revealed all new 2023 toyota cro
Altair Club Cars Revealed All-New 2023 Toyota Crown | Toyota

Revealed All-New 2023 Toyota Crown | Toyota

See the live reveal of the car that breaks the traditional sedan mold. With the all-new HYBRID MAX powertrain, standard All Wheel Drive, and “lifted” design, the 2023 Toyota Crown has a fresh look that’s entirely unique for its class. Watch more Brand New Toyota videos here:

And hello everyone thanks for joining us here in texas it’s great to see a lot of you again after our headquarters event just last month so tonight we’re excited to introduce you to an all-new vehicle with a toyota first powertrain now globally this nameplate has a rich history and represents toyota’s strong commitment to innovation and our philosophy of continuous

Improvement this vehicle was first introduced in japan in 1955 and it’s gone through 15 product iterations over the past 67 years it’s been sold around the world and it was even available in the us from the late 1950s to the early 1970s in japan it has an established reputation as a prestige vehicle and it’s often used to transport government officials dignitaries

And executives now for 2023 this premium sedan has been entirely rethought and redesigned to meet the needs of today’s consumers with bold styling elevated ride height performance handling and fuel efficiency so say hello to the all new toyota crown the sedan reimagined bye go ahead and clap i know you want to pretty amazing all right engineered to stand out

The crown breaks the traditional full-size sedan mold and gives drivers a car that excites the senses beyond its contemporary design crown’s performance is powerful and capable with exhilarating acceleration and handling that comes along with supreme comfort for a sophisticated ride now it’s available in three grades the xle limited and platinum and it’s built on a

Newly developed chassis based on toyota’s gak platform giving it a raised overall height that’s nearly four inches higher than camry the unique height of this sedan offers increased road visibility along with easy entry and exit and inside it’s loaded with premium craftsmanship comfort and also modern technology now the first thing that drivers and passengers will

Notice is the spacious and thoughtfully crafted cabin the driver-focused cockpit offers a high line of sight with horizontally placed displays and controls that minimize eye and body movement and the front seats feel lounge-like thanks to a sweeping design from dash to council that gives both the driver and the passenger a space that’s all their own the thoughtful

Cabin continues to the rear seats where passengers will feel like they’re in a vip airliner thanks to ample legroom and individual usb ports to charge all their devices and well the exterior come on it’s a wow factor this sedan is sure to get drivers noticed with an impressive powerful presence that’s unlike anything that’s currently in the market a toyota first

Bi-tone paint option is available on the platinum grade and it makes a bold statement from tip to tail and the available 21 inch wheels are the largest ever offered on a toyota sedan now overall the exterior evokes strength adventure and beauty all with a performance car vibe but it’s more than just a vibe crown will debut with an all new hybrid max powertrain

Adding even more power to our ever growing electrified lineup exclusively available on the platinum grade this system combines a 2.4 liter turbocharged engine with front and rear electric motors for unprecedented power in a toyota hybrid sedan it comes in at 340 horsepower it’s also projected to have a 5.9 second 0-60 time while still getting a manufacturer’s

Estimated 28 mpg combined and what’s really cool is that hybrid max also includes our e4 advanced system giving drivers a responsive throttle plenty of torque for linear acceleration and added stability of all-wheel drive the xle and limited grades come with toyota’s legendary hybrid system that’s engineered for maximum efficiency with the manufacturer’s estimated

38 mpg combined the xle and limited hybrids include e4 system that increases torque to the rear wheels for an extra dose of traction when it’s needed there’s also incredible technology and safety included in every grade in this lineup like our all-new toyota multimedia system and toyota safety sense 3.0 both of those are standard other available premium features

Include advanced park bird’s eye camera and an 11 speaker jbl audio system so we’re excited to deliver on toyota’s commitment to this sedan segment and electrification with the introduction of crown it’s an all-new vehicle that’s exclusively available in hybrid delivering on our promise to provide customers with a portfolio of electrified options to meet their

Diverse needs so there it is the 2023 toyota crown with bull design premium comfort and the all-new hybrid max powertrain it truly is our crowning achievement so thanks for joining us tonight and now i’d like to invite you up and you can check out this incredible vehicle for yourself thank you

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Revealed! All-New 2023 Toyota Crown | Toyota By Toyota USA

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