think it looks fantastic and it kills the previous generation and looks and this color in white like it actually looks really great with the grille and the paint’s even metallic it’s a really nice white so then our headlights our drls are really cool our tail lights

Are like really awesome they kind of look like a combination of what they kind of look like a combo of volvo uh like suv tail lights but also a c8 corvette yeah so i like it good job yeah all right who’s kia now a hell of a lot better than the hrv back end and then there’s no exhaustive at the bottom but let’s listen to it from the outside just for fun that’s

What it sounds like nothing special and from the front end this one does look good but there is also a sport model which looks slightly sportier just get the sport if you want the difference in looks i think it’s going to hybrid model coming up too yes which is going to have even more horsepower as well then from the side view body lines nothing offensive just

Like newer updated style like this whole style of this car is just nice and normal and then the wheels they didn’t stand out to me at all same here and what would be the continental recommended tire for a crv the cross contact lx25 i just switched to that on my cx-5 and they are so quiet so nice like i love those tires they’re amazing tires i’ve got them on my

Wife’s suv as well so that overall looks wise does this rip the toyota rav4 looks wise i don’t know because i really like how the rav4 looks overall wise i’m going to save that for the end okay how about cx-5 or like a taos oh uh taos yes kills it cx-5 still really good looking i would i would tie it with a cx-5 yeah but the thing is there’s going to be so many

Of these that they’re going to be kind of like boring after a while but like my mask i see thousands of them everywhere so like my color isn’t even special yeah yeah they’re mostly red for for some reason uh this is really good looking though like if you buy one of these i think you’ll be very satisfied to see it in your driveway every day and if you want to see

It in your driveway hit up to see dealer availability and dealer pricing discounted price offers yeah a lot of you guys were stoked on the last crv versus rav4 comparison video a lot of you purchased crvs so now we have the next one we would love for you to tell us how your purchase went yeah we actually know when you guys buy the cars that we

Review which is really cool so now moving on to the interior love it it’s a civic i want to talk about it from the passenger seat okay you think you can make this uh launch control just ping with the cvt at seven thousand i’ll try traction off low shifting snow mode just like we did in the hrv launch control sing ping ping ping sing there it is okay so it has a

Cvt and to make it do that you got to do a couple different things but it doesn’t normally do that i was driving mine in s mode sport mode okay so i’ll go drive traction back on and drive mode to uh normal floor it higher up it’s a lot better yeah like around 5000 5500 which is really high to be revving this car it really does pick up it does feel like it has vtec

Even though it’s a turbo engine well it does i think are you impressed that i can see the half analog half digital engage cluster from here which we couldn’t in the hrv because it had like the privacy screen like yeah i don’t know why they did that but here you can see it from the passenger side anyways this is also all-wheel drive you can also have your torque

Distribution gauge in your gauge cluster the gauge cluster is half digital half analog just like it was in the hrv would you rather just have like a civic though with like full probably like i don’t know sure maybe that’s for future updates i guess and then for the rest of the interior we have the normal civic infotainment which is also in the hrv i think that’s

The best thing they could have done is switch everything to the same infotainment style yeah because it’s a really good infotainment style so we got apple carplay android auto wireless apple carplay but you do have to step up to the exl touring and above to get the wireless option otherwise it’s just wired below i prefer wired anyways but yeah it’s cool we got

The home button back button volume knob left and right tuning we have sirius xm satellite radio it does rewind and all the graphics on the screen look really nice and if you do get a new car you get a free trial to sirius xm with the purchase and if you buy a used one you might qualify for a free trial as well hit up the straight pipes what’s your

Favorite station right now jacob uh right now it’s bpm yeah it’s summer man but this does not have tune mix i have tunics in my mazda and i’m obsessed with it like like i i literally cannot buy another family car that doesn’t have tune mix and then this also has a reverse camera which is uh okay it’s totally passable yep but uh note 360 camera in any of the trims

Which is really disappointing because i feel like for suvs that’s like what you want in that you just want to be able to see everything considering how much they refreshed with this brand new model it would have been nice considering a sentra can be optioned with a 360 camera that’s my that’s my latest everyone needs a 360 camera fair enough reasoning and just like

