ram truck mopar side tube steps
Altair Club Cars Ram Truck Mopar Side Tube Steps / Running Boards Install and Review

Ram Truck Mopar Side Tube Steps / Running Boards Install and Review

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What’s going on guys hey it’s anthony with the wrenched out garage and thank you for tuning in in today we’re gonna be doing an install on the ram rebel we have the mopar 5 inch tube steps that run the length of the cab we got these from our local dodge dealer a good buddy of mine works there so i got them from him but i’ll make a link available to this product

Down below if you’re interested in getting this for your ram now there’s a lot of options for tube steps or side steps for your trucks i went online check out some on amazon i’ll put links to those below if you’re interested i was looking at the westin hd x’s which is a steel construction kind of a hoop style with a rock guard that lies right above it it’s a nice

Setup there’s the n fabs similar setup different design and then there’s a bunch of other ones i’ll put some links to those down below if you’re interested i went with the mopar for a couple of reasons one oam i’ve always been very fortunate with the oem side steps i’ve had them on my dodges i’ve had them on my fords i’ve had them on my chevy’s and those guys a are

The guys that designed the truck which means that the design aspect of it in fitment normally is a hundred percent you don’t have to worry about any goofy things you’d have to worry about brackets misaligning or happen to do pretty much anything other than bolt it up so i’ve been very fortunate with that as i’m sure you have obviously one of the big controversies

With going with oem or stock or from the guys that make it is generally speaking they’re more expensive but in this case you know if you compare them to like an rvp and i’ll put a link to that too or havok or one of those guys this is actually a more affordable selection so let’s dive into this and i’ll show you guys what i’m talking about and what they look like

So in the box you get two of them dodge did a fantastic packaging method for this thing they really package the hell out of it my hat’s off to them for that let’s put this thing up on the workbench here and take a closer look alright guys so we got the ram sidestep sitting here on the bench i think they look fantastic a couple of things to note we’ll make it super

Simple for you is this curve if you look right here it kind of curves in and that is where it hooks to the front of the vehicle now mopar did a lot of really cool things with this side step obviously this is the five inch in it’s the wheel-to-wheel version again links will be down below for this product if you’re interested the pads on it matched the rear bumper

Pad and then of course they have this like nice plastic thick plastic that covers these brackets so you don’t have this like goofy off colored metal hook into it so overall i think the appearance of these is a really nice and well done side step and then of course you have the lamp right here now for install on this i’m going to use two jack stands because i’m

Just going to find the position or close enough to the position it is cold outside because i’m doing the install here in the wintertime in alaska i’m going to do it in my driveway so i’m going to skip through some of the install on this but let me show you the instructions real quick it’s a super simple install the instructions going to show you everything you’ve

Got the upper you have the upper area where those big brackets go that’s where the weld nuts a rivet nuts go and then on the lower body section is where the smaller bolts go as well so we’re gonna see if our truck has the weld nuts already installed hopefully it does because then all you’re doing is matching this bracket up and again the curve goes to the front it

Comes with all the supplied hardware these are your body side or these smaller bracket bolts there’s the bigger bolts for the brackets and the weld nuts or rivet nuts is what they’re calling them right here that’ll go through the upper frame of the vehicle again super simple the lug just needs a couple of sockets and ratchets or if you have a airgun or whatever

Obviously watch the torque on it there are torque specs on it roll adds just do these snug have done a lot of these three years and then obviously you’ve got your peanuts there again it’s super simple let me actually let me show you this part of it right here so what i’m going to end up doing real quick is i’m gonna go get everything ready i’m gonna go clear out

Some a little bit of snow throw a coat on get everything kind of set up and then we’ll dive into that part of the video it’s just gonna be boring if you watch me set it all up so let’s get outside to the rammer we’ll get this thing ready to go alright guys so we are geared up so a couple of tools you’re gonna need for this is obviously a ratchet the sockets you’re

Going to need is a 10 mil and a half-inch and we’re gonna head out to the truck right now i’m gonna try to light it up it’s still dark out here as the hours are pretty funny as far as sunlight goes i do have the jack stand set up we’re going to take a look at this so here we are as you can see jack stands are just sitting there holding it but that let’s see if i

Can show you guys those two holes right there are what mounted this and then we’re gonna go we’re gonna go under the truck and take a look to see if we already have the welded bolts so let’s get under the truck alright guys so do you have a light going hopefully you guys can see okay i am under the truck kind of a goofy situation let me move the light becket there

We go so those bolts are installed it’s gonna be hard to see but they’re right on the other side of this right on the other side so obviously you’ll need to check your truck to see if they’re in there if not they supply them and then just it’s super simple to match this up match the body side up and then this up so i’m gonna go ahead and bolt these up it’s cold

Here and i want to get this done but essentially it’s all pretty much ready to go i just got to get the hardware out and get to it so let’s go alright guys so that wraps up our insult of the mopar crew cab five-inch tube steps on our ram rebel super simple install the only real hurdle that i had was it was pretty damn cold outside in fact i think it was about 20

Degrees and obviously messing with the camera and doing all of that stuff kind of delayed me a little bit but overall super simple install i use the half half inch and ten mil to get the bolts hooked to the truck overall i think it’s a beautiful tube step from mopar these guys know what they’re doing obviously the manufacturer of the truck but the fit and finish

Not only is fantastic the overall use of this thing is going to work well for us simply because i have a lot of passengers with kids with family members getting in and out of the truck it’s going to make their lives a lot easier now we do have a lot of other things that we’re going to be doing at the ram rebel so you’re going to want to stay tuned this is your

First time watching the video consider subscribing or maybe it’s a hundredth time i don’t know but go ahead and hit that subscribe button hit the bell if you want to see more install videos we also have garage garage news and a lot of other content happening here at the rent out garage we thank you guys again for tuning in all the stuff that we talked about today

Will be available down below to include our a link to our facebook page instagram and so much more but thank you guys for tuning in in you guys are out riding or driving do it safely and we’ll see you guys in the next video you

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Ram Truck Mopar Side Tube Steps / Running Boards Install and Review By Wrenched Out Garage

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