rav4 prime break in procedure
Altair Club Cars Rav4 Prime Break In Procedure

Rav4 Prime Break In Procedure

I go over the break in procedure of a brand new Rav4 Prime.

All right here’s mega here and i’m doing a video on the break-in procedure for the rav4 prime all right just more specifically the 2021 rav4 prime so in the owner’s manual here this big thick book right here on page 259 is the break-in procedure okay and like yeah you really have to go to the middle of the book to look for it you would think it would be somewhere

In the front right because it’s like the first thing you do right anyway to extend the life of the vehicle observe the following precautions is recommended for the first 200 miles avoid sudden stops okay i don’t think i’ve done too many of those you want to stop smoothly too so that you recapture all that energy and here’s the one that is important for hades omega

For the first 500 miles do not tow a trailer so as big as planning to tow with this vehicle so but i can’t do it for the first 500 miles all right for the first 600 miles do not drive at extremely high speeds okay i don’t know what extremely high speeds like triple digits i guess avoid sudden acceleration i’m not gonna lie i i got on it a couple times to test the

Power out um do not drive continuously in in low gears uh okay and do not drive at a constant speed for extended periods like so hop on the freeway and then just do like 70 miles an hour for like an hour or something you know that type of thing okay and then uh yeah that’s it pretty simple nothing too crazy but it’s less than a thousand miles that’s for sure

But yeah so 500 miles no towing 600 miles no high speed sudden acceleration sudden deceleration um yeah so just drive it gently for the first 600 miles okay okay okay so you just saw that the break-in procedure in the manual i’m surprised it still kind of does have one but you know let’s uh just do what the manufacturer tells you to do because that’s the way to

Engineered it okay and it’s toyota we’re talking about here all right so if you want your car to last a long long time uh break it in properly all right so um so i’ll just be like taking it easy for the first 600 miles and no towing okay but i will put the tow hitch on it i think it’s supposed to come in today um another thing i thought of is you should probably

Not drive it as an ev until after 600 miles so that’s what i’m gonna do also i just realized that i’m like yeah you know what it’s probably you gotta break in that um the internal combustion engine is what you gotta do also so that would be an important thing to do the good thing is like the the more it gets broken in the more more efficient it is everything is

You know looser it’s everything is like the tolerances are all tight right now so that’s the reason why you want to break it in properly yeah so i’ll be driving it in the hybrid mode okay so there’s a way you can force the vehicle to drive on on hybrid mode even if you have charge in the battery um it’s that charge hold button you just press it once and it puts it

Into hybrid mode i will do a video on that i’ll do a video on the uh on the different modes um that you can operate the vehicle and all right and uh yeah i’ll do a video on that because i i was kind of confused about it and i was reading the manual last night and like oh okay that’s that’s that’s what that is all right so check that video out all right so that’s

How to uh that is that is the breaking procedure for a rav4 prime there you go all right more specifically a 2021 rav4 prime se all right here we go you

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Rav4 Prime Break In Procedure By HadesOmega

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