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Altair Club Cars Regular Car Reviews: 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited

Regular Car Reviews: 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited

My mistake. A I6 is smoother than a V6. Oops. If the Countryman is so British, the Jeep Wrangler is INSURMOUNTABLY American.

2007 jeep jk wrangler unlimited if the mini countryman is so british the jeep wrangler is insurmountably american my dick is getting harder every day the trick is using rings so the erection will stay and also driving wranglers give your confidence boost you’ll be the biggest inside the roost all your jeeps are belong to us and all your wranglers are like a glue

Plus of cars like there’s a netflix out there taking off the market share these compact suvs we must discuss our thoughts our thus the jk is compact and midsize like a frat guy in the early stages the wrangler is descended from the greatest generation you know the guys who implemented medicare they had names like red and they jerked it to rita hayworth this is the

Great great multiple great-grandson of the willies or is it bantam or is it ford because they made jeeps to whatever this is the grandson of all of them and it’s a heffalump this jeep drives like a ford explorer from the late 90s what happened what happened to the cheerful and whimsical tj jeep rhymes with cheap and that was the whole point of those little four by

Fours what is this the jeep jk is gulliver being tied down by a hundred special interests and their lily put in demands i want my jeep to be rugged in a dockers khaki kind of way but i also want my jeep to protect my children and that’s a problem because jeep has always been a romping joyas car with safety in quotation marks the y j’s and tj’s were a delight but

The jeep jk is a stroller for your imagined masculinity when your mancave plans get shot down at thanksgiving what on earth is this jeep doing with a v6 engine a v6 is a cylinder configuration for my wyomissing relatives to use in a rental sebring while vacationing in orlando or as an alternative obx to go into the outer banks obx stickers all over my jeep okay

Here’s what happens when you arrange cylinders and a v configuration you create a more compact engine block then the straight-6 which was originally in these cars and that’s weird because the jk has a larger engine bay than the tj so why does it need a compact engine it’s using a v6 because a v6 is smoother than a straight-6 it will always be that way yes chrysler

Had derived that amc straight-6 into a very smooth running engine especially in the cherokee but a v6 is just plain old smoother it’s just physics but why do you want a smooth-running jeep jeeps are supposed to be raucous what’s the point i thought you were a beef jerky rugged man who knows how to use flint and steel and jerks off with chainmail gloves the v6 is

In this g to appease baby boomers like it or not it’s still their world the baby boomers are still the largest age bracket in america why do you think there’s so many nursing jobs the boomers are the reason why manual transmissions are going away suspensions are getting softer same-sex marriage is still controversial and motley crue law enforcement departments

And ho-hum towns have enough military gear to fight isis boomers vote in the largest groups and judging by the busloads of college graduates still living at home still hold the most wealth and land this is the world they want and this is the jeep they want to drive jeep jk for the 70 year old vietnam veteran with an aggressive blonde comb-over rigidly saluting

The flag while his double stuffed oreo wife sits in a collapsible nylon folding chair and claps to the predictable half note bass drum beat of stars and stripes forever anyway this was our second chicago car and the owner was a young man who ended up getting into an accident i had nothing to do with the car had nothing to do with this cheap but he was laid up in

The hospital when we arrived to shoot his car so his dad came instead i don’t care that i don’t care that i’m in the hospital please please i don’t want to lose my spot so thank you so much dad for for coming over and letting us review your son’s car let’s see where it you have one – that’s pretty good throw – three or oh it’s a six-speed that’s interesting and

Reverse is way over and down yeah okay yeah i know i just got done talking about baby boomers and it’s your son’s car but alright the father ended up being a pretty terrific guy and his patience was unending for what i was about to do to his wrangler rob ah whoa that’s whoa sorry about that i didn’t know that deep these things also have you know drink bugs on them

Really get wet bring the water up and it wasn’t unlike the type of patients a wrangler has for what you want to do – it’s like a high school sweetheart who lets you do whatever you want because she’s learning – and then you see her years later at a mutual friend’s wedding and you spend the night grooving your ass off to that sick sugarhill beat before heading into

The coat closet and give her the old angry dragon because this is what weddings are really like when you’re adults if you’re still in high school know that when you go to weddings in college you bang i remember this one time holy crap i should really tell this story in the middle of a car of you know what if the girl actually figures out it’s me and that i figured

