removing the biggest flaw on the
Altair Club Cars Removing the BIGGEST Flaw on the 2022-2023 Jeep Wrangler

Removing the BIGGEST Flaw on the 2022-2023 Jeep Wrangler

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Today’s video we’re going to be showing you how to remove this frame bracket on my 2022 jeep wrangler now if you have a 2022 if it was a very early build you probably didn’t have one of these i unfortunately was a later build so i got one and if you have a 2023 wrangler wrangler two-door or gladiator every single one of them has one of these and i don’t know if it’s

Just a personal thing for me or the fact that i wheel and i don’t really want to catch this on a rock towards the end of 2022 they started putting these on the frames and i believe there’s a couple rumors going around as to what it does this bracket is put in place for rollover mitigation if you’re in a front-end collision so that the wheel doesn’t jam back and

Forth into it i’ve noticed a similar setup on the ford bronco sasquatch packages they actually have these crash bars in there on the sasquatch they actually remove them right from the factory too so disclaimer this is do it at your own risk this is just an informational video and how i pulled it off let’s get started all right guys so the first step we got a 10

Mil and a 13 millimeter to remove all the bolts and the nuts that held on the stock rock rail now i know a lot of you guys are actually having issues with that crash bracket if you’re going to install aftermarket side steps i think one of the bolts that’s holding this new bracket on is actually behind the tub so all right guys so we’re taking a look at it a little

Bit closer you can see we do have the rock rail off and uh there’s one i think both of these bolts are going to need to be cut out unless we can get it to almost like swing down three bolts up there on the front to that bracket let’s start pulling them off and see what we have to do all right guys so it looks like these are 18 millimeter bolts so i got the 18 mil

Socket on we’re gonna get these front three off first and then these are going to be tricky because we’ll probably use a box wrench to pull them off hopefully they’re not like jam tight on there yeah and the nuts welded on the back so we don’t have to hold anything back there i might loosen all these and then just come back and hit them with the milwaukee this is

My go-to one of the milwaukee short head 3 8 drive these things will get off pretty much anything they’ll even take off lug nuts big bolts look at those so these these bolts guys are really long here um they’re not they’re not shorter like those other three that i just pulled out these actually go all the way through this whole bracket so they’re probably like

Four inches long there’s another guy in the forum that took his off and uh he actually had to cut them so we’ll have to see what we can do i’m gonna try and get it as loose as possible and then if we do have to cut it we can cut it and still be able to kind of wiggle it out because it’s getting loosed of it does feel like there was some sort of thread locker on here

But um now it feels like a little bit more loose all right guys well we got to break out the old grandpa special the vintage milwaukee sawzall now this thing is an adjustable variable speed sawzall you’re not going to find one of these too often there it’s got even the stamp on it this was my grandpa’s and i’ve been using this pretty much my entire jeeping career

So i’ve got a ton of stuff off my jk some of the jl heck i cut front frame horns off with this but we got a nice milwaukee blade a modern milwaukee blade on here the torch on it we got to cut those bolts out so the reason we have to do this so the uh the heads of the bolts are actually hitting the inside of the body so you can tell that this bracket was installed

Before the tub was set on probably done like that on purpose so jackasses like me wouldn’t remove it but i don’t like the way it looks we’re gonna use this just to cut the heads are probably like maybe an inch back from the head i then use a vice grip and still be able to turn the bolts so both the bolts are loose hopefully that’ll be enough to get it out of the

Nut that’s inside the frame rail but these things should be like four inches long so all right guys so we were cutting this and i decided that i was going to throw a set of muffs on i’m kind of sick of losing my hearing as it is i’ve done enough without muffs so with these i just use my uh my range muffs so these are i believe they’re honeywells and they’re kind

Of neat because they magnify all the other noise around but then as soon as you get like a loud noise it cuts off and blocks your ears so i just let ryan try them on you could hear the church bell from like a mile and a half away and then when you take them off you can’t hear it so it’s kind of cool and probably dual purpose but i’ll leave a link down below for

These if maybe you shoot a little bit and then also if you want to use them for things like this wow dude look there you go yeah literally bro it was like two more threads if you want to tick me off here’s a way to do it grab a new blade ended up finishing up cut it right through and i could do it by hand i twisted this literally like two full turns and it pulled

Right out so honestly it’s probably that last little bit that’s being held up by the head of the bolt so if you if jeep would have made this half inch shorter couple threads shorter you could have probably got the bold head out but they didn’t so here’s our evidence of the bolt there and about four and a half four and a half inches long something like that big

Bolt yeah going yeah right in the special file i put all these the garbage now for the last one foreign there we go maybe yeah freedom now that’s really snuggly it’s better than that big bracket though success we got this thing off so take a look at it um the week it is we could almost use that like that like to hold some tools or a tray or something little

Drain holes at the bottom bolt it onto the hard top anyways we just saved a little bit of weight so um my jeep went on a diet and now pulled this piece off the problem is is there’s still a bracket that’s welded to the frame uh maybe one day i’ll probably go underneath there with a cut off wheel and really play with it but i’ll probably put it up on the lift when

I do a lift kit it wasn’t too bad to get off the worst part was the cutting so little did i know to remove it all you would have to do you have to cut that lower bolt that long one right underneath the body but then that upper one once you have all the other bolts as well as that top that lower one cut off you can actually just twist this thing and get the bolt

To push through so you don’t really need to uh to cut that top one at least i didn’t and it might have had something to do with the nut breaking off inside the frame as well but i’m glad to have it off of there it does really clean up the look even though we have that bracket sitting down there maybe that’d be a good bracket for for maybe like an led pod light or

Something maybe rock lights on there so so what i’m doing here i’m just using a little scotch brite pad you see there is bare metal so i’m gonna hit that with some paint and then what i’m probably gonna do is just take those three bolts that i pulled off and just thread them back in there for now so we don’t have a bare exposed thread there that’s just going to

Rust i’m gonna eventually cut this off it’s pretty nice weld but i think i’ll cut it right at the weld here and then there’s one on the back side to get that completely removed all right guys so our souvenir for the day this piece that came off of our frame rail now for me i’m pretty big on aesthetics but i’m also big on functionality when it comes to what i use

This jeep for so wheeling it and taking it out this giant piece that was hanging down a little bit lower i definitely didn’t want to get this caught on a rock and see what it would do i knew that it would mangle it up pretty bad and then kind of limit the chances of me ever removing it so i think in today’s video i wanted to just pull that off for me personally

And i hit it with a little bit of touch-up paint and it looks it looks really good i think once i put the full lift kit on which is coming soon by the way with a great sponsor that we’re going to be working with once i put the lift kit on and i actually have the wheels and tires up and maybe have it up in the air i’ll give those two welds a nice cut and then just

Completely clean that off of the frame rail that way you’ve never seen it and it was almost like it was never there if you guys have this and you’re looking to remove it do it at your own risk but that’s how you do it and it’s kind of like an informational video on just why i pulled it off now until next time i hope you guys enjoyed this video i’m matt with dirt

Road cred get out there and earn yours thank you

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Removing the BIGGEST Flaw on the 2022-2023 Jeep Wrangler! By DIRT ROAD CRED

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