rip nsx 2022 acura nsx type s re
Altair Club Cars RIP NSX 2022 Acura NSX Type S Review

RIP NSX 2022 Acura NSX Type S Review

2023 Acura NSX Type S review by The Straight Pipes. Excited about the 2023 Honda Civic Type R reveal? Well this Acura NSX Type S is putting down 600 horsepower and 492 lb-ft of torque from a Twin Turbo 3.5L V6 Hybrid. At $192,495 USD, would you take it over the Audi R8, Lamborghini Huracan, BMW i8, Nissan GTR, C8 Corvette Z06, McLaren 570s, McLaren Artura, or 5 2023 Honda Civic Type R’s?

I’m yuri i’m jacob and we’re going for a drive 2022 acura nsx type s with launch control oh my god oh yeah i might throw up horsepower and torque 600 horsepower 492 pound-feet of torque from a twin-turbo 3.5 liter v6 and three electric motors and the reason the revs went so high was because i’m in track mode when you slam on the brakes it drops the gears

Automatically to keep everything nice and balanced this car is so fast i might actually throw up in the middle of this video so obviously we think this is a supercar right yeah we thought the last one was a supercar so this is even more superpower still the best daily evil supercar right yes but very close to an audi r8 i would say so the nsx type s it’s the last

One of this generation and all of them are type s’s they changed up the front added more power made it faster 350 of them are getting made 30 of them are going to canada 300 united states so i assume the last 20 go to japan interesting that split is crazy but i mean this is made in ohio so it also makes sense and i want to start this off with the looks because that i

Think is the biggest change they went from the old old style acura front end to a newer one that looks more like a modern supercar yeah they actually took a lot of inspiration from their nsx gt3 race car in a lot of different ways here but i don’t think it looks because the gt3 race car still looks like the old style one except the rear diffuser looks like this one

Rather than the front the front is still the normal one so do you like the front end of this more than the last one that was color matched or more than the first one that was chrome i don’t think i like it more i think i like it equally in a different way because at first when this came out i was like okay it looks like an r8 kind of looks like a c8 but i don’t mind

It here i i like it a lot more in person and then we’ve got this cool matte paint yeah uh they’re only making 70 of these worldwide so the split between the world only has a total of 70 in this cup and this is build number zero of zero so i assume this one’s getting crushed after acura in case you do crush it let me know if i could buy it for a hefty discount okay

And now before we get to the back end i’m in sport cruising in sixth gear and i’m gonna floor it that’s not even spore plus so we’re in like the softer suspension mode the easy daily driving mode and you can still pretty much make your passengers throw up by flooring it dude even the driver when i drove this earlier like i felt like i was already going to throw

Up guys i’m serious i may throw up it’s so nice getting that feeling out of cars especially for us who everyone’s like you guys are spoiled you don’t even think fast guards are fast anymore we think this is fast that’s how cool this is and we thought pretty much the exact same thing about the last nsx uh yeah so this one being even faster but anyways we’ll focus

On the looks the wheels look okay not too special but they are forged so that’s cool and what would be the continental recommended tire for the nsx type s the extreme contact force and then moving to the back we’ve got a cool diffuser and a bunch of carbon fiber there as well yeah that’s really where you see the race car inspiration from the gt3 but does it sound

Good from the outside let’s take a listen still got to put an exhaust on it yeah you got to make this thing a lot louder okay then from the inside if we take change it over to track mode that’s where it should be the loudest so hold on here we go this is so fast uh it sounds okay it pumps it in pretty good but there’s like a little bit of like vibrationiness or

Whatever it’s not amazing but it’s better than before i think yeah and i i feel like a bit of a buzz kind of coming from the back there probably because this is a well abused press car well it’s a it’s like a sound actor it’s a sound pipe it’s not like digital sound no but like florida again yeah i didn’t i didn’t hear at that time i think i heard another song yeah

Yeah anyway but the coolest part is when you do floor kind of like lightly you can hear the turbo spool from like right behind your left ear i’ll let you do that okay so overall it looks wise you still like it yeah i mean i don’t hate it it looks great the old one i think did kind of look better and smoother and kind of like the original design every nsx looks

Great do they look better than the i8 i think so oh it looks better yeah for sure no question better than a lambo uh probably not but rarer which makes it more special extremely more seeing these on the road is like a tree you’re like oh my god today is my lucky day dude since the last time that we reviewed that red one i don’t think i’ve maybe seen one on the

Road and i got so excited i think i’ve seen like four and one of them was a lady driver which is like super rare for a supercar that’s cool you could daily the hell out of this thing so right now i’m in ev mode i’m going to go into track mode for cliche corner okay this is so pleasant like the amount of variability that this car has is so cool okay manual mode

Paddles only watch the bump with this re-tune the suspension it’s great jeez this is so fast oh my god dude you’re just the volume for me wow does this to me like me driving this it feels like i’m one with this car yeah i mean i’m a little frightened but uh at the same time i’m not there was no sketchiness and that was super quick this feels as good to me but

