removing the roof racks from the
Altair Club Cars Removing the Roof Racks from the 2009 Nissan Murano

Removing the Roof Racks from the 2009 Nissan Murano

I decided to remove the roof racks on my 09 Murano.

I’m going to be taking the roof racks off of the murano i decided again today on today’s drive that it’s just too noisy too windy and i want to get the best gas mileage that i possibly can get and i don’t think those roof racks are really helping us probably not really affecting it that much but we’re going to take them off and see how the fuel economy improves

On a side note i washed the car today and it looks really good being clean but you can also now see every little dent and ding on this thing which i don’t know it still looks better clean uh these roof racks are super easy to remove and i’ll show you how right now all right so this is an arcsin rack it’s designed to be you know a cargo carrier easily removable

And easy to put back on so you can see right here it’s held or supported by these clamps that go across the crossbars and hold the roof rack in place there are four of them throughout the car there’s one over there on that side as well and one up front now these are so easy to remove all you do is you got to get your hand in there somehow back one’s a little

Harder and then you just loosen them by spinning them to the left i’ll get each clamp off and then we’ll lift the cargo carrier away hmm all right and there she is there’s the murano without the roof rack on you know i kind of like the looks with the roof rack car still looks good but i’m hoping for that bitter fuel economy and i’m definitely hoping for

A little bit quieter ride on the highway now here is the roof rack so i want to describe real quick how you put this back on if you’re watching my video for an install again it’s an arcsen you will throw this up on top of the car and then the crossbars are going to hit it crossways with these bars on the cargo carrier the roof rack now you’ll want to put the

Clamps around two of these bars so you want to put them around a couple of these bars and i’ll show you guys how you do that because you put them around a couple of these bars with the crossbar underneath and that’s how it clamps or secures down to the top now this is so easy to remove and so easy to install they build it this way so that you can easily take

Them off and put them on on a dime and on a whim yet it is still very very secure so i would trust this thing with any cargo on top of my car as long as i secure that down then to the carrier all right so hopefully this video wasn’t too lame of me removing this cargo rack from the top of my nissan murano if it was or if it helped you out and you liked it smash

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Removing the Roof Racks from the 2009 Nissan Murano By EYVO Auto

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