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Altair Club Cars Report from Nissan: Big Families and the NV3500 Passenger Van

Report from Nissan: Big Families and the NV3500 Passenger Van

This is a Nissan-produced video featuring the family-friendly NV3500 Passenger Van, which accommodates the largest of families – a niche that is often overlooked in the industry as vehicles downsize.

Nissan’s nv 3500 passenger van fills a need no other vehicle has met its a comfortable safe and affordable option for families who need more space without sacrificing security nissan is the only vehicle in the segment that has standard rollover curtain airbags for every passenger in the vehicle and i mean that’s a very nice claim to make when we’re talking to

Families the harding family recently bought their envy in boston it’s a vehicle amy harding has been asking for and only recently found on a trip to florida wrote down the name of the van and then went home and looked it up and showed it to my husband and he was all excited and said when we get a new car that’s what we’re getting amy has six children from 15 years

To 11 months old and a puppy the traditional cars don’t cut it before she found the envy amy drove a 12-passenger van her family says nissan’s nv 3500 is much more comfortable adaptable and high-tech because the seats are especially comfy especially since they have the headrests the old car didn’t have that so the seats are shorter and it wasn’t as comfortable and

The navigation system and the hands-free you know telephone connection and all those things will be you know really useful as well as all the cup holders and the pockets and then all that stuff as well nissan’s been building this van in canton mississippi for about two years now for the u.s. passenger van industry as a whole sales two families are at twenty-three

Percent in the last 12 months compare that with nissan who sold nearly eighty nine percent of their envies to families in that time traditionally vans of the size are sold to companies instead of individuals but leaders at nissan are quickly learning they found a new sweet spot we knew that segment was out there we just didn’t know how fast it would attract to

The nissan vehicle amy’s husband brandon was recently moved from his post with the us navy in boston to seattle so amy is driving her children dog and their belongings 50 hours cross-country to their new home she says their envy will save her sanity i think large families have been waiting for a car like this because it really hasn’t been a whole lot of options

The harding’s are always showing off their van to other large emily’s and even to strangers three days ago we were driving down the freeway and my kids point at this guy passing us in the car next door and i look over and you can see his mouth you can know exactly what he’s saying he’s turning and looking at our van and saying wow look at the size of that van de

Luca there is some envy envy going on the envy has 324 different possible seating combinations the harding’s configured there’s to make room for their dog abby’s cage and for their suitcases like the baby sits up front and then some racist by the baby the two little boys sit in the back nissan now plans to increase production of the envy 3500 because of increased

Demand our dealers have been requesting more passenger vehicles for it that they’re finding that that markets out there in all the various states and cities that we compete in

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Report from Nissan: Big Families and the NV3500 Passenger Van By CarNewsCafe

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