rimac nevera vs porsche taycan v
Altair Club Cars Rimac Nevera vs Porsche Taycan vs BMW M5: DRAG RACE

Rimac Nevera vs Porsche Taycan vs BMW M5: DRAG RACE

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Hi matt watson here from car wow so i’m sitting in the new rimac nevera it’s a 2 million euro electric hyper car and it’s just nuts and i want to show you how nuts it is by comparing it in a drag race to a porsche tycoon turbo s which is a very quick car of the 70 quarter mile and a bmw m5 competition which is also another very quick car over the standing quarter

Mile but i want to see the difference between this thing and those cars there it’s going to blow your mind it really will so this car has four electric motors one for each wheel and combined they produce 1914 horsepower you’ve got 2 360 newton meters of torque it’s insane stats for those cars if you add up their power and torque figures it’s less than what this

Has on its own i’m actually going to flash up a little screen now where you can pause the video so you can see how these stats of all these cars compare so pause the video now and now let’s get on with the race but before we do please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you won’t miss a single upload

Also why don’t you follow us on instagram car wang it’s like simple we’ll do loads of behind the scenes footage and stuff like that some interesting pictures of me with this car’s creator mati rimac anyway should we go with the drag race i think we better have yeah buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price

Car wow your one stop car buying comparison site before we start off with the drag race we’re going to do the customary car sound check so we’re going to make some electric car noises i’m going to start with this car in fact when i’m doing it i can make the spoiler just wait okay let’s have a listen to the porsche tycan it’s a very interesting noise and now

Rev up the bmw m5 it sounds so good like musical instruments anyway it’s about to be humbled let’s do this drag race it’s quite that porsche now it’s just dead it’s just dead whoa oh wow it was neck and neck up first it was quite interesting that was but then this just did its thing hey paul she did a good job there we were neck and neck off the line yeah this

Was a nice launch so then what exactly happened well the rim at one it completed the standing quarter mile in 8.7 seconds the porsche came second with a time of 10.2 seconds and the bmw was last with 11.5 seconds now we have a rolling race from 50 kilometers an hour cars in this four-year settings bmw’s in manual mode the gearbox probably in second gear but here

We go i’m gonna count it in three two one go the porsche is with it for a second and then it’s just dead okay so i won that okay i’m gonna do the same thing again but i’m gonna give you guys a bit more of a chance you ready three two one go one two look at that porsche ahead but now he’s toast i’m now laughing like a villain so that was weird right now getting

A full emergency stop at these cones from 100 kilometers an hour that porsche is going too quickly but i don’t know where the bmw is i think he was a bit ahead of me but there we go we just did it you know what we’re actually running out of time we’ve got to get off this runway like about half an hour ago but we’ve got these cars to play with and i wanted to make

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The car world in between these video uploads so just click on that sign up it’s completely free and of course you can cancel anytime you want to thanks for watching see you next time

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Rimac Nevera vs Porsche Taycan vs BMW M5: DRAG RACE By carwow

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