reacting to this wild nissan 400
Altair Club Cars Reacting To This WILD Nissan 400z G-Nose Body Kit Render

Reacting To This WILD Nissan 400z G-Nose Body Kit Render

In this video, I react to this new and aggressive G-Nose 400z render posted by Hagerty. This Nissan 400z has a much longer front end and very wide fenders when compared to the stock dimensions of the new 2023 Nissan Z.

How’s it going guys and welcome back to the channel today i’m actually going to be reacting to this really amazing render done by a gentleman i think named kizza or kaiser or something my bad if i pronounce the name but basically this was actually posted on hagerty’s website as well as their youtube channel i initially saw it on their website but i will leave the

Link to this youtube video that we’re going to be watching uh today down in the description below if you want to check it out yourself but basically what this guy did is he took the new nissan z or 400 z whatever you want to call it uh technically it’s now the nissan z but but a lot of people including myself were referring to this car as the 400z but basically he

Took the new z by nissan and made it made a g nose body kit for it or rendered a geno’s body kit for it and i really love the design i’ve already kind of seen the finished product but i’ve never actually watched this video so this is my first first time kind of going through the actual design as well and also like always if you’re a new viewer definitely be sure

To subscribe and like this video down below it helps me out a lot as a smaller youtuber but without wasting any more time let’s get right into it so towards the beginning of this video he kind of talks about the history of the genos and talks about uh the 240s that actually came with the kind of genos design which i will just show you guys right here briefly i’m

Not getting away from the video too much but that’s you know something that’s he he’s talking to or referring to uh in the video and this is kind of like the finished product right here and now he is going to go over it in a little bit more detail but this is just what it’s going to actually look like in the front when i first saw this i thought it was like kind

Of ugly i’m not even going to lie because it almost looks like this kind of catfish mouth but honestly once i saw the entire car and i saw how the rear fenders or rear quarter panels are a little bit more kind of out there too i mean it’s definitely a very aggressive kit that he renders but it all matches like it all flows really really well and also to someone

Like me who has absolutely no experience in rendering or car renders really i i do find this video very interesting because again he kind of goes step by step and shows you how he actually takes pictures from both the new 400 z as well as like you know old 240s and 280s and makes this design and this kind of product and you can see how just how long that nose is

Compared to just the normal dimensions of the 400 z right there that’s something else that at first i didn’t realize like how long it really was and how over stretch that car or this kind of kit really is but right here again he does take some pictures from a 240 280 and kind of merges those two generations into this new 400 z generation or new you know nissan z

Generation also making the wheels and tires wire wider to just to you know match so there’s no wheel gap or it doesn’t look too much too crazy with like a crazy amount of positive offset uh but yeah this is i mean me personally again i have no real experience in graphic design vehicle design i mean i kind of i guess have a little bit of experience of what vehicle

Design is but as at least from like an electronic perspective this was something that is very very interesting to me and i’m sure a lot of you guys might not you know really kind of understand the technicalities behind it a lot of you guys might actually do know what he is actually talking about in this video and all i know is just for me it’s like kind of like

A whole new aspect of the automotive world and i honestly would love to see a company come out with this kind of render inspired like body kit where like an actual body kit inspired by this actual design in the future i think again it’s radical i think maybe something like uh a pandem or rocket bunny or someone like that would definitely kind of fit into the

Culture of a company that would put out a body kit like this because of the crazy things that they’ve done on both regular cars and supercars in the past also one thing that i did find pretty interesting is he basically used the same exact a wheel design he didn’t change it up like he didn’t you know make it seem like there was any sort of aftermarket wheels or

Anything on this new kind of g-nose uh inspired car he basically just took the face of the regular factory wheels and just stretched the wheels and stretched the tires to make them wider to of course fit that gap like i was talking about before now here is kind of like the latter stage of this render and he’s basically just going around and doing some finishing

Touches here and there and i mean overall again it’s very aggressive i have feeling that a couple people in the comment section might have differing opinions on it and that’s that’s definitely understandable because it takes away a lot of the original design of the car for sure but me personally again i told you guys before i’m gonna tell you guys again when i

First saw this i was like ah this is kind of ugly but now that i’m kind of seeing a little bit more of it and i actually watched the video i it’s definitely a really really aggressive and honestly pretty unique design although it does draw a lot of inspiration from the older 240 and 280z i also like how right here he’s basically just going around the car and you

Know basically highlighting where all the individual holes would be putting a license plate like again just putting like doing simple things and putting indentations on the car right before i don’t know if you guys saw it or not but he did actually you know map out the body lines for the actual hood make them a little bit wider i think or just kind of put them in

Different places which is kind of interesting but again it’s something that you have to do when doing these renders to make the entire thing proportional because again you’re stretching the car out so much where you gotta make it at least a little bit proportional to the original product and of course here is the finished product and i love the fact that again

The duck bill the vents on the hood uh the entire just design of this is really really cool to me now would i do this to my hypothetical 400z if i was to go out and get a brand new 2023 nissan z i honestly don’t know and me personally like that’s something i’m going to ask you guys like how do you feel about this you know let me know down in the comments below

Because again i had a complete change of heart when i was actually watching this video and realizing the amount of effort and design work and you know just things that go into the process of a render of this kind of magnitude or just this importance i guess with the new generation of the car and at first i thought again i thought that nose was a little bit ugly

For my taste but honestly it fits the entire kit just flows really well and i would love to see a new 400z with this design in person hopefully very soon you know when they actually finally hit the roads but again let me know what you guys think down in the comments if you haven’t already definitely be sure to subscribe down below it’s absolutely free helps me out

A ton and like this video if you enjoyed it but like always thank you for all the support and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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Reacting To This WILD Nissan 400z G-Nose Body Kit Render By Ant’s Car Reviews

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