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Altair Club Cars Real Life Need for Speed Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR is Back

Real Life Need for Speed Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR is Back

I love seeing the BMW (not) M3 GTR come together!

I would rather walk with a roll cage and buy an suv get in the bid welcome back to another m3 build video as you can see behind me as you can see behind well that’s the roll cage just going on the interior i found one to just bolt hopefully it’s just bolting just bolt in and i actually have a bunch of new parts to throw on the main focus of today is the interior

Because the seat is coming somewhat soon i want to get the interior going as well while we wait for other things to arrive so on the interior of course there is the red seat normally that’s what i’ve got coming it’s going to take a while but it will be here we’ve also got the the standard dash the actual car doesn’t have a standard dash as such but we’re probably

Going to keep it as is it just kind of makes sense there are some things we want to change on it but it’s mostly going to say like that and then the rear we have to deal with as well i don’t actually remember all the stuff that i bought so we should practice an don’t remember what it is i’ve remembered the first box the first idea was to get the wheel i’ve

Actually got a boss kit which is not a quick release one because i didn’t think it made much sense but this is the closest i could find to the actual need for speed wheel i’ll pop a picture up here and uh yeah this is it’s pretty good box number two we have a couple of the meaning to get these for so long because we just have cars dying constantly we’ve got some

Of these which again i wasn’t too sure which way to go because the ones on need for speed most one of the five they’re not really a thing there’s a weird in between that we could go for or it was those which were in heat found some of these which will be perfectly matched to the boot what do they call just say boot spring spring latch boot yeah things i’ve never

Used them before too far and then finally harness which of course right now we don’t have a seat so they will stay there uh dale have we got any decent interior cleaner stuff uh yes i’ve got some on the shelf that’s quite handy oh look at that isn’t that amazing it is amazing it is incredible i don’t think i’ve seen that properly that one have you not look at

That it’s literally the same colors that is so cool dale you need to show the bloody look look guys look bye please bye please oh it smells nicely isn’t it oh it does it smells awesome so yeah in case you missed it bayside detailing is our new detailing company and um we are very clearly professional and we’re we’re clearly having credible advertising budgets so

Please please buy us but seriously in case you did miss it we have launched baseline detailing the website will be linked down below in the description we have some amazing products and they work because we test them on all of the cars including skyline nissan you ignore this but it makes sense to clean up the interior before we get the cage in because then we

We won’t be able to get it very well you have to climb through the boot see i’ve never used the brushes i need to never mind again we sound like we have 90 who is talking about but we do have a professional so it’s balanced we’re just the idiots uh and we test them and don’t use them properly and so in case you do use it wrong we’ve got you covered here we go

Looking a little bit nicer inside that’s for sure and uh of course we didn’t do the wheel just it’s shiny it’s not your wheel’s not supposed to be shiny but that’s coming off so what are you doing why are you there’s not even bmw seats what are you putting them in anyway that’s shiny oh my god they are horrid oh my christ yeah those were in the eclipse those are

The eclipse seats and these are the bmw those aren’t even going in either oh my god look look how amazing this side of the seat is okay so moving on to this thing taking it up good old youtube because yeah don’t want to guess oh and there’s actually a recall on the airbag so if i do die just buy all the merch and all the detailing products and keep my family and

Friends afloat there’s nipples it’s off um i would say there’s anything i want this but i’ve probably broken it well i’ve been doing that day i’ve taken the crap off the cage and it looks really good so i went for black not exactly sure if it’s black or if it’s just untextured in the game so untextured i hope this fits that would be nice i went to get some

Fabric paint for this temporarily and they have one left you want to see what i got can you say it’s hopping yeah i don’t think that’s going to be enough we’ll find out but uh hopefully this is good it looks like it was black that’s what i think was it black and then because the 36 is the same this would probably be the sunlight or something i don’t think that’ll

Be dirt no oh yeah yeah so that’s probably the actual interesting i wonder why it does that is that all the stuff that’s all the seat belts so that’s basically everything you just took off how much would we save from there yeah i if you feel the weight of that i really want to do i see people build cars all the time and they get the seat belts like recolored yes i

Want to do that one day yeah i think mine would look good oh yeah yeah i thought the mini we should get um bright blue ones for that as well or red you know seat belt sponsor please email keep doing that i’ll be um and that’s done the wheels on i mean the hubs on that was really easy i’ve normally used the like quick release but battery dies so normally i use

Quick release which i just didn’t think it fit the application and the style of wheel that i wanted i don’t i don’t know either way this sparker wheel which again does have the yellow stripe which is one of the main reasons i wanted it could have gone with alcantara we don’t know what the texture is but what i’m gonna say is it looks more leather and also i don’t

Like alcantara i really don’t i think it’s horrible to the touch anyway there’s the wheel i think that’s pretty cool i’m happy with that that looks really really good actually it’s still not tight but i want to take it off in a second to help hopefully get this damp caging after i’ve painted this i’m balancing a few tasks at once it’s actually coming together

Really nicely you can still kind of see the lines it’s not perfect the idea is to eventually carpet it fully so it’s kind of hidden or get the carbon fiber one which is much money yes the wrong way oh again we’ll delete that footage one eternity later okay we got it in make sure you have a lift it makes life much easier i guess you could jack it up because i

Think plate is going to go underneath there oh i see yeah maybe i don’t know that’s not going to help it no quite a bit of work later we’re somewhere parcel shelf is looking mostly black of course we just need some extra coats and you can actually tell better on camera it’s not 100 perfect but we’ll get there that’s going to go back in the car which has a roll

Cage in it but i do need to contact them so trying to figure out how it lines up perfectly doesn’t seem to be wanting to but it’s the right style of cage i really wanted this like cross just because it fits how the actual car is in the game and then of course we’ve got the steering wheel which we did install because we’re not fully tightened up because we might

Have to take the cage back out again but i want to bring you into the reality of building a car that’s kind of how it is back and forth back and forth hey either way it’s looking more race car now i’ve got some door cards on the way as well and the interior once the seat is in will pretty much be how i want it of course i do want to create a piece to hide all this

Ugliness but i didn’t want to do it straight away because i didn’t know where the cage would fit obviously well i absolutely love this thing i also absolutely hate it some of you will have spotted though in the background just something i’ve yet to reveal but i will talk about that very soon we’re actually so close to this thing being ready to go to pain which is

Just insane to think about i can’t believe we’ve got this arch cut it’s just it’s crazy thanks so much for watching hopefully you enjoyed this update on the m3 and of course we’ll be back again with more of it

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Real Life Need for Speed Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR is Back! By BlackPanthaa

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