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What’s up y’all today we’re going to be fixing this backlash on this toyota sequoia in the past i installed this uh electric latch inside here if you can see this button and kind of see it up in there and it was a big process you know took a while to do got it done but now as you can see look see these streaks on the window right here every time basically i wind

The window down which is not very frequently at all uh the cables that are connected in there to this button right here drag and rubbing up and out up and down and then eventually it just stops working or you know now the fact that you know pulled it out before i try to put them in there and solder them in there and tape them up nice and good but they fall out

Every once in a while so i fixed it you know maybe two times and at this point i’m done with it i got something new that we’re going to install i got this right here y’all this latch that we’re gonna install we’re gonna be installing this right here y’all and this is by this where you can get this at jesus christ why is my thing not focusing that’s the dude’s

Instagram right so we’re gonna install this right here but first the diagonal door doesn’t open so we got to go from the inside rip the panels off and then uh manually try to pull the uh mechanism to open it up and then we can get on the outside and work on it way easier you guys probably just have to open it up regular not like how i’m doing but if you got to

Do what i’m doing i’ll show you anyway okay let’s get it so what you’re gonna need is a drill or you know i guess a wrench with a 10 millimeter socket you’re going to need one of these plastic popper puller tools unless your gangster want to do it with your fingers and you’re gonna need a couple crushed up doritos so what you want to do is slide this up right now

Boom that should come off you’re gonna use your 10 millimeter to take that off right there then you’re gonna take this tool and use it on these side panels right here it’s kind of get in there popped off next side dang it ain’t coming there we go and then this very top piece you just gotta kind of slide out the socket you don’t got to take this whole top thing off

If you don’t want to yo i’m doing the lazy way now we’re going to use the same technique on the door itself right here i really messed up not fixing this earlier there we go i just did it with my hands y’all yeah jesus and it should just come out like that i’m gonna set this back here next thing we’re going to do is take off these 10 millimeter uh bolts right

Here boom boom everywhere you see these chrome bolts holding this black piece on take those off okay all right once you get those off you’re gonna just uh pop these plastic pieces like that and then these ones just slide up or you can pop those off too if you want to i’m going to slide this over to the side so i don’t get cut up by some thin metal okay and all

We got to do now is reach down inside of here and pull this uh latch you typically would have a cable right here but my cable like i said is removed because i did the uh electrical you know transition or whatever i made everything all you know electrical so i’m just gonna pop it open like that now we back open again y’all all right so to make this back piece come

Down a little bit easier we’re gonna go ahead and put the keys in the ignition and be really careful not to put the window all the way down but we want to wind it out just a little bit on a little crack there we go just about that much right there that’s how much you want to have that window crack and that’s going to help you uh take this out way easier okay grab

Your uh 10 millimeter again you’re gonna take deep nuts off of here careful not to lose them you need them joints all right boom stuff in my face yo all right now we’re gonna try to push this up out of the socket if we can god dang it let’s see if we can make it happen there we go try to slide it up out the way got another quick tip from somebody that’s had this

Apart five times in the last couple months uh it’s gonna be easier if you took one of these straps if you guys got a strap hooker strap to like one of these holes up here like you know on here right here that way you could pull the uh last thing down and it’s not all the way up in the air it’s not too high you know i mean you ain’t got your hands all stretched out

Trying to work up inside of there i just pulled it down so it’s on a slight angle that way i can access what’s what’s in here a lot easier all right now what we’re going to do is come over to this side you’re going to pop off this dust cover you’re probably gonna need that tool all right i might be able to go harder yeah i gotta open my hands yo got it with my

Hands all right so pop that off ow hit my head on the goddamn all right be careful with your head y’all take these 10 millimeter uh bolts off okay there’s three of them all right setting these to the side now this should start to like push up in there i don’t know if that was important or not looks kind of important all right it’s whatever i do too all right so

We just want to slide this up the whole mechanism that’s going to come out of here we’re going to pull it out the whole mechanism is going to come out that you guys are going to see on my end is going to be different looking from what you guys are gonna have oh no we got we gotta push this up and pull this joint out at the same time but i can’t do it with one hand

Holder you want to push this up take this out the metal joint that’s in here that i was messing with but uh i’m gonna unhook it right now see these two cables that are in here black one you got a white one unplug it boom i think the same thing with the black joint yeah yeah there you go yeah this housing is held in by two little screws you want to unscrew those

Okay they’re really teeny so don’t don’t lose them now what you want to do also is unsnap this little white piece of hair push that in so that comes out otherwise it’ll be attached to the little housing and then i saw some dude on youtube what he did was take this and he push it into here and you like pushed it out like that you put it in there and just showing

