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Altair Club Cars Reaction to Mazda CX-60 (POV) [commentary] @Joe Black

Reaction to Mazda CX-60 (POV) [commentary] @Joe Black

I am not an expert or claim to be an expert on cars I just love cars and give my subjective opinion about the car which I am reacting to.

All right all right all right all right so today i’ll be going over to mazda cx60 i’m not gonna be giving a lot of information about the car you know it just came out i mean has it come out in the us but there’s not a lot of videos out there that i’ve watched yet to the point that i have full information and knowledge about the car this is just a reaction video

To the mazda and i’ll be talking a little bit about the mazda so let’s get to it if you guys want to check out who i’m reacting to go check out this guy’s channel his name is joe black it’s a pov i’m driving the car so let’s get started oh my fault guys forgot to put the sound let me just fix this sorry i should be good now foreign looks boxy just like every

Other car this is what more car manufacturers started to do car brands skirish look avocados sorry about that guys i was literally my mother she just came on me unexpected and this is why i want to have my own crib all right back to the video um okay so this is the mazda you know look at this nice interior they’re well known for like their quiet comfort elegant

Look if you guys want a car that’s reliable it looks like a german car this is the one for you a mazda the pillars on this car looks like it got skinnier you could tell look the sides better view but this car you’re gonna get quiet comfort less sound in the interior but you know just one of the wheels thicker the you know what’s it called the rubber outside

Of the will the quieter it will be i also like the type of window i mean a window what’s it called glass they use for the windows acoustic it basically suppresses the sound so there’s no sound in the interior but yeah um the one thing i don’t like about maslows is basically that they’re not as a fuel they’re not fuel efficient compared to other car manufacturers

They call the toyotas foreign this place looks like it’s in europe europe always gets like the car is like when it was when they release a car a brand new car he always launches usually in europe first before the us and some other other countries get it to be for us but i know europe definitely they always get it before us but the engine model is some sometimes

Different compared to the one in the us so this mazda is a plug-in hybrid i personally don’t like plugging hybrids i like gasoline regular hybrids and fully electric but since there’s not like a lot of fully electric japanese cars yet they have been around for a long time just cars are basically your japanese brand that are larger soon to be launched but they’re

Not they don’t have that much experience in the full electric ev mode like tesla this car is also not as spacious compared to the car brands japanese brands i like japanese car brands more than any other brands because of the reliability all right german cars look nice drive nice smoother very expensive though not as fuel efficient but very nice unique design

This is also good because it’s also good when it comes to accelerating highways gives you the power i also like the transmission they use the transmit yeah it’s not a cbt it’s like a 8-speed automatic a lot of car brands are moving into cvts i noticed that to the they have a digital cluster and the information i mean info entertainment system is basically the

Same as the previous one doesn’t look like it’s any newer but it’s simple you know because the job done german cars though they have a very advanced technology it looks nicer but it’ll be harder to fix for mechanics of the cost for repairing it would be higher compared to this car okay acceleration nice i like that little you know light from the interior the

Bluish white color anyone here started you know that was straight youtube channel or has a dream a call knife that is positive that helps educate people helps people like you help by serving people i’ll say definitely go for it but you show like how options and be working on that hobby or goal on the side and do something else full time so you could pay off

For what you’re doing on the side you know i mean obviously i read it and then they doesn’t want to work for someone right you want they want to be their own boss so that’s like one way to do it you know in this channel i just want to be transparent and entertain people you know with this car video like i make i want to mix it with like facts about the cardboard

So they detain maybe talk a little about personal stuff you know about my life be more vulnerable transparent to my viewers and audience so one of them let’s start off like right now so something like one of my goals is basically to be independent like live in my own house someday you know i don’t know whether they would be or when that they would come if it

Doesn’t come it’s okay you know i gotta be content wherever where i’m at currently be blessed because there’s always other people who have less than you or that are less fortunate and they would wish to have what you have even though it’s not as much as you think oh my mother came back again all right the reason why it stops because i get like really nervous

When other people hear me or talk hear me talk you know that’s why i stopped i didn’t see anything when my mother came in another thing guys too my audience be respectful to your parents especially when you’re living on the household you know charlie’s you know do you know what they tell you you know clean the floor mop or voluntarily do that you know that’s

The minimum you could do especially when you know they’re basically paying all the bills feeding you if you guys have dreams from what i said it should be positive bring good to like the community to society educate people on something entertain people you know make their day something like that you know but back to the car video this car definitely recommend

It’s on you know my japanese car brands that i would buy but if you care about fuel especially now with economy inflation remember this is not the best choice especially when it’s a plug-in toyota honda the best when it comes to fuel efficiency or it gets like around 40s and 50s for mpgs go on the road look at this on the bomb he’s testing it i mean you can’t

Hear it because the video is low but mazdas are well known for quiet comfort cars anyone in my video like from new york if you are you know just comment below we’re from new york by the way so that’s why i said that new york it’s okay very cultural diverse you know but a lot of people i see there’s anything else besides this highway we see that chairman yeah

So they just talk a little more oh yeah they’re not as spacious compared to muslims are not that spacious compared to other cars if you want more spacious room subaru honda toyota it’s funny because you guys hear me say that a lot right but like they’re my top brands honda toyota always for fuel economy the best also roomy subaru has also a good room the

Thing that’s it on the video yeah he’s just writing that’s it car acceleration they see the acceleration process so performance so that’s it for now i’ll see you guys in the other video care have a great day and you know you next time in the next video that’s it bye guys

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