review of 2020 jaguar i pace 90k
Altair Club Cars Review of 2020 Jaguar I-PACE 90kWh HSE 4WD

Review of 2020 Jaguar I-PACE 90kWh HSE 4WD

*Superb Example – Black Pack – Pan Roof – Head Up Display Privacy* Presented in Eiger Grey Metallic Paint with Full Black Heated and Cooled Electric Memory Leather Seats with Rear Heated Seats. This gorgeous example of the Jaguar I-Pace was previously supplied by us and has been fastidiously owned, still driving, smelling and feeling like NEW!!!! Coming complete with Full Jaguar Service History including; A PDI Check at 9 Miles – 08/12/2020 and First Service at 22,501 Miles – 01/08/2022, Jaguar Warranty until 11/12/2023, Jaguar Documents, Mats and 2 Keys. JAGUAR OPTIONS INCLUDE; Head-Up Display, Fixed Panoramic Glass Sunroof, Black Pack (Black Grille Surround, Black Window Surrounds, Black Badging) and Privacy Glass. Standard Specification includes; Heated and Cooled Front Seats, Heated Rear Seats, Meridian Surround Sound System, Electric Memory Seats, Cabin Pre-Conditioning, Matrix LED Headlights, Auto High Beam Assist, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Alexa, 360 Surround View Camera, Heated Steering Wheel, Blind Spot Assist, Pro Sat Nav, Electric Power Tailgate, Adaptive Cruise Control, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, Digital Cockpit, Multi-Functional Steering Wheel, Auto Headlight Activation, Auto Rain Sensing Wipers, Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror, DAB Radio, Bluetooth and much more. Please watch the walkaround video for a more in detailed view. We were established 12 years ago and are a proud 5/5 Highly rated dealership with over 400 reviews within our dealer group, so you will get a great experience with us. This Lovely Jaguar has a full HPI History Check with a certificate for your records. We have over 80 Years of Experience within our team at Your Best Car and we are all passionate about what we do and how efficient our Car Buying Made Easy process is for you. We are a platinum approved BMW and Black Horse finance provider. Your PART EXCHANGE is WELCOME, so do call us for a free over the phone ballpark figure. Thank you for viewing our advert and make sure you watch the walk around video. Best regards the YBC team,

Hello from your best car in buckinghamshire and welcome to the walk around video of this 2020 70 reg jaguar i-pace hse all-wheel drive this car is presented in eiger grey metallic with full black leather heated and cooled seats with electric memory function we’ll have a look inside at the interior shortly this car comes complete with full jaguar service history

Please read through the detailed description the advert for that information jaguar warranty until 2023 comes with two keys carpet mats and it is ready to drive away hopefully the camera is picking up how amazing that igrade paintwork is i’ll try and get some good angles for you and certainly for us this combination we really do like eiger grey we think it is the

Most sought after combination within the jaguar models this car is in amazing condition for its age of mileage and that’s the reason why i make these videos for you so you can see the general condition of the car how well it’s been looked after and we’re going to have a look inside and check out some of the gadgets that the car has it’s got some great jaguar options

Fitted as well you’ve got the panoramic sunroof the black pack it’s got a head-up display again all the details for the options are in the advert so please do have a read through or obviously you’re more than welcome to give us a call and we’ll send them through to you these lovely star alloy wheels all four of them are in great condition and the black packs really

Nice because you get these black accents especially around the window surrounds here as you can see black grills at the front and black lettering at the badge sorry black lettering and badges at the back we previously supplied this car as well so we know it really well and while i’m showing you around a few questions we get asked a lot at ybc first one is can we

Provide finance for you on this eye pace and yes we can we are a platinum approved finance provider so we can provide you a bespoke higher purchase or pcp deal on this car it’s really easy to set up as well all needs your driving license and a few details and everything will then be in place ready for you to view this car and drive it away and that’s the benefit

Of using a platinum dealership like ourselves we’re a five out of five highly rated dealership in auto trader as well so you know you’re gonna get looked after when you’re dealing with us so please check out our reviews here’s that amazing panoramic sunroof i really do like this sort of pattern around the shark fin there and obviously you’ve got this lovely rear

Spoiler with the black accents on the edges and ybc was established in 2010 we’ve got a site in cranbrook and kent and one here in buckinghamshire on wikimayer park it’s really easy to find us just type our postcode in sl7 3dp and you come straight to the air park and with the second business on the right hand side like i mentioned just want to get some close-ups

