rare 2022 mercedes amg g63 g wag
Altair Club Cars Rare 2022 MERCEDES AMG G63 G Wagon IS A BEAST | Full Review | Pulse Rally Testing

Rare 2022 MERCEDES AMG G63 G Wagon IS A BEAST | Full Review | Pulse Rally Testing

We are so lucky to get our hands on the 2022 MERCEDES AMG G63 G Wagon and today we give it a full review. This G Wagon is an absolute beast and Country and Zech give us the full run down as to why they love this 2022 Mercedes AMG G63 G Wagon. But… do you agree with Zech regarding his only negative about this G Wagon?! Let us know!

Foreign hey guys welcome to post rally testing i’m country i’m your man zach and today we have for you the 2022 mercedes amg g63 right here the flex you know what it is it’s the wagon it’s the wagon one of the most iconic vehicles you will ever see on the road to this day and we are so excited for what we have in store for you i don’t know about you i’m a

Die-hard matte black guy what do you think about the matte black on this i’m focused on them yeah i can’t help but notice your legs dude i literally was way i wanted to see how long it was gonna take you to comment on my freaking legs unreal unbelievable hey the matte black man i love it i love it i do too i love the grill as well because it’s not over the top

It’s straightforward previous cars not necessarily just wagons but in previous cars when mercedes tries to go over the top of the front grill i think it looks a little tacky when they keep it straight forward when they keep it elegant it just works you got the giant mercedes star right in the middle with the guard rails up front and it’s just the it’s the iconic

G wagon you have your blinker indicators on the front you can pop the hood if you ever need to right up here and one thing i love is these lights these headlights really essentially almost haven’t changed as far as how they look over the years in a g-wagon and it’s one it’s one of the things that makes it so iconic you just know you know what i mean you know when

That thing’s coming towards you it’s a g wagon and when you’re facing it it looks menacing it looks mean but it looks clean and i love it i’m not a big fan of boxy trucks okay but this truck right here and the g-wagon i’ve always been a fan of and over the years it just gets better and better and better oh absolutely so is it the look or is it the drive or is it

Both when it comes to the box for you because i i like boxy a little bit i mean it’s not too much boxy that catches my eye but they’re improving yeah as they go on but come check out these wheels man oh my god i know you’re happy with this i know you’re happy i’m not i’m not i’m not i’m gonna tell you why because it’s matte and not gloss no no no no i love the mat

I just feel like it just should have just did it all black all black you don’t like this lip you don’t like that lip around it no i just feel like they should have did all black really yeah okay okay i could see that all black wheels i can see that listen you know you could get get upset at me if you like but i’m letting you know like it’s clean but like i love the

All black i feel you i feel you i like the silver trim around it i think i i i’d slightly disagree with you you guys let us know what you guys prefer i think it works it looks good it looks clean i love the mercedes emblem in the middle of each wheel i did 22s 22s front and rear i know my 22. yeah he knows his 22s we got the giant amg red brake calibers it looks

Beautiful and you have a v8 bi-turbo it’s gonna do 0 to 60 4.5 seconds it has 577. horsies in this thing that’s impressive yeah it’s extremely impressive when you’re talking about a vehicle that weighs almost three tons coming in at 5 800 pounds did you say three tons or is it six tons i gotta correct my guy on this one really how much does one ton equal i don’t

Know yeah we’ll let you guys at home figure that one out for yourself so you got them you got the mirrors in high gloss black you got the nice chrome runners here and you got the exhaust system i loved it here in the exhaust you get to open it up inside and it just brings a beautiful beautiful menacing aggressive mean sound to it now one thing i have to touch on

Is these mercedes doors in the g wagon there is no such thing as closing the door too hard in this car okay so you can you know you talk about your range rovers or anything like that your real luxury cars and they got those soft closed doors and everything being all gentle with them you have to slam this door if i try to close this door regular it’s not closed

Yeah so you take and you can hear it too so you take it now the door is closed now we ready to go get active you know that’ll upset me man like anybody in my car the suspenser rides slamming my doors i’m upset because remember you ain’t even riding with me it’s supposed to it’s supposed to though you know what i’m saying so it’s okay you gotta you gotta give them

A pass on that one now come to the rear look at the just look at the shape too like right here and older generation g-wagons it was literally almost like a literal box you know what i mean and the new regeneration about 2019 they came out with this little bit of a new feature where they rounded out the corners up top a little bit and it was very very slight but it

