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REVIEW: Nissan Z |

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Logically this car shouldn’t exist it’s the all-new nissan zed and it arrives at a time when car companies really struggle to justify building a new sports car when they should be focused on suvs and utes and electric vehicles this model well it’s a bit of a update and overhaul of the previous car it’s not exactly all new but for enthusiasts its very existence its

Continued existence is reason to celebrate but that doesn’t mean it gets a free pass so let’s check it out and see what this seventh generation zed has to offer because nissan didn’t team up with another car brand to develop an all-new zed like toyota and bmw shared the cost of building the new supra and z4 it had to get resourceful about how it kept the zed

Alive the chassis is an evolution of the previous 370z model in order to save costs it’s been stiffened at the front end though and the suspension has been tweaked for better handling while the underpinnings are similar the exterior has been completely redesigned it’s a fresh look but one that takes inspiration from across the six generations of zed that came before

It there’s a touch of 260z in the headlights and a clear link to the 300zx with the tail lights but overall it’s a modern and stylish looking coupe under the long bonnet is arguably the biggest change from the 370z a new engine the 3.7 litre v6 from the old model was past its prime and has been swapped out for a three-liter twin-turbo v6 that nissan has borrowed

From luxury brand infinity it bumps power to 298 kilowatts and there’s 475 newton meters of torque that’s a significant 53 kilowatts and 112 newton-meter improvement over the old engine underlining nissan’s commitment to the driving enthusiast the engine is still paired to a six-speed manual transmission or there’s a new nine-speed automatic gearbox for those who

Prefer a two pedal option the net result of all those changes though is a better car this feels just that little bit better in every department it’s not a radical change from the old set it still fundamentally feels true to what the zed has always been which is you know a relatively simple and affordable sports car it’s never tried to be sort of a true european

Competitor it’s always quite essentially been japan’s ford mustang for one of a better term and that’s no bad thing this is a really fun card this is an enthusiast’s car the new engine it’s great it’s got more grunt doesn’t sound fantastic it’s it’s it’s a very sort of rough mechanical noise as opposed to sort of a really melodic one but more grunt is more grand

And that’s a that’s a win for any real enthusiast but it still feels balanced it’s got good grip from the bridgestone tyres the chassis is stiffer so it feels a bit more responsive in the bends and the fact that it has a manual transmission is a win it took a lot of effort in this day and age where people prefer two pedal layouts the dual clutch transmission seems

To be king in sports cars again for a driving enthusiast having a manual a three pedal manual is a win it feels just more engaging it’s a throwback to a time when cars like the zed really ruled while it’s certainly great that the zed remains part of nissan’s lineup the harsh reality is like so many cars the price has risen significantly for this new model the new

Coupe is priced from 73 300 plus on road costs which is a hefty increase from the 370z which used to start in the mid 50 000 range like i said at the beginning it’s great that this car still exists it would have been really easy for nissan to just say put it in the too hard basket kill off the 370z and that’s that but they didn’t you know they’ve put the effort

In is it a brand new from the ground up clincher to pay for design no it’s not is it perfect no it’s not but for what it is for what it’s trying to be which is just a fun engaging sports car that is you know designed to appeal to enthusiasts it absolutely nails that brief if you want to know more about the new nissan zed make sure you check out our in-depth review on

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