Of this ige gray have a look at that paint works no holograms it’s been fastidiously owned obviously got the the front here or the front boots it comes with two charging cables you’ve got 13 pin do you know what while we’re here i’ll show you here we go and then you’ve got the charging cable in the boot nice clean front boot area and your 13 pin which will go into

Your mains is this one obviously you wash your fluid just here as well and then in the rear you get a normal charging cable for your charging stations publicly you know in the in the public areas such as car parks and stuff like got these amazing led daytime running lights it’s also got high beam assist which is lovely the spec on it is amazing we’re going to

Run through it shortly but it’s really nice again that black pack i think the front just looks amazing got no chrome around that big front grille and those black accents look great and again look how clean the front of this vehicle is we also take any part exchanging even if your car’s on finance not a problem we can arrange for your payment on your car or your

Finance on your car to stop and your new one to start on this one you’ve got your charging port here just above the nearside front wheel really easy to use just press that button when you’re finished it’s very hot today by the way so i’m in my shorts and t-shirts but our sales team is suited and booted for when you arrive one thing i do love about jaguar’s eye

Pace is land rovers are these new handles press the button there it is keyless entry so you never have to get your key out your pocket and then you just walk straight up to it and they fold out i think that’s such a nice feature of course all around love the interior on the eye paces with this one you get full black leather contrast stitching with the jaguar

Logos embossed in the headrest there that amazing panoramic sunroof it’s it’s got some protection as well so no need for a blind which i really like and again the condition these seats have a look at this the bolsters still got their structure there’s no crease marks here your electric buttons obviously are just here i’ll get a better view of the interior from

The other side lovely door shuts kick plates dashboards in great condition all the touch points are exactly as you want it to be it still smells fills and drives like a new car electric memory seats for the passenger as well there’s lovely meridians surround speaker surrounds and that contrast stitching and the piano black trim running through those door cards

Really do like the design also got heated seats in the rear let me just show you those rear seats but while we’re here as well just want to show you electric folding electric folding electric power tailgate and what i wanted to show you was the other charger which is located just in there great size boot folding seats as well and a nice and smooth power tailgate

Dark and rear clusters really do like those too like i said the eiger grey color and again look at the condition around the door handles those door edges it’s fantastic so in the rear we’ve got let me just wait for my camera to focus there we go isofix seats electric windows nets just behind those front seats and as you can see no lazy feet a bit on the back

There down here you get 12 volt usb chargers as well and heated rear seats and the condition of the rear bench exactly as you’d imagine it to be just like the front no indentations from any child seats it’s lovely back here of course another shot of that amazing panoramic sunroof i’ve personally driven this car like i said still feels and smells drives like a new

Car it is a joy to drive but what we want to see is this incredible jaguar aft display cockpit and dashboard area look at this it is amazing how cars now are designed it is just incredible you know you’re looking at magazines five years ago and seeing this thinking god are we gonna are we gonna see a car like this in the future and here we are and this interior

When you’re sat in it just makes you feel very very special indeed more shots of those amazing seats drivers just like i’ll just get down here driver’s side is just like the passenger side contrast stitching and then that perforated panel in the middle and again that panoramic sunroof again really nice so let’s get inside and start it and i’ll run through the

Amazing it’s another nice shot isn’t it the amazing specification on this i pace let me just adjust my seat back like i said excuse the uh i need to start it legs on show very hot outside and here we are it’s lovely steering wheel so i’ve got in press start and everything is ready to go that aft display you can change that as well we’ll do it right now

So you press the button on the multi-function steering wheel obviously it’s got head-up display as well unfortunately can’t show you that though because it doesn’t pick it up on the camera it is in one of the pictures on the advert so please check that i press the completely wrong button there you go full map scroll up and it disappears so you’ve got your full

Map on on the display there obviously mpg your range on your mileage this car is done 22 to sorry miles it’s also got um auto high beam assist which is great there you go it’s got adaptive cruise control brilliant feature heated steering wheel it’s got bliss as well so blind spot monitoring you see a little orange dot just in the mirror there so they flash

