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Altair Club Cars Review of Kia Niro 3 PHEV Plug-in hybrid – UK 2022 Review, best plug-in hybrid car for sale?

Review of Kia Niro 3 PHEV Plug-in hybrid – UK 2022 Review, best plug-in hybrid car for sale?

Probably the best all round plug-in hybrid car for sale, the 2018 Kia Niro 3 phev UK 2022 review covers electric range, mpg, charge time and size of boot space and rear room.

Right go on hi hi right so me and my daughter who’s nine helped today because she’s off school to do the review of the kia nero free ph ev which is the plug-in hybrid version i think they’re a fantastic car now i do apologize my lovely daughter i was a bit distracting and i might have repeated myself a bit and uh yeah i went into it maybe too much detail or

Repeating myself but if she was sign language and me and china like say can i talk and stuff like that wow while i was filming but yeah guys hope you enjoyed the video the card is fantastic they are one of the best all-round cards i think you can personally get for a private vehicle or even for the taxi all right guys enjoy the video all right guys so this

Is the very very nice kia nero phev plug-in hybrid it’s got a 1.6 liter petrol engine and obviously it’s assisted by the batteries i think it’s between six and nine kilowatts i can’t fully remember um does about 30 to 35 mile full electric range and then once that range is over it averages 50 60 mile per gallon once that full electric range has gone it is a

Fantastic fantastic car this is my wife’s car because i got her to get one because they’re so fantastic and i used to settle one on the taxis so i know exactly what i’m talking about when it comes to this car all right guys so this is the boot ignore me wife’s 14 jackets some reason that’s in a bit so the boot itself is actually quite deep now it’s shallow

Because obviously the height because it’s a hybrid all the batteries and everything else is quite underneath we got this little bit of under storage here for the wires three charging cables and then uh yeah but it’s pretty good obviously sliding low cover but it definitely um does a lot for what you need it for your wife never struggles with any boot space

Oh yeah lovely jubbly hello guys this is the engine oh so there’s the battery there’s the plug-in hybrid 1.6 litre petrol engine very nice all right guys so this is going to hold the loop that’s have you got it right now another impressive thing about it is the via headroom like there is so much so much room in the back probably because obviously i’m quite

Wide don’t say that on lucy there’s probably not much room for three passengers obviously if there’s three of me in the back both like kids and stuff and then you pay for get free and no problems and smaller adults you get free in and obviously as you can see real leg room plenty of plenty again so yeah in the back of the car it is a very comfortable place to be

And obviously in the front as well which we’ve already just recorded so come on lou you can end the video clip now bye guys guys now this is where the car shines from the outside it looks quite a small car but it is a small suv now i’ve mentioned the previous videos i am six foot five this seat is positioned the way i’ve been driving and there’s not many cars

That i can fit behind myself comfortably there is plenty of room in this car very nice leather quality seats cup holders it’s a very nice place to be the only problem as i’d say in the back is obviously you’ve got no rear charging ports but that’s it really other than that it’s a very nice same three compartments and a little cup holder as well all right guys

So i’m currently in the front obviously you got the um the map which is very fast and responsive you’ve got your charging ports aux cable underneath this is a wireless charging pad for your phone and you’ve got heated steering wheel heated seats these are all standard on the kia nero free and the kian arrow freight is definitely the best option out of all the

Needles because you get the leather seats you get all the gadgets it’s got lc reversing camera so let’s see if it shows up reversing camera it’s got literally as much gadgets as you need it’s got adaptive cruise control which is one of my favorite gadgets because with the adapter cruise control it detects the car in front on the motorway and matches the speed

So if you set your cruise control to 70 mile an hour you get behind that car and if that car slows down your car slows down and then with the help of lane assist the car will stay between the lanes and behind the car in front and it’s literally it’s like autopilot like i’ve drove from liverpool to leeds in this car and i touched the pedals about three times it’s

It’s unbelievable so as you can see here this is obviously you charge and eco your power all your information she fully charged as you filled up a tank first of april 19 days later she hasn’t used any because it is um obviously the plug-in variant um battery capacity it’s about six to nine kilowatt per hour costs about one pound 80 with this current electrical

Tariff about one pound 80 to fully charge it and from north to 100 not 100 but it lasted all the time honestly god it’s so much cheaper since she swapped this from a diesel she’s saving about 150 pound per month just in fuel it’s ridiculous to plug an eye but it’s unbelievable and what else is going to show you oh yeah stays there average marble gallon yeah

That is not fake it’s because she uses and she uses a obviously an electric charge nearly all the time you can tell us oh there you go so there’s a history of driving so that day she drove four miles six miles 13 miles 20 miles four miles 15 miles looking at a mile per gallon because she’s only using electric range trying to find the date that she went

