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Range Rover Velar som otestoval na Nórskych cestách a samozrejme nechýbalo kríženie náprav. Kolesá s priemerom 22 palcov sú už na rozbité cesty trochu ťažké sústo.

And to be honest not every morning is this foggy and rainy. for example yesterday i had a nice and sunny weather. because it is a car which has caught my attention and i know it’s caught yours too. at the same time i’ve come here to get some answers to questions such as “who is this car for?”, “who would it please?” and also “what is its position in the range

Rover lineup?”. imagine a situation during the last financial crisis when the evoque was being designed. at that time many new projects were stopped, but evoque got a green light. it was a right decision because the new car attracted new customers to the brand what about those people who would have more money after some time and already had the evoque. or they wanted a

Bigger car than evoque, or had kids ? but they wouldn’t feel like buying range rover or range rover sport? so they came to conclusion that because of evoque there’s a place for a fourth model. the fourth model which we now call velar. the name is not a new one. there was a velar in the past and it was a range rover prototype in 1969. it is its design philosophy which

Really caught my eye and why i like it. firstly there’s this line going around the car and the signature range rover hood which is smoothly rounded at the sides. they made it look like the car is divided into two parts. differently colored roof goes down towards the back but without any effect on the interior space. from this line down the car should have a clean look.

Even the door handles retract into the doors which is partly also to help the aerodynamics. however even while there is no apparent molding on the door, it is done so that the game of light is apparent to the viewer’s eye. all the details are also well crafted as to assure you that you have a top quality item in your hands. of course the 22” wheels also help the car’s

Design by a fair share. designers were talking only about those at the start but you actually start with 20” wheels. it’s where it ended in the past it only begins now. and why is this car not a design sin for range rover? because in reality there is nothing quite new here. some two generations back the range rover and rr sport had round shapes in their lights,

But because of new technologies they could shape it like this. so it means there’s all that was here before but we now have led daytime running lights, led low-beam headlights and laser high-beam headlights which should allow for 600 meters spotting distance. we’ve been only driving in tunnels so far so i am not really able to verify that. anyway from a square shaped

Headlight we now have one which is this long. i’d say around 60 cm (23.6”). that’s also true about the front grille and about these shapes which resemble air vents on the hood. so to sum up i like velar’s design and i can imagine some people fainting out because of it. but that was the exact idea – to shine like a diamond when you come somewhere with this car.

And that’s also the exact reason why people will buy this car and i assume there will be plenty of them in bratislava in due time. it’s about time we looked into the trunk if it’s supposed to be a family car. the trunk is limited by the roof, especially in its upper section. let’s start with the trunk cover. it doesn’t have the “elbow click” system, but at

Least it is on rails. you can’t really put anything above it so it’s not like a wagon. i like the range rover’s functional trunk accessories however. but even in the top trim hse or r-dynamic – there’s no button for folding the rear seats down directly from the trunk this is probably the reason why you can’t fold the seats just like that – but from here i can

Fold them into one flat surface. i have enough legroom with the driver’s seat adjusted to my height. there’s also enough space for my knees and also for the head. i even expected it to be worse with the panoramic roof. getting in was also comfortable, but let’s be honest here – wheelbase of 2.9 meters (9.5 ft.) is no small number. it’s quite roomy in here and

I think velar’s going to be ideal for two people in the front and two in the rear and all of them can be connected. that’s a bit strange though. there are 4 seats for comfortable seating but at the same time you can connect up to 8 devices to the 4g/lte wi-fi hotspot in the car. probably for people in the rear with two devices each. anyway there are two usb charging

Ports here, also a classic 12v socket, heated seats and very nice materials. right now it should become clear what the difference is between range rover velar and its competitors. it’s not all the displays it has, but its off-road capabilities. with the axle cross articulation, even try to get a balance. i must say the car is still quite firm despite the aluminum frame.

There’s something else waiting for me in the hangar. tilting the car like this is making me uncomfortable although i know we’re going to make it. there’s the next friend who will take care of me now going towards the hill climb. and actually i wouldn’t say that such a big car could be so agile now a quick look out of the hangar and i can see a canal waiting for me.

Finally i had some fun with velar and everything worked as intended. i think i felt a difference compared to your regular suvs. of course the track was designed and prepared for velar to make it, but still some parts were tough and the car surprised me in a good way. its awd system and off-road capabilities are what they should be. and after the artificial terrain i am

Going for a real off-road test. naturally the car is really capable and there’s no need to be afraid, but this might be too much for most of the people who would buy this luxurious and slick suv. what caught my attention on a head-up display is that i can see all the off-road related information about the car. that means speed, tilt percentage or wheel steering angle.

Aha! so we are really going for a serious terrain and this wasn’t just a simple stroll on a meadow. a slower throttle regulation at times in this type of terrain. well it’s amazing – i’ve driven 80 km/h (50 mph) at maximum, most of the time 60 or 70, so any of the available engines will be more than enough for that ☺ all the other things will be mentioned in our

Regular test because i don’t want to speak about something i haven’t tried yet. however i’ve tried it on gravel roads and there’s a 9 km (5.6 mi) long section before me which would be ideal for a rally stage. i can’t really see any speed limit signs so maybe i can try to push it a little more. i have an air suspension

In here which is default for all v6 engines. you can adjust its characteristics and get the ground clearance up to 251 mm (9.9 in.). for a normal suspension it can be up to 213 mm (8,4 in.). also there are some advantages for water crossing which is up to 60 cm (23.6 in.) with a normal suspension another thing i can now present my opinion on are

22“ wheels. they look great and they highlight the car’s design, however on this kind of roads you can sometimes feel the bumps in the chassis and i don’t like that. and what about the engine? the supercharged petrol v6 with 380 hp will be great. i can imagine to simply jump over it. let’s try abs on this gravel. this was just a sliver of joy on

Norwegian roads where i could push this range rover i hope nobody will want me to pay for this 134 km/h (83 mph) speed. the infotainment is over the standard and should minimise the amount of buttons which in reality was realised. you have one, two, three and the fourth for the gearbox. however all the other would-be buttons are touch screen pictograms now.

You can set different setting levels and pick and choose from all the modes. as i am absorbing the throttle response i think the chassis fared better when we pushed it harder. i am not going to comment on driving characteristics at this point, so let me just tell you the price in slovakia. 4 cylinder engines (two petrol and two diesel) start from 58 000 eur and you can

Have the v6 from 69 000 eur. if i gave the money for a car like this i would probably go for the v6. i am looking forward to testing it properly and to use all the 8 speeds of its automatic transmission. i salute you all from norway and thank you for your attention. i am looking forward to the next tests on garaz.tv. there’s a turn in front of me so i want to test

The awd’s capability to steer the car into the turn properly. at least i got a feeling the car wanted to turn so it basically did what i wanted it to do. it was just a small example going over the limits here in norway, but i couldn’t help myself to find out if the torque vectoring works.

Transcribed from video

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