When a car is in your blind spot love that it’s got ambient lighting look at that in the door incredible looks great again that’s a great feature to have and the steering wheel still feels like new as i’ve mentioned before and then when we come over to the left hand side it does have wireless apple carplay i need to go and get my phone to show you that it’s

Absolutely brilliant but obviously you’ve got your navigation bluetooth and media such as dob radio bluetooth streaming etc but because it’s got apple carplay um you’re not required you know to you don’t need anything else really in my opinion you’ve got google maps etc my colleague even says it’s got alexa so if you’ve got an alexa account amazon account um this uh

Will respond to you say if you say hey alexa so i don’t know if that’s i know i don’t know if it’s gonna work every time but there you go the heated seats absolutely brilliant so seat heating press that here just here and you got your cool function and then all the way around to your hot and the call on a day like today really nice to have click climate climate

Controls then all controlled here love how these digital displays change your air conditioning of course and on the left here you’ve got all your different driving modes so if we just click that i’ll show you this screen so we’ve got dynamic there wait for the camera to focus comfort eco and we’ve got rain ice and snow he’s drive lovely very fast very efficient

Obviously for the electric incredible and i do like this layout i think it’s really really smart so with teslas and mercedes and stuff like that the gear sticks up on the right hand side i do like the button features i think a brilliant ceremony park now into drive in this neutral into reverse it’s so simple and as you can see when you engage reverse this amazing

Parking system which you can change your view of anything look at this absolutely brilliant check that out how cool is that obviously front park front camera as well and then your rear one just there absolutely brilliant that and what i love about an eye pace is when you engage reverse there’s a very subtle beep and it lets those people know behind that you’re

Reversing and that is important because sometimes in electric cars people can’t hear you in car parks but i really like that feature with this jaguar the sunroof like i showed you before absolutely amazing or the panoramic sunroof again those seats again but let’s look at the condition of the armrest there’s no there’s no wear to it there’s no scuffs on the

Edges got nice cup holders as well there’s a really nice place this this space here you can put your phone here which is really cool and what i’ll do i’ll just jump out really grab my phone and i’ll just show you this apple carplay system sorry really poor for me bear with me there you go look at that those features they’re absolutely brilliant um

I just need how annoying it’s disconnected me there you go and there we go the apple carplay is running that is completely wireless my phone is just here and straight away you’ve got your spotify an incredible meridian sound system on this car um if you press that you’ve got your menus here so all your major apps are up here and then you’ve got google

Maps as well if you’ve ever used apple carplay if you’ve never used it should i say you wait till you use it it’s absolutely amazing it’s almost too convenient it’s quite scary also heated front windscreen this car has got it all the spec is fantastic great value for money we think these eye paces are and they drive fantastically as well so you can open up the

Boot from inside as well your parking brakes just here and you can also open up the front boot too again more contrast stitching on the door cards and your electric memory buttons just here the seat is freezing cold now so let’s get out you press stop get out of the car also watch our like it tells you your range obviously download an app as well to help

You with all that and i don’t if you can see in the wing mirror you’ve got those car icons that flash up when something’s in your blind spot get out press that button car is locked and the wing mirrors do fold in fantastic car certainly for us all the boxes to tick the color combination the condition the ownership and the specification what a car this is and if

You’re interested in this car and you’re an auto trader click the cool seller icon you come straight through to the team here and we’ll answer any questions that you may have about this ipace if you can’t talk on the phone though fill out the online inquiry form and we’ll get straight back to you we can talk to you via email text message whatsapp whatever suits you

Just let us know we’re also an appointment only dealership so please do contact us before visiting us as we want to talk to you about our car buying made easy process been carrying this process out for years it’s where we get everything in place ready to go so you can literally view this car and drive it away and enjoy the rest of your day you’ll absolutely love

It everything’s done remotely it’s very efficient and very simple so please do ask us about that for example if you’ve got a pilot exchange we’ll price that remotely if you’re on finance on this car we’ll have it all in place for you so you can view it and drive it away thank you for watching the video of this amazing i-pace we hope you found this video useful

We hope to speak to you soon and see you sat right there in the driver’s seat driving away in this amazing car just want to add as well we’ve been carrying out a very safe click and collect service since may 2020 so please do have peace of mind when visiting our business regarding kovid we are very covered secure thank you once again and take care

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Review of 2020 Jaguar I-PACE 90kWh HSE 4WD By Your Best Car Bucks

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