The civic we have this nice grill mesh pattern which looks really cool feels really premium and then we also have gloss black which kind of sucks it feels like there’s a little bit more than there was in the civic we have those really some people like glass black though yeah some people do the selling feature for that uh we also have those really nice clicky uh

Climate controls so satisfying wireless charger normal shifter normal drive mode things don’t you feel like our car views are going to get pretty boring in the future when every interior is exactly the same ah i mean volvo’s been doing it for a while yeah yeah but then well the thing is evs are spicing everything up with like why did they do this why did they do

That so i think we have a future in automotive journalism still we’re still still good i would call ourselves car reviewers not really automotive journalists i mean we’re both we’re not really breaking any stories uh sometimes we do name one yeah uh let me let me think what have we broken oh we’re the ones to say that the mock e character would burn out and that

The guy said they could do a burnout and now it still can’t do a burnout there you go we are journalists thank you for answering my question uh what about these cup holders do they pass or fail yeah they totally pass but they are behind the shifter which totally sucks i don’t like that style and what about the visors three two one full pass good job and then dude

It’s black that’s cool this does have a lot of safety features we got blind spot monitoring rear cross traffic alert all that good stuff we got the really good adaptive radar crews and lane keep in here yeah because honda sensing is actually standard on all trims and then they added traffic jam assists for this year for this car oh that stuff’s good but i chose my

Personal suv to not have that stuff because it is like i don’t need it not everyone needs it but i think it is like a really nice if you do a lot of cruising on the highway a lot of like nine to five driving in rush hour like this would be perfect for it and speaking of a lot of nine to five cruising and driving the suspension on this is amazing it’s super soft like

This feels just driving this car blindfolded which would be very dangerous don’t do that it feels german in a good way like this feels like a volkswagen it’s tight steering is nice and light in the powertrain like it’s good enough this is like a really nice car to drive to work every day okay how about sitting in the car to work every day uh these seats are very

Comfortable the only thing that sucks i think is that there’s no cooled seats you only have heated seats and we got heated steering wheel and we have memory seats which is very nice for the driver’s side how about the back seats so much room back there and you can even recline the seats yeah and then if you hold them down they do the thing where the bottom part goes

Forward it’s not like fully flat but i think flat enough to have like a ton of room and the trunk has a lot of room best in class i believe honda says and they’ve made this car so much bigger overall now and then if you push the button it’s a power liftgate in this version and there is a button up on the inside to click lock it doesn’t have one of the things that you

Just click lock and the thing goes out but you know i don’t like it even like my mazda has the button to lock it yeah because you still got to stand yeah exactly like an a-hole while the car just did and if you push it too early it’s like oh god yeah just add the separate button yeah oh well and i feel like that’s pretty much everything there’s like not nothing

Weird nothing offensive it’s very similar to the honda civic and the hrv which we both really liked yeah and there’s one thing i’d like to mention that the primary plant that builds this car is in alliston ontario so shout out to canada shout out canada and the rest of the plants i think are in the states shadow canada all right with all that out of the way let’s

Get to the price we don’t actually have a price because we’re reviewing this so early but if you look at previous pricing of the previous generation it should be pretty similar to that which starts around thirty thousand dollars canadian and ends up around forty thousand dollars canadian for the exl which is the one that we’re driving yeah i mean they didn’t get

Anything wrong yeah there’s nothing bad for us to say this is uh this is rav4 killer like this interior no no rip rav4 okay this feels like a luxury car in comparison to the rav4 inside and even just driving wise but the rav4 like the trail it feels more like sporty more fun more like the zany like bro wait for the trail sport version of this one with they’re gonna

Put a root they’re gonna put gas cans on the roof and spare tires we’ll see we’ll see it’ll just be accessories it won’t actually be anything extra for like off-roading let us know what you think of this new crv hit subscribe leave a comment leave a like hit up our sponsor buy some continental tires for your car and get some siriusxm satellite radio

Thanks for watching we really appreciate it we love all of you for watching and leaving nice comments yeah and when every car is still exactly the same we’ll still review them all yeah don’t worry we’re doing this forever exactly

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RIP Rav4? 2023 Honda CR-V Review By TheStraightPipes

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