review 1999 lincoln navigator
Altair Club Cars Review 1999 Lincoln Navigator

Review 1999 Lincoln Navigator

In this video I review a luxurious Lincoln Navigator with 126,000 miles on it. These are an upscale version of the Ford Explorer/Expedition

To start off let it be said that this is a very upscale interior and rightly so as the msrp of these brand new was nearly 41,000 these leather seats are quite plush and call to mind memories of your grandparents barcalounger they don’t have much side bolstering but that is not missed the front seats have a wide array of controls to adjust the seat to preferred

Angle and position as well as heated seats the bucket seats in the back will have your passengers relishing the idea that they may one day be an executive and the legroom here is generous lever one controls the recline at liver two pulls up the whole chair as you can see in my demonstration this allows the passengers to get in the back and as you can see the

Space is not as good in the third row what an adventure distance another way to feel like an executive is to control the radio from the back seat if you feel your passengers are behaving like backseat drivers these controls can be disabled on the front radio there’s also a vhs player if you still have those tapes lying around this console has quite a bit of

Space for all your entertainment needs this flexible seat pocket offers more convenient storage the back seat also has a climate control and you guessed it this can also be disabled from the front we really don’t want to make your chauffeur mad moving on to the trunk space here it’s okay with the seat in there but as you can see here you can take it out leaving

Plenty of space the back bench seat is pretty easy to take out and ridiculously easy to put back now let’s move on to the drivers centric components the steering wheel is pretty comfortable and nice it’s got a walnut trim ten to najin’s and a nine and three grip as well as a bunch of radio controls as well as cruise control these are pretty standard nothing

Especially after speedo tachometer battery and oil pressure and temperature as well here are your pedals notice one of them is the ebrake a special feature here is that these are adjustable pedals for those with shorter legs and these lights are automatic but you have quite a bit of control here as well as basic window controls and mirror controls and these

Mirrors are heated by the way coming on to the radio i tested the acoustics and i was impressed these buttons have nice resistance and i also like the tape player option but let’s not kid ourselves we use it for logs willingly adapter to play or music off of our phones but it does beat the cards that have only seen e players the ac is basic but it works quite

Well despite the size of the vehicle and the black paint here you have two nice bait cupholders and i’ve storage location for sunglasses or whatever a cigarette liner how to plug in and another two cupholders in case you’re really thirsty that day moving on to the glovebox and it’s got a good amount of storage easily fits a manual and a couple knickknacks mat

Pockets you have a good size center console as you can see here this is where the cds are kept as opposed to the unit itself less moving parts hello everybody and welcome to another dawn dimension car review today i’ll be showing you this 1999 lincoln navigator with about 150,000 miles on it so without further delay let’s hello everybody and what to another

Dimension car review today i’ll be showing you this 350 set a man that’s next video all stars so as i was saying without further delay let’s take this for a test drive based on ford’s popular expedition platform the navigator is the first truck ever sold by lincoln to start off here it feels like you are in a hovercraft the load leveling air suspension is very

Forgiving i will add that the steering wheel is a very comfortable place to rest your hands especially at the nine and three positions as far as function goes i would say the steering is adequate but it is not very responsive and there is quite a bit of body roll but most people don’t find this vehicle to enjoy the windy back road even though it is a spring

When i made this review i will say that i have driven this vehicle in the winter and with its four-wheel drive and 5500 pounds it handles the snow and ice tremendously so yeah few different all-wheel drive modes in a four-wheel drive mode the system uses only the rear wheels and dull slippage occurred in which case that provides power to the front wheels until

Rear traction is regained in 4h mode power is sent to all wheels to deal with snow ice and shallow month finally in 4l mode engine torque is multiplied by a factor of two point six four for climbing up steep grades or out of the snow now let’s see about that acceleration and let’s not forget about the exhaust i hope you enjoyed this video we’ll see you next time

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Review 1999 Lincoln Navigator By Dawn Dimension Cars

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