Actually made a world of difference in the way the vehicle looked and it was really really cool i like that they did that i haven’t always been i gotta admit i haven’t always been the biggest g-wagon fan but lately these things have been absolutely on point as we look at the rear it’s exactly what you expect looking at the rear of a g wagon you have that beautiful

Tire cover for the spare tire you got the chrome amg badging on the driver’s side g63 badging on the passenger side and you got two reverse lights up until only a few years ago did you know a g wagon only had one reverse light on it i didn’t know that yeah it’s pretty crazy yeah so they you know you got two reverse lights on now i don’t know why they decided to

Throw it in there maybe they’re just like whatever we don’t you know i don’t know but it looks cool and i gotta check out this cargo space check this out man and look how luxurious just the trunk looks well that’s what a g wagon does exactly so utility comfort luxury power that’s what you’re getting when you purchase a g wagon i love the inside here you got the

Diamond stitched red leather to match the interior leather of the rest of the car you have nice carpeting here you have a chrome lip so that you’re not scratching anything up when you’re loading anything in you do have a little cargo cover here so you can hide anything that’s valuable and these seats do fold down as well so if you need even more cargo space yeah

You just fold them right down you’re good to go this is a nice look right here it looks beautiful it looks absolutely beautiful and it’s making me itch to get inside this yeah we’re gonna have to go inside you guys want to see inside we’re gonna take you inside close it man dang i had to close that little tough right there put a little muscle in it i want to talk

About the look dude it’s a great touch of the carbon fiber now you have your favorite my both hands are on it right now alcantara bear you know i just have to say dude you’re like a little child driving this but well you know what i do love about this steering wheel i love the cut on the bottom yeah that sport style sports style like you know it gives that look but

Also that also is carbon fiber exactly that carbon fiber with the alcantara looks unbelievable i love how they they didn’t just keep it all black they did that nice matte silver finish with all the steering wheel controls and everything like that and then right here i can switch my driving modes with this little dial from comfort to sport and then to sport plus and

You can hear you can totally hear the totally hear the difference in the exhaust right absolutely and it just it stiffens up this the suspension itself the fact that when you turn in the knob like it just shows you how to put settings up in the front and not only does it show you the different settings on the display and show you what driving setting you just set

Yourself to it gives you a little diagram inside the car of like what that setting the car to that driving mode does to the car you know what i mean so it highlights the suspension if if you you know switch it to sport mode and it highlights the steering and this and that which to somebody who bought the car just simply because they love it and it’s a g wagon but

May not understand the difference between comfort sport and sport plus that’s really helpful that’s really cool absolutely you know let’s talk about the interior right now it’s because the red interior is popping popping hard dude there’s fewer interiors that look better with a matte black car than this red interior like when you see a matte black g-wagon roll up

And then it it’s opened up and it’s got this red interior like this dude it’s so straight boss it really is dude it’s on another level i love the fact that it has a sunroof i wish the sunroof would have went deeper oh did you feel that did you feel that oh my god i just felt that i just felt that so as we’re turning the seat is hugging it’s like it’s hugging in

The direction where like it’s it’s securing you right like into the turn right so for example if i make a right hand turn the side of the seat will literally hug me on my left side to keep my body from leaning to the left as i make that right turn and it literally keeps you perfectly centered into the seat at all times that’s crazy that is amazing it does it on the

Driver’s side and the passenger side that’s crazy the lighting in here mercedes just does it in another level man mercedes ambient lighting on the interior of their cars is literally second to none like it literally does not get better than mercedes interior lighting it just doesn’t it’s absolutely incredible dude you don’t even know where you’re going i always know

Where i’m going how you know where you’re going man i’m from here you’re the one from ohio making lefts and right you know what make another right here hug me hug me it doesn’t matter which turn i make is you’re getting a hungry regardless hug mercedes she wagon hug g-wagon hug coming in turn ohio boy trying to oh boy trying to tell the florida boy where to go that’s

Crazy this guy man this is always crazy hey so right now let’s get back to serious talk all right real happy right now with this middle console like i love how the setup is i love the carbon fiber up in the front all the buttons everything that you see like just puts everything yeah everything’s great except for these cheap plastic window switches i should not be

In a car worth this much where my lock on my door literally looks nicer than the control for my by windows come on man come on i’m sorry mercedes amg i’m sorry you know i i got i i don’t know i think i think i think mercedes is trying to say is like we still want to keep original looks to certain things but we’re upgrading everything that needs to be upgraded so

