regret buying the gr86 4 months
Altair Club Cars Regret buying the GR86? 4 months in

Regret buying the GR86? 4 months in

Regret buying the GR86? Four months in, do I regret buying my 2022 Toyota GR86 ? Watch the video for the good and the ugly.

And here we go around some twisty bits this is where the car excels accelerate hard brake hard it’ll do everything hi everybody and welcome to photomic’s garage all right so it’s been four months since i bought my brand new 2022 gr 86 and so i thought i’d do a quick video on a four month review do i regret my purchase do i still think that this is one of the

Most awesome cars in the world anyway let’s find out what i think okay so i’m gonna go over a few things first first is the exterior the appearance of the car okay so when i first saw this car i thought it looked really good but i wasn’t sure if it looked better than the old first generation which of course full disclosure i owned a 2013 which i bought brand new

Scion fr-s in red made a lot of videos with that car that was a great car recently sold it and of course i’ve got this and as the months have gone by i’ve got to say that the actual appearance of the car has actually i’m more excited by it than i was when i first bought it i think it looks better than i did when i first bought it i think it looks more mature than

The first generation the details are nicer has a slightly more aggressive look in certain areas and i think it actually is really a good looking sports coupe so any kind of really good looking car usually has a combination of curves and straight edges sort of like a feminine masculine part of the car it has to be in harmony and this card definitely has that every

Angle has an interesting detail to look at but it also has central curve central occurs over the rear tires the haunch of the car is definitely there as it was with the previous generation as well you’ve got a very aggressive front end a very large opening a functional arrow and the detail for example look at the detail of this side marker how it is fitted in

So neatly into the curve of the fender i know it’s a small detail but compared to the first generation this is got better build quality in my opinion and of course it is a toyota so that is expected nowadays all the shut lines are all perfect it’s really really really well built now part of the reason why i’m very happy with how it looks because i did make a few

Modifications you may or may not have noticed but this car is lowered almost an inch and a half on rsr super down springs and that has made a huge difference i also have added spacers spacer at the front spacers of the back a full one inch spacer which has brought the wheels out out to fill the wheel wells and that makes any car look really really really good now

From this side i don’t know if you can see it because of course we have strong sunlight shadows here but the front tire has camber when you lower these cars you get negative camber on both front and back now if you lower more than an inch and a half you’re gonna have to maybe dial that back it might be too much for a street driven car but if you lower about an inch

A little more than an inch you’re okay you’ve got negative camber that’s going to help your handling and certainly helps the appearance of the car now you don’t want too much negative camber you want just the right amount one more thing is that i did modify my exhaust tips to have them out proud from the fender which i believe is the way it should be anybody

Who’s watched the original cars movie will agree now of course i do want to get a aftermarket exhaust because this exhaust is very quiet have a listen um i love trees i really do going inside the car we see that we have nice soft touch materials on the door suede like material very nice so definitely upgrade here the seats are fantastic they’re similar to the

Original seats in generation one but they are even better and you’ve got a nice suede interior they’re more mature and no red flashes here just a nice sort of grayish looking leather right here right here so the seats are fantastic sitting down into the fantastic seats we have our steering wheel thinner rim than the original generation one feels really good a nice

Soft leather here then we come to the shifter the next most important thing falls readily to hand the transmission shifts better than the first generation so a clear advantage here and we’ve got a soft touch armrest for the first time in the car which i have really appreciated okay let’s start her up okay a nice startup screen and i come to my first gripe this

Bar graph fuel gauge i do not like it i’d rather have a dial which can clearly show you when you’re running out of gas this one when the last bar goes down you are it just you have to have an empty space there and it’s very anxiety producing you might say so that is one thing i don’t like on the left screen you can see that you’re looking at your battery voltage

And your oil temperature which is great to have that and then you have this bar graph and this is kind of a gimmick it’s just when you read the card goes up it doesn’t mean that it is changing with how much truck you have at the moment it is just a display that’s the same all the time so it means nothing it’s sure like a waste of a screen really it’s i guess it’s

Kind of a fun thing to show somebody one time and then that’s it it’s kind of kind of silly really and then we cycle through the information we have our average speed our total hours of driving our total distance you got your tire pressures that’s nice and then we’re back to voltage and oil temperature and of course on the right side you have your water temperature

But no oil pressure and it’s just not a lot of information that jeep out there i get a lot more information out of that computer on that one out of the dash on that one than i do and that’s a 2014 than i do on this 22 although it’s a vast improvement over what was there before it’s still not what you would want then we come to the infotainment system which is just

Not very good it is a definite improvement over what there was and of course i’m not very demanding when it comes to these type of things so it doesn’t really matter but the quality of the graphics and everything else doesn’t compare to uh my previous cars that i’ve had so it’s an improvement but not that good but adequate for me the rest of the interior is nice

And the dash is a little bit weird with this kind of shelf like type thing i’ve gotten used to it i don’t know why they designed it that way but it’s interesting but all the other surfaces are great you’ve got suede up here i like that so yeah just generally speaking although it’s not the highest level interior you could ever get there’s still hard plastics but i

Like this pseudo suede okay let’s go for a ride and i’ll give you my driving impressions after four months of ownership of this gr86 all right so what are my driving impressions of the gr86 after one yet for four months i gotta say that i’m still thrilled every time i get in this car it’s very exciting it hasn’t worn off and i don’t think it will wear off at all

As soon as you go into the curves as soon as you accelerate out of the curve you feel good you feel in control of this car the steering is nice and light it’s like a fine instrument in your hands the power steering is lighter than it was in the first generation and here we go around some twisty bits this is where the car excels accelerate hard brake hard it’ll

Do everything yes yes around the curves this is where this car excels downshift is easy the shifter works fine and then accelerate over a lot more torque than it used to have that’s the thing a lot more torque now this slower down a little bit wow that was exciting just that little bit this is what this car is made for that was good that was really good uh so

Yes this car is great i highly recommend it to everybody to buy a car just go and buy it while you still can they will not be making cars like this much longer so get out and enjoy while you can so do i regret my purchase of my 2022 gr toyota 86 no i do not as you can probably tell um i’m definitely a homer when it comes to this car uh the old one was good the

New one’s better it’s still really cheap up here in canada we paid 34 000 for the premium edition which of course is the one i would get i also i think i made the right choice the wheels the tires everything is so much better with the premium edition for the toyota that that’s definitely way to go so thanks for watching photo mike’s garage i will see you next

Time it’s gonna it’s not terrible it’s not good not terrible yeah okay but i’m gonna get rid of it don’t worry yep

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Regret buying the GR86? 4 months in By Photomikes Garage

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