Slightly better than it does like when i’m driving through rs audi’s through cliche corners yeah and i joked about the uh adjusting the volume because this is basically the old like honda civic and for infotainment because you have the you don’t have any actual hard buttons other than your steering wheel to control your volume yeah they don’t have the volume knob

That they got into civics after people complain but like i don’t mind you got apple carplay i can rewind satellite radio and i’m wondering for everyone who has an over 200 000 car you all have your serious subscription going right now right yeah i mean when you buy a new car depending on what car you get you do get several months for free yeah it’d be a pretty not

Flex to have your subscription expired or just use our link and you get three months for free to be brutally honest so you got into someone’s like rolls-royce it wasn’t activated you’re like you only have this channel yeah yeah yeah come on guys that’d be fun yeah i get it and then with this infotainment the reverse camera is pretty awful but isn’t there some charm

About a supercar having bad infotainment remember that was like a thing we used to like yes uh it it definitely is bad just like the cup holders are also bad okay they’re only bad if you have a passenger if you’re driving alone like it still works and then you can kind of maybe fit a small cup right here where i have my phone but if you have a bigger smaller phone

It won’t fit at all this car is too fast to be able to pull sketchiness like that yeah but look if you were in quiet mode i’d still be a little yeah okay but still you’d have to close the lid on your timmy’s cop so i’ll take it out of quiet mode put it into sport plus so we can regen a little bit of braking so that you can do the launch control 0 to 60 in under

3 seconds thank you also i need to point out that this is i think the most i’ve seen you change drive modes in a car while driving that’s how like this car changes it’s has so many different characters it’s cool it’s like a different skins yeah exactly i don’t know it’s very easy with this thing yeah and we may have to pull over for a second so i can actually

Throw up oh my god okay carbon ceramic zero to throw up in under three seconds oh my god this is so fast that is that’s a really good launch this is insane the first one like the regular one is already so quick and like this is obviously even faster um this nine speed dual clutch is really nice like shifts quite quickly not as quickly as like a porsche pdk

I would say like the gt4 rs i recently got it so now 50 faster shifts in track mode and in track mode they make it so that you can downshift to within 1500 rpm of redline which adds more than you can in other modes and more than before and then i can also hold my left paddle so i’m in fifth right now and drops the lowest gear which they’re bragging about but a lot

Of other cool cars already let you do that so whatever that’s not like a special feature like it should have just oh yeah yeah yeah yeah but yeah so this car is really quick it has the turbos from the gt3 race car like directly off that car apparently it’s the same part number our buddy uh ryan eversley is a race car driver he actually races the acura nsx gt3 he’s

A fellow continental tire influencer and uh ryan we’re actually now driving your car sort of with the same turbo so i’m gonna send it into cliche corner and the the response from the steering wheel the front end is amazing it’s so sharp i know exactly what it’s doing and this is great uh it’s super handy sorry it is sport hybrid super handling all-wheel drive so

It’s shashad but there’s nothing sketchy about it even with like the track mode and as much off which makes me think you probably can’t really drift this thing which is kind of okay i guess it makes total sense like it’s an all-wheel drive car you shouldn’t really be able to drift it this is kind of that’s the kind of car you buy for fast lap times and not doing

Any dumb stuff or because you want a rare car that does fast lap times exactly like this car will be worth a lot one day i think if you can stomach the current price of this and then the depreciation and then wait for the appreciation again so you can still buy these brand new dealers have them there are four new ones at this moment on and then a

Whole bunch of used from different other years yeah so if you want one uh discounted price offers that are linked like literally go buy one now this car is sweet yeah uh i think you’ll probably be able to sell it for the same if not more if you wait longer almost guaranteed yeah and this one is from america as well shout out america for bringing it up to us got the

California plates at cliche corner thank you acura usa we’ve been dying to drive this car ever since it was announced so finally we get that chance and i’m glad we do uh i really like these paddle shifters and the actual steering wheel itself like the steering wheel feels so good exactly i didn’t miss that the clickiness of these paddles like yeah they’re not metal

But they’re also not gonna get really cold with the air conditioning plastic it definitely doesn’t feel like something you’d find in any other acura yeah and especially unless i’m wrong but i don’t know no for sure like this palm grip where your hands are is amazing and then because we have the lightweight package we actually have carbon fiber on the steering wheel

And then on this uh whatever hood over here and then we also have it in the engine cover and then standard we actually have it on the roof and then you also get carbon ceramic brakes which i think is where most of the lightweight savings are because i think you saved like 58 pounds yeah that’s that’s pretty good that’s mostly from the brakes it’s not from like these

Little bits i feel like the speed of this compared to the speed of the first one we drove like they’re both really fast yeah that’s like my new stuff to get again then this is apparently two seconds uh faster on suzuka yeah so that’s where i guess all that stuff really matters like 15 seconds faster through cliche car uh yeah this car rips uh suspension suspensions