We’re gonna okay these things are not a bother to me no it’s not a bother to me at all i just think it’s just like why this is a g-wagon remember what we’re in we’re in a g wagon okay this is the boss of all bosses so you couldn’t even you couldn’t even put a high gloss nice piano black plastic in there i mean something dude other than just the switch there’s a i

Mean come on come on but you know what obviously that’s easy to look past i’m being a little bit ridiculous i know but i gotta keep it real and i gotta let you guys truly understand what it feels like to be behind something like this and that i just i don’t like that feature at all i think it’s ridiculous just three of different options here yep what are the three

Different options we have in the g wagon when you’re driving so these three buttons right here here you have those three different locking differentials and those are for off-roading at this was don’t forget originally a military vehicle i don’t know who’s dropping you know a hundred thousand dollars over sticker price to go off-roading in this thing but you can

Do it so that is with you know whether you’re going through sand whether you’re climbing rocks or anything like that any type of off-roading it this certainly does have the capabilities to it ah you might be gripping the steering wheel pretty tight hoping you don’t mess up here three hundred thousand dollar cheap wagon but hey you know hey i wouldn’t be surprised

Someone’s off-roading it someone’s off-roading in one right now i wouldn’t be off-roading no man no way well i’m gonna talk a little bit about the back seats the back seats look amazing the setup is nice the room is is like unbelievable really spacious and it just the same way you’re probably sitting in the back is the same view you’re getting up in the front well

I love that you said that because i don’t know if you know this but in the in the newer generation g-wagons the back seat um was designed to be a little bit higher a little bit staggered from the front seat so that when you were in the back seat you still felt high ai up and you you sat prominently like and everyone was part of the conversation riding together

In the car and you genuinely do feel it when you sit in the back seat of this thing but the real question is how much horsepower does this g-wagon hold 577 horsepower so that’s a lot of horses when you’re talking about a vehicle this size that weighs what almost six thousand pounds seven thousand pounds absolutely and you put 577 horsepower in it you want to know

What that feels like you don’t push you don’t push it don’t push it you just take it easy this is luxury right here we we are stunning and we coasting with no way we’re about to turn this up on this do you feel did you feel the front end come up like that how aggressive it is and how powerful it is oh it’s beautiful on a scale of one in ten what do you rate this i

Refuse to give this a 10 because of the window buttons so i’m gonna go nine and i’m gonna go 9.7 oh chill thinking should i just give him a smack right now nah man they they get a 9.7 perfect 10. literally anything but these window buttons and perfect 10 as far as the interior straight straight up g-wagon right now i’m just giving you right now the outside with

The matte black this is the statement on the road it’s a 10 outside it’s a 10 inside just with the combination with the carbon with the red interior the ambiance of the lights inside here the lights i’m telling you like mercedes is doing on another level i’m telling you this is a 10 of 10. this is straight luxury beyond luxury like you you everyone’s gonna see

You hitting the road no one has this color no one has this look you know what this is a rare rare g-wagon it is fair because dude this is luxury this is the most luxurious of of luxury things right but it also is one of the most meanest of mean things at the same time absolutely so it does kind of give you a double whammy where it’s like no matter what you cannot

Ask for anything better i can’t believe you didn’t give this a 10. because of the door handles not the door handles the buttons door buttons door handle door button boo boo oh slam it yo don’t be slaying my door like that it’s the only way it’s closing homeboy i know man you think this feature will have the soft touch man yeah right hey question yeah i’m just on a

Serious note how much is this car worth this specific g wagon is 185 thousand dollars say it again 185 000 oh my god yeah it’s pretty crazy but what’s even crazier is that with the market being the way it is right now and the demand that there is for wagons right now you can expect to pay probably one hundred thousand dollars at least over the sticker price so if

You wanted this g wagon right now be prepared shout out three hundred thousand dollars or close to it dropping my g wagon in right now there you go quick hunting i was gonna say if you own one you need a quick 100k now’s your time guys this can be you that’s right this can be you if you are an individual or a dealer and you would like a vehicle tested and reviewed

By pulse rally testing and yours truly please reach out to us on any of our socials we’d love to connect with you thank you for watching we hope you enjoyed the video make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss a thing shoot us a like follow us on instagram at pulse rallytesting we look forward to connecting with you and until then we will see you next time thank you

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Rare 2022 MERCEDES AMG G63 G Wagon IS A BEAST | Full Review | Pulse Rally Testing By Pulse Rally Testing

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