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We fix the RAM TRUCK GAS CAP LOOSE Error P0457 and show how to repair this check engine light and issue on this ram1500 pickup truck with the 5.7L HEMI engine. It started to show a light on the dash for a loose gas cap which then turned on the CEL check engine light and said there was a evap small leak and then also a evap large leak. We show what to check and how to troubleshoot as well as the repair to fix this problem

Today’s video we’re going to be hopefully repairing the p0457 leak it’s to do with your gas cap being loose on a ram truck let’s get into it all right so as mentioned we’re going to try to fix this i’ve kind of done a little bit of investigation before this video and i’ll get into that so i have the dreaded p0457 on my truck and i did a few things i changed

The gas cap i put a brand new mopar cap on still didn’t go away i also happen to have one of these solenoids that goes under the hood which is the other side of the system uh i had it from my hellcat engine that was just sitting here so i swapped it out with the hellcat one which is the same part number but i put that on still the same issue so you’ll also see

That i have this here this was from the hellcat as well but it’s slightly different so i wasn’t able to test that but i got the correct one for this truck and i’ll show you guys here so i will link this down the description below uh before i post this video i’m gonna make sure that this fixes the issue but i’m gonna show you guys how to replace it um i’ll test it

Out for a few days hopefully everything gets fixed and then i can you know complete this video for you guys with accuracy so here it is here like i said i’ll link this down the description below it was about twenty dollars uh there’s a doorman part so you can see here it’s got our plug and that there it also comes with the gasket i did open the box just before

This video because i was told that um the gaskets for some reason in the in their packaging they stretch they give you a new o-ring but they stretch it like way over here so i removed it just before and it’s already returned to its original shape so that was a lot of um that was a lot of comments that i saw when i bought it off amazon anyways this is the part

Here i’ll show you the difference not that it really matters to you guys that much but see how i was trying to use the hellcat one but the plug is on the opposite side so i wasn’t able to use it and test it so i had to go ahead and purchase one so we’ll pop underneath the truck it’s a lifted truck so it’s a little bit easier to get underneath but we’ll go ahead

And swap it out so once you’re into the truck like i said you may have to lift up your truck but if it’s lifted or if you can squeak in here but here’s your rear diff here’s your gas tank and right here is where that part is so see it right there with the plug that’s the part that we have to remove it’s super quick to remove so we’ll do that now okay so here’s

The part you’re gonna unplug right here so wiggle our connector off then you’re gonna see this rubber hose so there’s that out of our way and then on the bottom there’s a little tab so you kind of squeak your hand on the bottom and then you’re going to turn this thing you’re going to lift the tab and what i mean by that is this tab right here you just squeeze

In on it so if it’s facing like this you put your hand underneath and you can get to this tab so you just squeeze it in so you can rotate it and then you turn it not even 90 degrees maybe like 45 degrees and then it pops out like that so so now you can see there is a gasket right here which ours is pretty collapsed so i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even just

A gasket issue but there’s the old gasket it’s actually a square gasket compared to the round one that’s supplied with the dorman kit so we’ll put in our new o-ring right there so there’s a new o-ring gasket we’ll take this install it on a 45 and then we’re going to turn it so there we go we’re going to turn it until you hear it click so it’s latched on and this

Is a lot more snug set up you guys than the last one so i don’t know if that has anything to do with it but it seems like a much better seal we’ll put our rubber hose on here reconnect our clip and that’s it so this is the messenger indication that i kept getting check fuel cap there’s a little uh light there and then i get this visual on my screen so that was

The issue that we’re trying to resolve let’s see if that fixes it all right so hopefully you guys can see i’ve got this p0456 as well fuel system small leak so right now we’re going to clear the fault and we’ll keep an eye on this okay so we cleared the check engine light that was associated with this but this little image and that i guess is apparently going to

Be shown with most code readers you know clearing the codes this little image and stuff is going to be shown until you go through a few drive cycles so until you drive it start it stop it a bunch of times and then this thing will go away so we’ll uh keep an eye on it and um hopefully this all goes away for us all right guys so it’s a few days later like i said

I wanted to make sure that we weren’t gonna have any issues and i’m happy to report that we no longer have that gas cap off indication on our dash no more codes no more check engine light so i’m gonna show you guys that and i’ll also re-read the codes to show you guys that we don’t have an issue okay so here’s the truck we’ll go inside i’ll do a scan on it show

You guys we don’t have any more codes and show you guys a dash okay so here we go guys the code reader is reading and you can see on my dash no stored messages and that little light that was on here before where it showed that the gas cap was off or to check gas cap is no longer there okay so hopefully you guys can see this now no trouble codes are detected

No pending codes and no permanent codes so before we had the permanent code uh for the gas cap and that’s all gone now so that’s it she’s fixed and i’ll show you guys one more thing too i’ll show you guys this quickly so you guys will probably have your engine cover on but see this right here this is the other part of the evap system so just so you guys aren’t

Throwing parts at this thing trying to fix the code see this uh module right here if you disconnect it i’ll show you guys over here because i have a second one something to do with that where you can check that to make sure that is not your problem before you buy that other part that we installed what you can do here is i mean it sounds a little bit ridiculous

But you kind of just if you put your mouth on it and try to blow either direction make sure that you can’t pass air through this thing because if this thing allows like if it has a little bit of a leak like if you blow on it and you feel air coming out either side that can be your issue so it doesn’t it’s free to check this before you go replacing that part so

I checked mine and i even swapped out the one with the hellcat one uh from our hellcat swap just to make sure it wasn’t the issue but that’s how you can do a simple check on this to make sure this is not the issue so there’s kind of just two parts of the whole system there’s that sensor i just showed you and then the one that we were placed on the tank so there

Has to be a leak between the two for it to throw that code so you can check that one under the hood make sure it’s good before you go ordering the one underneath either that or you have a line maybe broken or pinched or something like that that’s could be throwing the error or it could be the gas cap but i do have a new gas cap on there it didn’t fix it it was

The sensor that is attached to the tank that was the issue so that is all fixed i hope it helps you guys in your repairs leave a comment down below make sure you give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video we’ll see you guys on the next one

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RAM TRUCK GAS CAP LOOSE P0456 P0457 HOW TO REPAIR By BoostedMotorsports

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