review 2022 volvo xc40 compact s
Altair Club Cars Review 2022 Volvo XC40 Compact SUV

Review 2022 Volvo XC40 Compact SUV

For 2022, the company reworks the Volvo XC40 with fresher styling cues, more features on the inside and a mild-hybrid petrol motor. While the changes aren’t monumental, it does seem like Volvo has finally brought an XC40 to India that is a more rounded competitor for the Indian market, not just for the added safety but also a strong set of value-adding features at par if not exceeding segment benchmarks. The question remains as to whether it will be enough to make a dent in the German-dominated space.

One who commenced its electric journey in india with the xc40 charge its first ever fully electric car while swedish car maker seeks to make electric cars 50 of its global sales by 2025 the other half will consist majorly of mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids for 2022 volvo has reworked the xc40 premium compact suv with fresher styling elements more features on

The inside and a new mild hybrid powertrain now the changes to the exterior aren’t that monumental but what volvo has tried to achieve with this version of the car is that it wants to make a space for itself in this highly competitive entry-level premium compact suv segment that is dominated by the german trio has the company achieved this well that’s why we have

The car with us today to tell you all about it but before we do that don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon so that you are always notified with car and bikes work now let’s start with the exterior changes of the car the changes are predominantly limited to the front section so you get this new redesigned grille at the front which has a

Darkened elements on the block elements that you get it has a very nice contrast when you compare it with the volvo logo that you get it has chrome highlights to it so it gives a very nice contrast uh we have loved this design the thaws hammer led drl design that you get we’ve loved this and it is part of all the current generation of volvo cars the headlamps are

Slightly tweaked you get a new uh motif on it you get a slightly tweaked design to it and we don’t really have an issue with that apart from that you also get a new redesigned uh fog lamp housing with a darkened theme with a black element to it that adds a tinge of sophistication when you look at this exterior color that the car has now the last change that you

Get at the front section are the bumpers so at the front and also at the rear you get a redesigned slightly tweaked version of the bumper that also looks extremely nice and cool moving to the side you get the same silhouette the profile largely remains the same as the pre-facelift version of the xc40 but i what i really like are those alloy wheels the 18 inch

Alloy wheels the design on it looks extremely gorgeous to look at now let’s move to the rear section of the car now the changes to the rear section aren’t that much as we had seen with the front section of the car but the major change the only change in fact that has been given to the rear section of the xc40 are these integrated tail dual tailpipe exhaust that

Is not available with the pre-facelift version of the car overall we really like how the volvo xc40 looks but when you compare it with the german trio and even the british car that you get in this segment it’s not exactly for your average joe but you do need to have a very sophisticated palette to appreciate the beauty that the volvo xc40 is volvo is known

For its minimalistic aesthetics large glass house uncluttered dashboard simple console all are elegantly carved to give an airy field inside the car upholstery done in top quality materials typical dough fabric liner are all in typical volume fashion understated yet glassy at the center of it all is a nine inch android based infotainment system that doubles

Up as the command center for all the logistics of the car this apple carplay and wireless charging but no android auto the new shift lever takes the luxury portion a notch higher a panoramic sunroof dm 2.5 cabin air filtration system and 14 speaker harman kardon sound system all add to the novelty value of the car if you want practicality then the real legroom

And headroom are adequate it’s spacious enough for four paddles but five might be a stretch the race transmission tunnel adds to the inconvenience boot space is not the largest but the 460 litre worth of luggage space should be enough well the xc40 is not just a facelift volvo has made some tweaks to the heart as well so replacing the earlier petrol unit is

A new petrol unit coupled to a mild hybrid motor while the torque remains unchanged the hybrid system bumps power by 7 horses a 48 volt battery on board improves the performance at low speeds while an auto start stop system helps achieve a relatively higher fuel efficiency now that you know what’s under the hood let’s talk about how the car performs now both

The engine and the gearbox are tuned for a very linear power delivery so what that means is you do get an outright acceleration it is quick off the mark but that does not mean that the car is meant for a very spirited drive but on the flip side what you do get are well tuned suspensions and a extremely firm steering wheel feedback so what it does it it gives you

The agility to move around the corners or even maneuver it in extremely tight spots without compromising on the right quality which is again as it’s a volvo it is tuned for a very comfortable drive the springs are tuned for agility but what even works better for the car are the excellent tampers so what it does is the nvh levels inside the car stays to the bare

Minimum you can barely listen to any of the undulations or even when you go over potholes or even broken roads the cabin noise is at the least breaking is actually extremely potent like the bite that you get you the firm pedal feel that you get is extremely crucial when you are talking about a very premium uh compact suv because the money that you’re paying for

Are for all these features that you get like all the other volvos the xc40 is also safeguarded by a range of active and passive safety features the standard list includes blind spot monitors with steering assist and a particularly clear backup camera volvo’s pilot assist system breaks and steers the car for brief stints on clearly marked roads but note that

The roads need clear white lines for this feature to kick in all said and done the volvo xc40 is possibly the most affordable offering in the segment in highly competitive premium compact suv segment volvo does considerably well to make a mark for itself an undeniably reliable brand but limited reach and network are its only issues nevertheless the xc40 makes

An irrefutable pace for itself for anyone looking for a luxurious suv that’s subtle and safe but far from boring

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