red hot ferrari f8 on the floor
Altair Club Cars Red Hot Ferrari F8 On the Floor, WideBody Lamborghini Urus Super Dark

Red Hot Ferrari F8 On the Floor, WideBody Lamborghini Urus Super Dark

Ferrari F8 gets slammed with Novitec Suspension on 21/22 Custom Wheels! This Red Hot Ferrari looks incredible with a Gloss Black wrapped roof to give it a more sleek appearance. We used the new Hexis Bodyfence Paint Protection film that comes in a mirror black finish. Gets the look and protects it at the same time! Capristo Exhaust to top it off!

All right guys we have here a ferrari f8 tribute right here it’s a coupe not the spider we just got done with the black one this is actually a beautiful red one it’s specked out really really nice and uh now it has custom wheels 21 22 inch wheels super concave wheels three piece of course they’re fully brushed silver so a little bit of a different style there

We made custom floating ferrari cap so the center caps actually float you guys probably saw that on the video it has no tech suspension it is currently slammed so nova tech sends you springs that are also adjustable so you’re able to adjust them even lower this is slam we’re actually a little too low on the back we’re going to be adjusting the back a little bit

To go up so this is a little too low in the back it has a capreso exhaust system which sounds the roof the roof is the main feature for me because i think that’s really cool this roof is actually wrapped the previous white one we did two three episodes ago we painted it because that is the right way because black wraps don’t look amazing but this is actually

A clear bra this is from hexis body fence material it is a clear bra but it’s a gloss black clear bra so that thing actually protects the paint and it’s a super mirror gloss black so it looks like paint which is really cool and you can protect it if you want to do a whole car black this is the way to go now you got a clear bra that’s gloss black so really

Dope material from body fence hexis that material is also super thick so you know you scratch it up all that stuff and it protects the paint guaranteed so yeah other than that it’s a stock ferrari f8 you know and it looks amazing drives great it has the bumpy road shock feature so even when it’s slammed like this you hit that button and it’s actually pretty

Smooth so a lot of people think ferrari slam like this is gonna be bumpy it’s crazy it’s not that bad honestly still drives great so there you have it another ferrari f8 in the books we’re gonna go raise the back a tad bit and yeah it’s ready for the customer so yeah these wheels are not actually custom rdb wheels they’re by another company and that company

Loves to just put their logo on the center cap they don’t even let you put the oem caps unfortunately like the way we do so we made these custom metal floating caps as you can see it’s the ferrari logo and it floats so this goes on the center cap of the wheel and uh looks really nice so you don’t get that big branding on the wheel so you should offer him up

For me i don’t care you and him what kind of person how’s he gonna offer that doesn’t matter you offer bread we love you out offer all right after bread bread okay 20 minutes all right guys another wide body yours in the books don’t be fooled we do a lot of black ones this is a fresh one brand new car and it has a 1016 industries full carbon fiber wide

Body package on there as you can see painted to match the body color it’s black like i said really really shiny looks amazing all the flares obviously we custom fabricate them to fit even better than they come they fit pretty good but we like to go even more flush so we don’t put any rubber seal in between nothing it’s literally stuck to the body of the car

Perfectly diffuser carbon it’s got actually borsteiner wings on top so it’s not the typical 1016 wings we put on there it’s got the trunk spoiler and the roof roller from vorsteiner but the rest is 1016 industries capristo exhaust system which we made famous for the urus it’s a very very good system for carbon fiber tips valved of course so no down pipes because

Downpipes make it super loud let’s just cap back the car is lowered custom wheels right here cut spoke so you got that fat step lip right there incredible looking wheels all gloss black to match the body color so super shiny black redistant tires are 24 inch of course like i said it’s lowered extremely it drives great we do a lot of things to get this fitment

Nobody else in the world gets this fitment on the urus we do it so it looks amazing how a wide body should as you can see the tire is literally flush if not even more aggressive we actually do certain tricks to the bottom of it to make it fit but this body kit comes full so we hollow it out in the bottom of it so the tire can actually go inside the flare and

Get this look obviously carbon fiber side skirts painted to the theme to show some carbon fiber visible right there obviously the hood is well with the exposed carbon vents obviously the front wheels are also cut spoke and super deep as well because it is a wide body this car also has a black and red interior just like kind of like my car so it looks honestly

Amazing black and red can’t go wrong with black and black and red interior car so yeah another year’s in the book super shiny one you can’t go wrong with the black obviously we’ve done every color so far we have a gray one luis is currently working on in the back and i don’t know what he’s doing over there hey huracan sto is finished the f8 as you guys see

There’s a 48 over there there’s the sf90 over there got a lot of stuff going on as usual at the shop our wrap shop is kicking we have a million wraps going on right now but yeah a lot of stuff let us know what you guys think about this all black wide body yours that’s a natural beauty hiss has a fake fake lips right it’s natural imagine when you go out you

See a girl with fake lips blown up lips fake statuses mine’s natural everything seems natural isn’t that not natural this is just like a makeup light makeup and i can just change the colors red blue this is blue orange green red i have a shooting star too vic do you want to make a wish you want to sit in the car and make a wish you can make a wish look

You wish what is that your grill line hey baby come make it is the brightest it gets so if you press white once it’s like this if it’s white again it’s like more just yeah calm one hey look look at this just turn it off look nothing yeah i know see good job man hard work pays off yeah don’t do it you’re gonna make it great what about now huh that’s not

A stock exhaust so don’t be happy that’s not a starting test so i’m just telling you you see a girl with a fake lips fake he’s like oh my god it’s so cute but after that after one that’s not a stock exhaust you can’t it’s like you bring a body man and say he’s a good mechanic same thing why did it stop george’s man i feel like having a girl with a fake

Everything mine is natural all the richest people in the world have that yeah but only the the billionaires they have a stock girlfriend like bugatti ferrari stock you know there’s a joke do you see a millionaire with like they have like 10 million they have like three four million dollar jewelry you see a billionaire walking with the flip-flops and shorts same thing i keep

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Red Hot Ferrari F8 On the Floor, WideBody Lamborghini Urus Super Dark! By RDB LA

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