replace front brake rotors on ch
Altair Club Cars Replace Front Brake Rotors on Chevy Express, Savana, Silverado, Sierra 2500 3500

Replace Front Brake Rotors on Chevy Express, Savana, Silverado, Sierra 2500 3500

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Today i’m going to show you how to change the front brake rotor on a chevy 2500 or 3500 van or truck here’s all the tools i’ll be using and the sockets i’ll be using are eighteen millimeter thirteen sixteenths seven eighths for the lugs and these two sockets are just for these bolts these are what press the rotor off of the hub so i only have a small compressor

Behind me but it beats doing this by hand very nice cred going to pre-soak some of this stuff so we’re going to have to remove four bolts first of all for the caliper is one on the top here one on the bottom there eighteen millimeters and for the caliper bracket right here these are thirteen sixteenths those are in there at 220 one foot pounds with blue thread

Locker so stay tuned to learn how to get those out without an air gun first thing i need to do is to turn the wheel the back of the rotor turned outwards that allows the breaker bars to clear a body of the car and it allows the impact gun to fit back there pull these pins out and put them in a safe place where they won’t get dirty i can use your flat head to remove

The caliper just set the caliper up here and it should be safe right there don’t hang it off of the brake line i can take the pads out it should slide right out i am not replacing the pads but once i have our still good i don’t replace parts that are good now to remove the caliper bracket bolts okay your 13 16 you have to hammer well you might have to hammer it

On there they’re pretty tight use the breaker bar with a swiveling head that will help the bar clear the body then i have this like five foot piece of black pipe that i’m going to use on the end of the ratchet there and that’s about the only way i can break those tree if your socket gets stuck on that boat just leave it both in put some vice grips around it

Hit the vise grip and it will drive to suck it off of the bolt on the other side i had to use the impact gun to get these out the rest of the way none of the caliper bracket comes off first you can try tapping the rotor off can already tell that’s not going to work so that happens you need to get some bolts i don’t know what size these are but i’ll figure it out

And i’ll post that in the video 3/8 – 16 by 3 should work the length doesn’t really matter that much but two and a half inch three inch is good i will probably sell them as a little kit in my ebay store i’ll put a link in the description there’s two holes here screw the bolts in that’s what i have this pry bar for to hold this rotor sorry about the brightness and

The wind and a horrible position you can even drive the bolt in with the air gun yes chrome socket on the air gun i don’t really care i’m wearing glasses and there it is and here’s my version of speed painting this is just some anti-seize you want to use some brake clean to clean off the coating of oil that is on the new rotor these two caliper bracket bolts get

Torqued to 221 foot-pounds on the on the 2500 and 3500 series vans and on the 1500 series vans they get torqued to 129 foot-pounds and you’re supposed to use blue thread locker on these i’m not the type of person who changes the pads just because i have new rotors if the pads are still good and they’re still smooth and i just reuse them there’s no point in changing

Good part the reason why people think they need to change the pads when they change the rotors is because of marketing if you’re using old pads with your new rotors can take a flat item and wrap sandpaper around it and sand a new surface onto the brake pad the wear detector goes on the bottom for the caliper goes back on clean off your brake pins caliper pins

I mean and apply some new grease to them you can put anti squeak on here if you want to got to make sure the little boots get don’t get crushed these two caliper bolts get torqued to 80 foot pounds on the 2500 and 3500 they get torqued to 31 foot pounds on the 1500s let’s get torque to 140 foot pounds and i located an ascii and i located a nasty squeak coming

From one of my rear brakes so i’m going to clean the rotor and the pads up with some brake clean and then i’m going to spray the back of the pads with some crc brake quiet and that’s going to eliminate the squeak anytime you have the breaks apart you might as well just spray some brake quiet onto the back of the pads and another thing i’ll do while i’m in here is

We greased these pins i can see they’re all dusty inside with some crc pillar amick brake system grease see i cleaned up getting already just from spraying and i didn’t even wipe it i’ve already sprayed these with great clean so just thank you so much and that that’s it for ten minutes can install it while they’re tacky and while those are setting we can grease

The pin here there you go i’m going to go ahead and put that right back in whenever you’re done doing a brake job make sure you pressurize the brakes before you go driving around all i got to do is press the brake pedal until it gets firm let me tell you a story about a time wow i am glowing let me tell you a story about a time when i had a 1998 out ea4 i took

It to a shop for an inspection and i parked it across from a garage door not really thinking it anything could go wrong and while i was inside the building we hear this crunch and we go outside and we see this jeep up against my car and it turns out they let the owner back the vehicle out of the garage but they didn’t pump up the brakes after doing a brake job

And the owner had no idea what to do so the jeep just rolled across the lot and hit my car so i had a big dent in the rear driver’s side quarter quarter panel and the rear door got paid for that though anyway thanks for watching at the video if you liked the video hit the thumbs up subscribe for more videos like this i will catch you next time

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Replace Front Brake Rotors on Chevy Express, Savana, Silverado, Sierra 2500 3500 By a DIY Car Guy

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