Are really good apparently it’s been re-tuned but again this being the most deliberate supercar you could buy it is so comfortable in the sportiest mode i’m driving in track i can drive and track every day i assume in the last review you mentioned that there’s no custom button for a drive mode i probably did so i got the sciatica pains i was in bed for three days

I’m feeling better i’ve been stretching for the last two weeks and it would be nice to have everything tracked except for suspension soft yes now you understand maybe for the next update right yeah yeah maybe just kidding nsx uh 3.0 i guess yo title of our video r.i.p nsx oh because they’re killing it nsx type pass review that’s good people won’t get it maybe they

Will let us know what you think did you get that is that the title so when you were driving i mentioned the turbo spool that you can hear listen to this a little blow off it’s nice because the intakes for the intercoolers are back there so we have all this extra channeling of extra air we have vents on the front which channel air to the back the back looks really

Cool you can see the engine through there yeah it’s nice seeing that and i do like the carbon fiber cover like this is the kind of car see carbon fiber on the steering wheel carbon fiber okay and then you recently drove the gt4 rs and i didn’t because my back was so messed up and i could not sit in those seats but i could sit in these seats which are very comfortable

And say nsx on the headrest how does this compare to that cause like this is a little more expensive than that uh yeah and i was not comfortable in those seats which i said in that video and i am very comfortable in these seats i do have one minor nitpick is that the seat recline where your head is kind of seems like it’s a little far back so you’re almost like like

This but at the same time with a bucket on the on a race track you’d probably be even better because i think the porsche seats because they’re fixed backs like they’re a little bit too upright if they’re a little bit further back it probably would have been a lot better and then driving this compared to the gt4 this is like way faster is this cooler or is it like

Just two different things honestly this feels more supercar than the gt4 rs did like i still felt like i was in a cayman this feels a lot more special this is also significantly faster like it only on paper has an extra 100 horsepower but because of the way that the hybrid system works like it feels like it’s 300 horsepower faster honestly like this is so quick and

Then oversteer like barely that’s not i would say that’s just settling a touch that’s a car settling through there and i do have it in track traction because if you press the traction off button well you have to hold it it’s kind of tricky to get in the mode that you want because there’s stuck vehicles like this when you get stuck in the mud or the snow right yeah

Yeah for sure and then you have track mode but you have to like hold it the right amount of pressure and time when you got your viking contact sevens on here for the winter that’s right yeah i mean you could drive this in the winter no problem it’s all-wheel drive it’s a little bit low there’s no nose lift which would have been nice considering the front end we

Haven’t hit anything yet though not yet okay and then storage there the front is there’s no storage there it’s just parts yeah and then the back we got a good amount of storage you probably fit a golf bag i can definitely fit carry-ons in there and like a lot of stuff it’s it’s good it’s smaller than a c8 though in terms of like yeah but still pretty good yeah and

Then one last thing i want to talk about is the gauges the gauges are really nice like this reminds me of the lexus lfa well i’m not that i’ve driven one yes lexus style i really like it’s fluid very clear speed up at the top gear in the bottom this came from the state so i had to hold this to go from miles to kilometers so that was super easy oh that’s nice and

Then okay we’ve got two settings for your driver’s seat on there we have no safe settings on the passenger seat and no lumbar in the passenger seat which sucks yeah it sucks for you a lot right now we got heated seats which i’ve been rocking even though it’s hot because that helps with the back yeah i wish we actually had cooled that’s my other complaint the inside

Material like we got alcantara stitching it says type s here it says type s on the key fob and then it also says type s on the door kind of like an old integra type r would which is cool right exactly and this is not a type r because it’s not a honda so it’s type s and in line with all of accurate stuff i assume they’re pushing type s as a brand and i feel like if

They didn’t give it the slight additional bump in power and they just did the body kit they probably could have badged it as a a spec yeah yeah i could see that and then we have some red accents on the inside because uh type s and then the last thing if you want to adjust your fan speed because of the old infotainment you need to click this climate button and go

Through but like we said we don’t really care exactly and then with the climate there’s a button that says mid and that blows air towards your junk from the side vents here so you can have it going to the top and here i actually thought that was a fake event at first okay visor test and then let’s get to the price supercar pass supercar pass there’s not even a

Mirror on it let’s get to the price this is american dollars so starting at 169 500. american and this one’s 192 495 which roughly comes out to about 230 canadian yeah depending on how you spec it if you get the lightweight package but um a lot of money but you’re gonna you’re gonna it’s gonna retain value i think yes yes it’s cool exactly you’ve never seen this

If you buy this just to drive it this is cool because not everyone has it i’m more excited to see this on the road than i am 100 so yeah i guess go to and buy those four brand new ones and then like those other used ones but but drive it please just like store it this is a honda though this thing will drive great probably forever exactly it’s

Meant to be driven you’ll be totally fine probably i would love to own one of these thanks guys and thanks acura for hooking us up with this america america america meets cliche corners nothing makes me happier than american license plates through cliche corner you

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RIP NSX! 2022 Acura NSX Type S Review By TheStraightPipes

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