rebuilding crashed 2017 audi r8


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Um what’s up valentine fam welcome back to another video i got myself a new project 2017 audi r8 with the front-end collision so we’re going to start working on it we’re going to pull the car inside of the shop start taking everything apart and we’ll go from there also if you guys are new to this channel and you enjoy this current content go ahead and subscribe

And turn on your bell notification because we post new videos every week new week new videos so go ahead and subscribe don’t forget to like this video now for this talk and let’s get to work do so got some parts for the re a lot of parts what are the tickets right now holy twenty three thousand don’t be exposing but wow that’s expensive it’s

Gonna be expensive repair we’ll start stripping the car and start repairing we finally got all the parts got the audi in the shop so we could start taking everything apart but let’s take a closer look what’s going on with it front end collision obviously the bumper the headlights the hood got damaged and then from the hood pushing into the door so both doors

Got damaged as well so we’re going to be replacing the doors uh left side and the right side we’ll start removing everything and we’ll go from there so let’s go so just took everything apart and ita has a lot more damage but it’s not bad at all let’s take a look pretty much reinforcement saved everything so we got a new reinforcement and this upper uh upper

Support or i don’t know whatever you want to call it but it’s all both on so we could just replace put on you should be fairly quick repair let’s continue removing the reinforcement and all that good stuff and we’ll go from there once we’re finished with the front end we repaired everything and everything is good to go let’s check it out we got a new upper

Bar so we’re all done we straighten everything so next they got to replace the center radiator the air duct this one got pushed in it has a big ding it’s not a leaking but it has damage you know got a new one so we’ll do that real quick we’ll go from there let’s do it we’re all done with the front end so now we could jump on the doors i got to remove both

Doors because we got new doors and andre already uh start prepping the hood and both doors let’s check it out he’s got paint the hood inside both doors and then we’re going to install everything back on the car install everything back in the car and spray everything at once and pretty much the car is ready to go it should be a quick repair let’s go so

Our hood got jammed and ready to go let me show you guys see how it’s like flat without the clear so that’s how factory goes then we also painted the two doors inside but on the doors we put clear so they’re nice and shiny also new hinges as well so next we’ll install everything in the car and we’ll paint everything at once so that’s the little process we got

To go through so now we could jump on the doors i got to remove both doors because we’ve got new doors and they’re right there ready to go so i got to remove transfer all the insides and install the doors so it should be fun fairly easy to remove them let me show you what you got to do should be fairly easy to remove them you pop this cover open and this cover

And then there should be two screws here and two screws here i believe and then it should come off so we’ll jump on this knock it out and we’ll go from there so so just install the door looking good gaps are perfect so we’re done with this side next we could jump on the other door and do the same thing knock it out and then we’ll install the hood

Let’s go so is it my friends just put the whole front end together looking good replace the center radiator fix the front end so we’re all done up here installed the hood so let’s check out the gaps and see how they are hood closes no problem very lightly and let’s check out our gaps look at this boom perfect perfect gaps and let’s check out the other side

Same thing looking good like nothing happened so the car is all done and ready for pain so we’ll end the video here stay tuned for part two and part two will start the painting process and i’m gonna show you guys how to make this paint job 100 perfect stay tuned for that and also if you’re new to this channel you know what to do subscribe don’t forget to like

This video and i’ll catch you guys in the next video you

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