reasons why the volvo xc60 is a
Altair Club Cars Reasons why the Volvo XC60 is a GREAT Family Vehicle

Reasons why the Volvo XC60 is a GREAT Family Vehicle

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What is going on guys so i have a quick update for those of you following my channel my name is ricky uh we have i drive a mark 7 golf r and we have almost two-year-old twins so we’ve been trying to look for a vehicle to replace the mark 7 go far that is fits our budget not too expensive uh not really a luxury line because of the of the girls and how young they

Are doesn’t really make sense to go for one luxury but there may be possible messes around right but uh we decided on a rav4 prime now we’ve been on the list for about four months now maybe a four months unchanged and i just got some news today it happened really quick this whole week um within the week a lot of new developments and basically um if the ira bill

Signs into law the inflation reduction act our rav4 primes along with a lot of uh be bevs or phevs febs they won’t be eligible for the 7 500 maximum tax credit uh after um after this bill gets enacted so what that means is in a few possibly in a few days maybe even sooner um it supersedes the previous bill so when that happens we won’t be able to take advantage

Of the tax credit and kind of makes us back out want to back out from the prime which we eventually will right if it doesn’t happen because what happens from there is we’ll probably go ahead and just invest in a hybrid only version or what makes even more sense a sienna now that kind of gives me an idea to do another video um about our current situation and

Surprisingly how the xc60 the car that we’ve been driving for quite some time has been featured in my channel for quite some time um it’s my father’s xc60 uh we went together go ahead and get it it’s been with our family for the three years almost and for the past year or so it’s been doing family duties so a family hauler and today’s video will basically just

Focus on why this car surprised me so much as a family hauler and the more i drive it the more i’ve been exposed to all the amenities that’s all that it offers why i like it so much so stay tuned and i invite you to go ahead and just join me in today’s walk around tour function now one of the main features i like that really helps out in the long run for when

We’re traveling with family is the widget here which is adjust passenger seat now i’m going to go ahead and give you a look around the setup afterwards but before you look at it here is the widget right here i’m going to toggle it i could go ahead and move the passenger seat up like so via my seats so that if wifey is sitting in the back which she is directly

Behind the passenger seat she’ll definitely have more room and i can move and recline as such right so that she’ll have a lot more she has a ton of room in the back so the girls are sitting in the middle and behind me now wifey is sitting right there behind the passenger and you go ahead and toggle it on and off so that she doesn’t have to reach in the front i

Don’t have to reach over and adjust the seats so that that is one of the main like underrated features and the main thing which i love about volvo the fact that you could customize this now another thing which i like is the 360 cameras that are housed in all around the the car right under the mirror right in front of the grill i like it because backing up into

Spaces especially in the city there’s one day where we parked at a museum and it was really tight spaces so it really helped us in terms of maneuvering making tight turns and whatnot so you don’t scrape your front bumper and also when you are parking in the city you don’t want to scratch up these 21 inch rims the side function the side cameras really do help

Now on top of that i mentioned also the panoramic sunroof right here it really lets down a lot of light so in in the midst of all this uh darkened interior it does go ahead and provide a nice aim like uh natural sunlight uh versus kind of you know having a long trip without it and when the girls get fussy in which they do you go ahead and open it and they just

Like seeing the the shade the power shade retract back and forth now another convenience feature which i like is the fact that this car is equipped with air suspension we didn’t really that was not a requirement for us but it came with the spec of the car and we in the long run even if it might require some maintenance or overall long-term expenses it really

Helps us why because uh we’re not the tallest people uh wifey is petite so when she opens the car the car actually lowers to for her easier to get in and out especially with the girls now now you could set it so you can toggle on and off so meaning if you don’t want the air suspension to keep working every time you open the car then basically you could go ahead

And just switch on and off via the infotainment system one last thing in terms of exterior features for convenience that makes a really nice family vehicle is the fact that we have power hatch however it’s also a keyless motion activated foot activated now why is this useful well if you have a heavy package let’s say like the one i have right now and you don’t

Want to put it down basically kick it walk away it opens pretty fairly quickly and then you’re off now there’s two options right here you can either close the hatch or you could close and lock the hatch afterwards so one underrated feature is actually a volvo on call app it makes it really convenient with the girls so here we have the volvo on call app from

Ios and you can basically unlock your car especially if you forget your keys inside your house and then your car is parked further away you could go ahead and retrieve the stroller like i did here without having to go ahead and worry about the whole key fob itself another thing is you could precondition the car to whatever temperature you have so when the girls

Are back when your family’s back then the car is ready not hot too so no fussiness going on or you minimize it and the thing is volvo has like a pretty premium key and especially with the r design it has like this perforations that matches the steering wheel and the gear shifter but for that one if you forget to precondition your car you could go ahead and press