There we go use that force to push just the rest of the way out there we go take that off put that to the side now we left with this right here i’m gonna unhook this but in that hole right there instead of having that weird little hook thing like how i got you’re gonna have a uh that cable is going to be sifted into here it’s going to be going out to the inside

Of the uh the sequoia okay all right guys so once you get this piece off right here you’re gonna have this cable on here it’s gonna look something like this right here you’re gonna have this down in here boom and you can have this right here all right it’s gonna look like that what you want to do is remove this piece slide this up pop that out right there and i’m

Gonna go ahead and put a flathead screwdriver what you want to do is put it in here try to pry this up all right pry that open just like that boom now we’re gonna get our pieces to the actual thing right here and this cable what you want to do is put this cable in here just like this boom until it stops then you’re going to put this uh handle piece in here you

Want it to be in this orientation right here okay you got to kind of finagle it in there and uh i’ll hold it the washer fell off of the screw all right take a washer and this uh screw right here and you want to slide it through here all right if you can you may have to bend it back there you go bend it back a little bit let’s get that through there let’s get this

Pulled there we go right below it just like that now what we’re going to do is take these uh chompers we’re gonna close it down like this if you guys can see just press it down that way it’s flat flat you can get it now what we’re going to do is get our washer and our nut and put it on the opposite end of this right here it’s going to be a little tricky let’s see

If i can get it myself you guys can see it’s gonna be a little tricky this is a 10 millimeter that you’re going to use on the bottom to hold it tight and a 10 millimeter socket on top all right y’all try to tighten this up all the way boom okay if you guys can see we’re gonna flatten this handle all the way out straight with your hands you should be able to do

With your hands you know ah now we’re going to go ahead and uh fit it through this housing we’re gonna try to slide this in here like this yep just like this see if we can get in there there we go all right so we just got it in there y’all remember this is still uh straight we’re gonna pop this white piece back inside of here boom like this all right click that

Out this is in there oh we’re gonna go ahead and put these two uh screws back on here also okay those two small screws so right now you should be able to take this cable and be able to pull this circle right here and that latch should go you know on and off like that that’s what we want it works perfectly we got the two screws back in there everything’s locked

In locked and loaded now we’re gonna go ahead and plug it back in okay so plug in this black cable and the white cable again all right y’all so we’re back here again what we’re gonna do like i said is plug-ins black cable again just how it was before there we go boom that’s in there the other one same thing click that in put this back down in here all right and

You’re gonna use your hand in here and on the outside as well to try to fit into that hole now we’re gonna look for it right here you see the handle right there all right so i’m trying to get this all the way through here it’s being a little difficult with me really in order to fit this dust boot back on guys all you got to do is get a dremel and just cut out

Probably like you know about that much right there that way this can still go on and the uh you know and you can still use the latch right here but this dust cover is kind of important especially if you’re doing some hardcore off-road you don’t want a bunch of dirt and dust and water and rusted up inside of there okay but for right now we’re just gonna leave it off

For tom’s sake and put these 10 millimeter uh i can loosen that up a little bit but these 10 millimeter bolts in here okay i was going to do is bend this a little bit that way there we go that was accessible now we’re going to do all the same steps that we did before y’all just in reverse okay so putting the metal piece back up and screws back at it and everything

This extra uh this cable right here that’s the opposite end of the uh the thing that you gotta pull to get this latch open right here you can just uh make a bracket on the inside yourself if you want to later on or just leave it inside the door for now on you’re not going to need it you know because you got this piece right here that overrides everything you need

To keep this inside the door for the time being and then decide to do something with it later on that’s what i’ll do and uh yeah y’all so let’s get everything back together and let’s see if this thing actually works all right so essentially oh it works all you gotta do is just go like that so let’s see you just gotta do boom pull this joint up so over i’ll probably

Use my whole hand over and then pull it up instead of using this stupid electronical button because even when i had this installed it was working correctly what i had to do was like push it down with my middle finger like the back of my middle finger and then use my other you know like push then i have to use this to pull it up and it was really awkward you know

So now instead of all that all i gotta do is come through here open this drawing up and be good yo but yeah so off camera all i did was literally just put the uh window drink back in place with the four uh gold screws in there that i put these uh chrome joints in there with the white clips you know so if y’all like oh man that’s all i did all right this reverse

Process of what we did in the beginning and uh what i’m gonna do right now is get this panel right here pop it back up in there they’re going to pop the side pieces on there then we all good y’all we’re done we are done yo i like it too because it doesn’t stick out too much you know what i mean you really can’t tell unless you know you know i mean if you know you

Know you know that’s it right there y’all thanks for watching we’ll give one will pop just for y’all boom yeah bypass show bypass all that monkey business all right thanks for watching y’all peace out

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