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Review Toyota GR Supra 2020 Indonesia

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This is a mkiv supra which evan reviewed around a year ago on our channel.. ..a very iconic piece with many being fans of the engine, or the car itself. today, we’re going to review the successor for this car.. mkv supra is the latest generation in the supra line-up. this car shares platforms with the bmw z4. but not just that, toyota also revised the platform itself

By adding quirks from the mkiv supra. let me run you through it, starting from the exterior, interior, and the engine. in my opinion, the front bumper looks very cool, really aggressive. with these black lips down here, and these humongous holes as grills. the mkiv supra’s frontside resembles a smiling face, sort of. but this one looks like it’s viciously angry,

Which is cool. there’re these things that appear like holes but actually not. a car meant to be modified to the point where the owner desires, one of them being toyota providing these “holes”, in case.. ..if needing for air scoop, brake ducts, and others. why are the holes closed? because if not, they’ll just generate drag. so, for aerodynamics purposes, these holes

Are temporarily closed. in my opinion, the front bumper design is very cool. not only according to me, but other body-kit designers like pandem & streethunter.. ..still use the stock bumper in their kits, because of how cool it is. they usually just add lips & overfenders, and the results are even cooler. on top of that, these headlamps that are actually

Quite controversial. some like it and some don’t, because of the slightly tapered part design. it ain’t too much into my liking, but ziko really loves it. i ain’t sure why it isn’t separated, but apparently after i saw one of the tuners.. ..who have modified this car, namely jackie ding, a global time attack racer. basically, if any other car bonnet is replaced with a

Carbon fiber bonnet, the weight reduction is significantly lower, compared if you do it on this car. (wider bonnet allows more surface area to be replaced with carbon fiber.) on the side, there are lots of interesting designs. starting from the big bonnet, which also acts as the upper front fender. underneath that, there is the actual front fender, which is quite long..

..Because the front wheel placement is pushed very forward. speaking of wheels, let’s talk about these very cool rims. these 5×2 spokes, crooked to the inside, and toyota logo in the middle. these rims are 19 inches in diameter and 9.5 inches in width. behind it, lies a brake system that looks quite large for standard cars. front rims are wrapped with (255 in width)

Michelin pilot super sport rubbers. they’re considered relatively wide for front tires. moving on down here, there’s another interesting quirk.. ..these side skirts which designs are very similar to the front bumper lips. at first, i didn’t like different-colored side skirts, but i’ve grown to like them now, they’re actually quite pretty. there are also these slight body

Panel curves that’s similar to the mkiv. it goes from all the way down here, up to the door itself. moving on to these rear wheels, the rims are pretty much the same to the front, only wider. wrapped with the same tires, michelin pilot super sport. 275 in width with 35 profile. rear rims are also 19 inches. if this was plastidipped white, it’d look like a white kiwami.

Everything about this design is very identical to the kiwami. moving on up here. these panel curvatures on the rear fender, i really like how it made the rear fender look so bulky, and.. ..has such a great line from all the way down here to the top. one thing that is very unique, in my opinion, is this very aggressive backside. the lights are modern and sharp-looking,

Rear bumper is also very aggressive. there is one thing that is also present in mkiv, this little ducktail here. down here, there’s the same supra logo like in mkiv supra. on top of that, lies a toyota emblem. which in my opinion, ..isn’t necessary because there’s already a big toyota logo above it. as you can see under this bumper, there’s a big diffuser. the car’s

Rear side seems very bulky because the cockpit is actually narrower than the back. the interior is also a z4 interior, which is actually cool, in my opinion. there are several designs here that are really keen, in my opinion. like this ac design that looks as if it’s connected all the way.. all infotainment systems are also the same as bmw’s. in this display, we’ve got

Navigation, phone, media, radio.. ..and many other features that we may need from a normal car. which are actually quite comfortable and easy to use. up here, there are ac configs and radio modes, volume settings are also here. it’s sad, but in my opinion, this was a good opportunity for toyota.. make the interior abit like the mkiv supra’s interior. i.e. the

Mkiv had the mid cluster faced more to the driver’s side. everything from the display, ac, etc. if they had done that, it would’ve been awesome. ..this carbon fiber panel, which suits delightfully for this interior. back here are two cupholders that are actually rather uncomfortable, especially when they’re occupied with beverages, not very ergonomic. although, since

All new supras are automatic-only, your left arm will rarely be down here. but rather, it’ll mostly be on this steering wheel with paddle shifters. this steering wheel is very comfortable, the size feels right, up here, there go the cruise control button, volume settings, phone, ..and a voice command that most likely won’t be used by indonesian people. unlike the mkiv

Supra, turn signals lever is actually on the left. if you drive both mkiv and mkv supra, this might probably be confusing. but they have a reason, because if we look at it from the outside, there’s some sort of concave in the middle for better aerodynamics, the shorter the car roof, the less drag it’ll generate. which is why the sides are contoured upwards, thus more

Head room for driver & passenger. speaking of passenger, seat design is pretty good, in my opinion. this is a semi-bucket seat, and these holes really enhance the sporty vibe. although, i think it would’ve been sicker if they collaborated with recaro. unlike mkiv, the new supra comes without backseats. by the way, this car’s audio system sounds great. we also got

Tweeters in the doors. trunk’s not too big, inside is actually wider than the opening, as you can see. it’s unlikely to fit a large suitcase in, especially through this small opening. there ain’t no spare tire down here. instead, here lies the battery. as you can see, there’re also some other electronics back here. let’s take a peek at the motor, i think it’s going to be

Interesting! this bonnet is truly humongous. would be very lightweight if it was carbon. motor’s a b58, 3l inline-6 turbo, with lots of interesting engineering technologies. starting from the turbo and intercooler, it has something unique. unlike most turbo cars, you can’t see the intercooler up front from the grill, because this car’s intercooler is in the intake itself.

Namely water-to-air intercooler, means the intercooler is the one chilled by the radiator. thus, generating less lag, because the volume on the pipes are much lower. the cylinder head has variable valve lift technology, which creates more power. 338hp. not from the brochure, but from results of a dyno that.. ..we usually use at ks nusa. the dynorun was done by ovi sardjan.

This motor, in my opinion, is capable of rivaling the 2jz. it’s possible to tune this engine to 1000hp, like papadakis racing did. which is a 1000hp b58 with stock crank, no stroker. so this motor has a very high potential, in my opinion. many people might say “this new supra doesn’t possess 2jz!” it might not be 2jz, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad engine. in fact,

This truly is an engine with high potential. let’s take it for a spin! i think this is going to be fun. excuse me, can you help me with that? i can’t reach it. the mkiv supra we knew and love was produced from 1993 to 2002. since then, it was all null until this mkv supra came out in 2019. handling feels great, even though we can’t test it on the track yet. although,

It handled beautifully when i was doing some fast cornerings earlier. for a guy who’s used to 2jz drift cars, i can say the mkv supra is very fast. in my opinion, this is the right car for replacing mkiv as it’s successor. some of you die-hard supra fans might disagree with me. mkiv’s legendary status wasn’t obtained during it’s first production year. as time passed

By, the jza80 became popular and acquired said status. perhaps in the future, this car will replace the supremacy of mkiv supra. the features are really functional too, in my opinion. such as this hood display, so we can see how fast we’re going. like when i was flooring it earlier, and speeding up to 200 km/h. it’s nice to know your velocity while still being able to

Concentrate on the road. in my opinion, this mkv supra deserves to replace the mkiv.

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Review Toyota GR Supra 2020 Indonesia By Garasi Drift

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