The unlock button hold it and then basically have the heat dissipate really fairly quickly we haven’t we didn’t notice that we needed much space let’s be honest the golf r is is a miniature hatchback and uh quite honestly we tried to make that car work for as long as we could and we did especially with the cargo box on top um a cargo box on top of this xc60 will

Basically make this uh pretty much a keeper right but uh suffice to say you know the girls are at the toddler stage where they they can’t be cramped they can’t be stuck in this for for long hours but um the top clearance the ground clearance first of all that’s a plus the rear shoulder room and the rear leg room creates a lot more space for for the girls to be and

Especially with the chairs so that was beneficial from the start when we split when we swapped from the golf r to the xc60 now the thing the other main factor is the fact that my wife could sit right there right behind the driver at the passenger side so that she could be with the girls because the girls were afraid that we were not in the car when we were moving

In the gulf there was not enough rear room for them to be side by side so this car seat the dionos had to be on the outer boards mounted on the latch system on the golf r this one we could have the middle portion the diono right here fit in the middle seat and this other diono the 3qxd fit on the outer board behind the drivers that way mommy could sit right there

And be with the girls and it create it just transformed the whole traveling experience for us when the girls reached the point where they could kind of like stand and they didn’t want to be in the car seats they stood up on the golf and then there was not enough top clearance for them this changed everything so having said that the more i drove the xc60 every

Time the more i was realizing me and my wife wow we like this car a lot compared to the golf r i think the caul farm might be quoted at 22 cubic feet it might be a little bit more generous for the for the low hatchback that could but this is around 20 almost 29 cubic feet so this makes a huge difference it’s just based on the design itself it’s not going to be

The most like the most how do i put this it doesn’t take advantage of the real estate based on the design of this slope right here so it does cut off uh it does give you it does cut off a little bit of space around here all right but just to you know it sacrifices the space for the looks anyway uh overall almost 29 cubic feet of space in the rear cargo room and

We like this because we could go ahead and change the girls the diapers if they want to eat they could go ahead and stand here and eat a ton of space for them to stand up so it that is in itself a huge game changer now having said that we did go ahead and install one of these aftermarket pieces to prevent any scuffing when we take out cargo if you guys are here

Still with me i think you can make the argument that hey any suv could be a nice family vehicle just given the space which is correct that is why we looked into the rav4 basically because of its generous rear cargo space everything in terms of like gas prices and whatnot led us to the hybrid route and with the prime there is a 7 500 tax incentive that would

Bring the price down to hybrid pricing so given that when it was available hopefully it still is um that makes it kind of like a no-brainer in the city especially in the northeast where it’s high volume that was a no-brainer versus getting just a hybrid and lastly before anything i think the volvo xc60 the most important part is the fact that it’s safe volvo went

Goes ahead and advertises it all over the commercials but for what i didn’t know is the fact that volvo introduced a lot of stuff that kind of pioneered the safeties the safety features in a lot of cars let’s say like for instance i wrote it down the three-point seat belt um the booster seats every test crash ratings or or test results that they have in the back

Like in the in the past they actually went ahead and disclosed all their findings to the competitors to make everything equal now also they have rear seats and front seats the front seats with a whiplash system to go ahead and protect your spine during impact they have rollover safety features that they pioneered as well and also safety features in terms like blind

Spot monitoring i think they pioneered that as well might have to fact check me on that but also like pedestrian detection they also went ahead and one of the first ones to kind of introduce that as well other than that all these other safety features i’m going to go ahead and just put up on the board i don’t remember but volvo has pioneered a lot of these and i’m

Really impressed with it it is really a huge marketing factor that i do consider and it really makes me want additional volvo but at the same time it makes me really safe i feel really secure to drive or at a peace of mind to drive this car right here now to sum up now to sum up the conclusion now the sum up now to sum up our video my wife and i unexpectedly

Like this car more than we should have and right now it’s like i want a xc90 that type of deal yeah we like this vehicle so much more now because of the fact that it’s so much more interior room a lot more ground clearance you don’t have to worry about hitting a pothole and getting it flat like my golf r not to say anything disrespectful about my go-far because

That’s my bread and butter uh the car that’s dear to my heart right and i don’t want to go ahead and sell it and probably right now i’m not i think i’m gonna go ahead and keep the vehicle for now especially if i am not able to get the prime and just kind of sit through the situation see how it works out and keep driving my vehicle my dad’s been taking the aura

He doesn’t want to admit it but i’m pretty sure he has some fun in it it’s a nice little hatchback that you can zip around in and overall you know i’m still kind of like a you know a sport hatchy uh sport hatchback type of dude in a perfect world it’ll be in audi r6 avant or the new rs3 and i’m really tempted to get the rs3 but by now i’m talking i’m just kind

Of babbling on back and forth but if you’re still here thank you for watching and i hope you guys enjoy or found this video informative i’ll see you guys in the next one take care

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