review of 2018 jaguar f pace por
Altair Club Cars Review of 2018 Jaguar F Pace Portfolio AWD Automatic

Review of 2018 Jaguar F Pace Portfolio AWD Automatic

*Superbly Kept Example – Ulez Compliant – Freshly Serviced – Cold Climate Pack – Heated Steering Wheel & Rear Seats* Presented in the best combination Corris Grey Metallic with Full Black Heated Seats with Electric Adjustment. This Jaguar F Pace has been fastidiously cared for, still smelling, feeling and driving like NEW! Jaguar Options include; Cold Climate Pack (Heated Front/Rear Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, Heated Windscreen and Heated Jet Washers), Timed Climate Remote Premium (Unlock/GPS/Heat up your car from your phone), Metallic Paint, Gloss Black Roof Rails, Rear Privacy and Lane Keep Assist. Coming complete with Full Jaguar/Jaguar Specialist Service History including; PDI @ 5 miles 14/05/2018, Jaguar Service @ 18,231 miles 29/09/2020, Freshly Serviced by our Bosch approved Jaguar Specialists, MOT until 30/06/2023, 6 Months Warranty, Carpet Mats and 2 Keys. Standard Specification includes; Satellite Navigation, Keyless Entry, Meridian Sound, Xenon Headlights, Cruise Control, Climate Control, 19″ Alloys , DAB Radio, Bluetooth with Music Streaming, Auto Wipers, Auto Lights, Electric Power Tailgate, Full Leather, Reverse Camera and much more. YBC was established 12 years ago and are a proud 5/5 Highly rated dealership with over 500 reviews within our dealer group, so you will get a great experience with us. This lovely F Pace has a full HPI History Check with a certificate for your records. We have over 80 Years of Experience within our team at Your Best Car and we are all passionate about what we do and how efficient our “Car Buying Made Easy” process is for you. We are a platinum approved BMW and Black Horse finance provider. Your PART EXCHANGE is WELCOME, so do call us for a free over the phone ballpark figure. Thank you for viewing our advert and make sure you watch the walk around video. Best regards the YBC team.

Hello from your best car in buckinghamshire and welcome to the walk around video of this 2018 jaguar f-pace portfolio this car is presented in chorus gray metallic with a full black leather heated seats with electric adjustment on the passenger and also the driver we’ll have a look inside at the interior shortly this car also comes with a cold climate pack so

You’ve got heated seats heated windscreen and heated steering wheel also has heated rear seats too it comes complete with just two previous owners full service history all the details for that are in the advert so please do have a read through mot until june 2023 six months warranty from the date of purchase two keys carpet mats and it is ready to drive away

Hopefully the camera is picking up how amazing that chorus metallic paintwork is i’ll try and get some good angles for you but as you can see there’s no holograms it has certainly been fastidiously looked after this car is in great condition for its age and mileage and that is the reason why we make these videos for you so you can see the general condition of

The car how well it’s been looked after and then we’re going to have a look inside and check out some of the gadgets that the car has really well spec is standard but it has got some brilliant jaguar options that have been fitted again please read through the detailed description the advert for that information one of them as i’ll just point out to you are these

Gloss black roof rails which i think finished the car off perfectly also has gloss black 19-inch alloy wheels all four of those are surrounded by premium pirelli rub tyres with plenty of tread like i mentioned i’ll try and get some good angles for you so you can just see the condition of this car also has rear privacy glass too another option and again it looks

Very smart with the chrome line exterior and those gloss black center door panels if you’re looking at other jaguars as well please do check these we’d love you to buy this one obviously but these can tarnish due to poor chemicals when the car is cleaned while i’m showing you around the car a few questions we get asked a lot at ybc that i can answer one is can

We provide finance for you and yes we can we are a platinum approved finance provider so we can provide you with bespoke higher purchase or pcp deal on this car it could not be easy to set up as well it literally takes minutes and all we need is a few details from you and your driving license and everything will be in place ready to go so you can view this car

And drive it away and that’s the benefit of using a platinum dealership like ourselves rear clusters look great obviously they come from the the f-type i think they suit the f-pace really well and you’ve got these dual shiny exhaust nice genuine real exhaust not those shiny plastic tips that you see on a lot of the manufacturers at the moment and again i’ll be

Showing you up close the busiest areas on the exterior here like the fuel cap so you can just see how well this car has been kept have a look at those door handles keyless entry so you never have to get your keys out of your pocket and get in the car and start it it’s all very convenient all four wheels are in great condition as well as you can see i’ll point out

Each one we’ll come to the front now and we’re a five out of five highly rated dealership and auto trader so you know you’re going to get looked after when you’re dealing with us so please check our reviews one of the features on the portfolio which is brilliant is this fixed panoramic sunroof i’ll be showing you that shortly got electric blind in there as well

And we were established in 2010 we got a site in cranbrook and kent one here in buckinghamshire on wicca mayor parks really easy to find us let’s type our postcode in sl7 3dp and we are second business on the right hand side if you’re planning on visiting us visiting us to see this car please do call ahead as we’re an appointment only dealership and we want to

Talk to you about our car buy made easy process this makes your car buying experience with us very efficient it’s where we will price your car remotely if you have a part exchange and again get your finance all in place for you let’s have a look inside you’ve got these four black leather seats jaguar logo embossed on the head rest and this car still smells and