Oh i can’t tell that story she was wearing like a i’m not joking she was wearing a headlamp like one of those like things for camping but it was red the red lights in it so she wouldn’t lose her night vision oh yeah i’d do a podcast or so to tell this story oh it’s so bad it gets creepy like this is my freakin life anyway you have a string of sexual partners who

All list the princess bride as their favorite movie live on a diet of greek yogurt and canceled plans and whose dirty talk basically amounts to oh you’re in so deep like why why are you telling me that i’m indeed what is it about women that they don’t think we can tell why is that the go-to phrase i’m not spit lankan here i don’t need to know my exact depth do i

Need to pull out and check it like a dipstick can you just say something like oh yeah do that in that voice oh yeah do those fractions do them but even with the lousy dirty talk you still come back for more and you still come back with the wrangler even though there are better compact suvs on the market suzuki sidekick because the jeeps are classic even if you’re

Sick of it you’ll come back because it’s familiar it’s the automotive equivalent of hotel california so what does it like to drive this really big jeep well this is a less jerky ride than the tj thanks to the five links straight axle suspension in the front and the rear along with the stiffer fully boxed frame and the recirculating ball steering system this was

Downright sturdy which made sense considering what it’s for bearers are used to it gets from zero to 60 in just under 10 seconds and makes about 220 horsepower to living 237 pound-feet of torque using a six-speed manual transmission it’s a product that when you look at it in total it suggests that america can build a car that stands on its own outside the context

Of what foreign manufacturers are doing it’s an ode to modern american exceptionalism sort of an off-road eli musk the microcosm about how the us approaches foreign affairs the wrangler presents something that packs a wallop but it also has a light enough touch to keep from coming across like a bully it’s a daily driver that screams might is right but we’re willing

To do business because america it’s a vigilant car because we have vigilant enemies it’s the automotive equivalent of that guy who can’t shake the feeling that people he can’t stand are behind him he’s a suburban commando keeping an eye out for shiftless kids the kind of monsters who take up two spots bash mailboxes and don’t seed their torrents the jk is for the

Guy who asks himself what would my enemies do he wants everybody to struggle just as hard as he does this is the guy at the gym who leaves the tv on sparks because he wants to see other people having a hard time too when the cops warn him as a teenager against doing donuts in the cvs parking lot his response was oh don’t worry my car can’t do that anyway he says

These words to take the possibility of rebellion off the table instead of just saying yes sir because he doesn’t want to be seen kowtow to authority and he grows into an adult who keeps a cooler of two of every domestic draft like a noah’s ark of barley and hops he grows up with a yellow ribbon on his screen door a flag that comes inside the house at the first sign

Of rain and a jeep wrangler in the garage i wonder if they know these don’t these don’t do the wrangler thing where the windshield goes down it does it does yeah that’s what the black knobs are oh see yeah i did i guess you got a pa oh there’s all you got to take all this all this plastic off oh garcia we’re here every week we’re reviewing wrangler jeep regular

Red plus the roam in the moon never and sarsi more i need a jeep gonna give the suburbs your ring so deep do you think that i can’t tell everyone says the clearance is too long all my friends by the moab edition bro the moab edition the mortician hey yo hey yo mr. regular turn my headphones up i can’t hear a thing the truth is i ain’t got much cash but i hustle

Each day like i do have such cash cuz it’s review got that wrangler flow this bus it goes stop that you don’t spam good flow birth from the rib but the willis line who knew something big and she could be this fine three fingers keeping a clerk from upper darby going down below i guess something a hardee’s i’m ready to put the work in stop jerking to that teacher

Hustlin on vine twerking ready to ride this wrangler on a better days looking for better ways to get ahead saturdays and i work that v6 on a such a roll with flow like waves that make them seasick we’re personality than her being here comfy interior you’re like a john cutter being here horsepower like the kentucky derby and here more lasting popularity than a fur

Bein here s why i’m always printing like i’m listening to wean always winning cuz i’m listening the swing oh the wrangler is america person all of the foreign scene it handles so sick they should keep this brick in quarantine these your keep it in quarantine you get the ebola on the control people

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