Over there you go 44 miles she’s done that day averaged 137 mile per gallon because the first 80 miles of it was full electric last 10 miles was probably i think it was about 40 i’ve averages about 50 55 miles per gallon once the electric charge has gone because these cars in a hybrid are really really good mile per gallon anyway 40 143 look at that one 21 mile

71. that’s when she that that day she had no charge she averaged 71 miles per gallon without any charge for 20 miles the car is fantastic guys i absolutely love it um but yeah i think we’ve covered everything oh yeah look at this seating position drive six four five plenty of new mini it’s got all the air control three minutes and everything else plenty of room

And obviously just plenty of room in the back and it is just a fantastic all-around little car one sec what do you want to show what you want to show oh your daughter wants to record so you’ve got a big amount of space like in the glove box yeah yeah and also in leg room like and then you’ve also got the air conditioning and the door yeah okay so put a big

Put a big thumbs up in front of the camera nice one for watching guys all right guys so today as you already know i’m in the kia nero pa phev which is their key nato plug-in hybrid so what’s so good about this car is the plug-in hybrid um technology by the way if the recording’s a bit strange it’s cause my lovely nine-year-old daughter is filming me are

You putting the camera at me can you see me there yeah you sure yeah okay right hi nice show the plug-in hybrid this particular one is my wife’s car and also i’ve had this car before um as uh when i used to settle one when i was under well obviously i’m on the taxis but what’s so good about this car is it’s not so smoothly it’s comfortable there’s plenty of

Room in it the the the lame division there’s going to be not much blocking it’s quite low to the ground but it’s like a mini suv but it is quite low to the ground so it drives really smooth really nice so like i was saying it is a plug-in hybrid and the best part about being a plug-in and a lot of people opt for the full electric cars now my personal opinion

If you’re not a taxi tired or like a long distance driver the plug in hybrid is definitely one way to go because my wife full tank this car on the first of april it’s now the 19th of april and she has used zero fuel because the range is about 35 miles now you sometimes might get 28 380 depending obviously how you drive if you’ve got the heating on and stuff

Like that but the range on it is really good in ev range so she uses no fuel she literally the fuel counter has not moved since the 19 in 19 days and she drives it every day school run to work and one set what lucy um why don’t we show them like the like car like the back and front or are we gonna do that we’re gonna do that right so the actual drive of it is

Fantastic obviously i’m going to show you all around the car i’m going to show you in the back and everything else if i haven’t already showed you it depends what order i do the video but driving perspective it is a very comfy very nice car to drive now this is the kia nero free in my opinion the best spec for the price so uk yeah look down there lou next to

Your eye and blue you got heated seats heated steering wheel right you’ve got a wireless charging pad yeah you got all your sockets and your usbs your sockets and an opa there’s a big screen you got all that in menus all your stats obviously radio dab uh you’ve got android auto you’ve got apple car player think uh there you have android auto apple carplay yeah

Perfect so um there’s the hybrid system so can you see that so on average she averages 359 miles per gallon so we just literally been kind of valid and then him yeah i’ve got it i just got when i got a validated 40 and we’ve still got 83 mile range left so you use hardly any fuel in this car now i would say at the moment in the current market this is probably

The best plug-in hybrid you’ve got on the market for the price the space and the range and because it’s a kia you get a seven year 100 000 mile warranty now i’ve been looking at the moment for over plugging hybrids and nothing matches this for size spec price and everything else and obviously the gadget but yeah guys your daughter’s now gonna press the button

Again to stop the video and um i’ll see you soon guys so just to clarify the car is obviously fantastic i wouldn’t recommend it to my wife if i didn’t think it was a fantastic car guys um i’ve obviously goes obviously i’ve recorded the reviews and so many clips i don’t want to i don’t know what i’ve said about it or i’m repeating myself um so i’ve seen any

Questions anything i’ve missed out let me know but if you’re gonna buy one i’d definitely go for the plug-in hybrid not the normal hybrid because you get that free electric range that’s plugged in from the home it can be plugged in by a three-pin socket so it can be plugged in and by a normal three-pin plug so you don’t need a rapid charge and nothing like

That and it takes about three and a half hours to fully charge from north to full fantastic guy guys i don’t know what else i can say about it i love it to bits but yeah that’s it guys anything else i haven’t covered let me know in the comments or ask me any questions i know a lot about these cards and here i’ll happily answer them all right guys thank you very

Much for watching and uh thanks to my current um review partner lucy so what you say lucy say thanks guys thanks guys all right then see you all later you

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Review of Kia Niro 3 PHEV Plug-in hybrid – UK 2022 Review, best plug-in hybrid car for sale? By Driver Matty

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