Feels like a nearly new car we’re very sensitive about that here at ybc for example have a look at the seat bolsters very clean seats still have their structure on the side and as you can see you’ve got your electric adjustment with lumber support as well one thing i like about the portfolio is these gloss black interior bits of trim the sport version has silver

We sell lots of those the portfolios are slightly rare that again as you can see the condition of that door card looks great you’ve also got interior ambient lighting for the front and at the rear you’ve got a light running through the door card and then behind the grab handle which looks really nice again gloss black interior inside it will look a lot better

When i go the other side and show you whoops i need the key to open up the boot because i’ve been opening and closing these doors like i mentioned two keys and a nice electric power tailgate great size boot folding seats and also the load cover is present as well let me just show you the protective shelf on the rear and then that rear bumper if you’ve never

Used a quick clear windscreen which is your heated windscreen you’ll absolutely love that feature on this car in the winter literally melts ice and snow condensation whatever may be on your windscreen within a minute so you don’t have to wait for your engine to warm up in the rear you’ve got vents from your front climate control heated rear seats like i mentioned

Just down here and then you’ve got your charging ports you’ve got a 12 volt and then two five volt charges the rear this car doesn’t look like it’s been saturn either have a look at that your isofix as well and electric windows and a fold down armrest which is great also look at the backs of those front seats they look brilliant and again that nice big panoramic

Sunroof chorus gray and black by the way for me the combination really do like exterior chorus gray paint work with black accents so this has got obviously gloss black wheels it looks brilliant again more of that piano black trim do you love the center console and f-pace as well again look at the armrest the condition of it and also the driver’s seat bolster great

Again structure still there of course you get leather crease marks completely normal that’s what leather does and the heated steering wheel button just there as well so let me shut the other doors we’ll get in and we will start it up and i’ll show you these features so like you’d have your keys still in your pocket but i’ll they’re obviously out for open in

The rear boot and you’ve got meridian sound system as well how did i forget that so we are in great steering wheel nice and thick still feels very nearly new you’ve got your multi-function steering wheel buttons just here flappy paddles either side heated steering wheel and your cruise control and then to start it fit on the break press start we’re good to go

Really nice ambient lighting on the doors like i mentioned nice instrument cluster panel with an aft display in the middle 35 692 miles this car has done also has digital speedo um also has oh my god gone blank traffic sign recognition so it knows what uh speed you should be doing and then your lane assist at the top there and then your lane assist buttons just

Down the right hand side when you press it it disappears and then it reappears as you can see automatic xenon headlights with daytime running lights this screen is great to use as well you’ve got your shortcuts left and right media such as dab and your bluetooth obviously the media is off right now i can turn it on there we go if you turn it right off it turns

It off there your heart 70s of your dav stations and of course you can stream your music via bluetooth as well climate control which is also controlled at the bottom here navigation which gives you a satellite navigation screen and then bluetooth for making and taking phone calls so just down here i really again really like this color feature and the lighting

Electric um quickly a windscreen part of the cold climate pack that button just there you can sync your climate and obviously you can control it up and down like so and then your heated seat button is just there and then it shows up just on the screen and you’ve got three two one temperature controls if you engage reverse you’ve got your reversing camera which

Is really nice with your visual aid i really do like that and one thing i love about the f-pace is when you stop it that disappears when you start it love that from jagger i think that looks great really easy to use as well just roll it around to d if you ever want to go into sport you push it down goes right back into drive neutral reverse and obviously park

You’ve got different drive select modes as well so you got dynamic mode so if we select that that instrument cluster will tell you that it has been oh no we have selected the wrong one there you go there’s dynamic i was waiting for it to go red there you go so it goes red i was thinking about it does it all go red i’m sure it does eco and then rain ice and snow

Automatic stop start traction control cup holders electronic parking brake and again you’ve got another charger with an aux lead in there if you want to or sorry an aux port as well if you want to as well so really nice interior again look how clean the center console is that piano black trim inside very smart these are brilliant cars they’re so comfortable to

Sit in efficient considering the power and the weight of it but it’s a great place to sit and like i mentioned we sell lots of these um and i think they’re absolutely brilliant oh that’s what i’ve got to show you is the panoramic sunroof blind our last portfolio actually sold to our detailer’s father so that was really nice and he’s still got it he’s very happy

With it again which is good news one thing i forgot to show you these really nice jaguar badges and if you like fake side vents but all cars have got them they look really nice your daytime running lights with your lights on i do love the f-pace front profile that big black grill in the middle and those side black fares i think uh side black flares i think

That looks great but chorus split gray or black wheels like i mentioned and also with privacy glass another option in this car doesn’t that look smart really nice row presence so if you’re interested in this car and you’re an auto trader click the cool seller icon and come straight through to the team here at ybc and we’ll answer any questions that you may have

If you can’t take on the phone note fill out say online application form on autotrader or on our website and we can get straight back to you via text whatsapp email whatever suits you just let us know not a problem like i mentioned before we’re appointment only as we want to give you our undivided attention and talk to you about our carbine made easy process so

Please talk to us about that you’ll absolutely love how efficient we have made buying a car from us is and we’ve been carrying out a very safe click and collect service i’ve been doing that since may 2020 so please do have peace of mind when visiting our business it is certainly safe to do so thank you for watching the video of this jaguar f-pace we hope you found

It useful we hope to speak to you soon and see you sat right there in the driver’s seat driving away in this amazing car thanks and take care

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Review of 2018 Jaguar F Pace Portfolio AWD Automatic By Your Best Car Bucks

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