ram 2500 cummins with carli pint
Altair Club Cars Ram 2500 Cummins with Carli Pintop 2.5 Kit – Offroad Full Size Build

Ram 2500 Cummins with Carli Pintop 2.5 Kit – Offroad Full Size Build

Hey! Wanted to do an update on the truck and show you guys what progress I have made from stock. Been very happy with this Carli setup and only good things to say!

Back to the channel this is bijan and i’m going to be filming a little bit different today but i wanted to do a full walk around of my 2018 ram 2500 single cab 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel with only three seats and an eight foot long bed so i can do a sick gas camper conversion so let’s take a look at the truck everything that i’ve changed so far and i hope

You guys enjoy the rest of this video this is a different girl than was on the truck last time the last girl had the ram logo across the front i absolutely hated it so i decided to take that off and instead switch it to the regular 2500 3500 tradesman grill these are tyc brand projector headlights and these are the closest to oem retrofits that i could find

I didn’t want to buy oem because it was too expensive and honestly i was going to pay 700 for a headlight so i just bought these tyc ones and i bought them from rock auto brand new with a retro shop wiring harness they plugged right in they work fine and i’m extremely happy with them one of the things i couldn’t stand on the truck was this front bumper that

It came with and it’s not this one specific but it’s the chrome one that was on the truck before this so i found a paint matched one off of craigslist for a solid deal and i went and picked it up and yeah it has a couple scratches here and there but it’s nothing to worry about because this truck is gonna get beaten off-road anyway so it works just fine and

It looks a lot better plus it gave me room for the fog lights these are just a random set of combos and then fogs and both of them are wired in pairs to my switch unit or switch panel which is a vo switch which i’ll show you guys in just a second but these are amber these are also amber or clear and i only have amber hooked up these are my fog lights which

I use on less busy crowded roads and these are my spots which i only turn on when i really need them opening up the hood i can go ahead and show you guys what’s going on for the switch panel this is a vo switch so on top i have a negative bus bar this is to ground all of my wires this runs to the negative side of the battery then right underneath it i have

The vo switch itself so this is all the switches fuses and panels i don’t know too much about electrical so i’m just saying the most that i can with the limited knowledge i know but i run wires into here and run one wire into the cab to the switch panel itself and bam i just now only have to run one wire so the days of me running all 30 000 wires into the

Cab through one grommet and the engine is gone no more of that now i just come here and i have my very very nice easy to use and operate switch panel on the side right here so with the vote switch it’s very easy for me to just click my lights on click them off turn the whole panel off and i can change colors or do whatever else i need and it’s in a location

That’s not in the sun as well as right when i open the door it’s going to be right here so i’m going to have my camper exterior lighting hooked up to this once the camper comes and it’s going to be nice and easy to to operate and i can’t forget to mention the razer maxis all-terrain tires as well as the aev wheels these are the av saltas and a matte black and

The all-terrain tires from maxis and i’m a huge fan of these tires they’re quiet they’re soft and they ride extremely well um no complaints here and so far so good after the winter season i can go ahead and give a review on them but no complaints as of yet and i don’t see any foreseeable complaints in the future this is the carly pin top 2.5 inch system with

All the bells and whistles i’m talking about the sway bars radius arms high mount steering stabilizer etc so let me take you from the wheel wells to underneath the truck and then back so i got limit straps king 2.5 inch shocks these are valves and tuned by carly and let me tell you it does make a huge difference these are the soft ride coils from carly and

Then i have a carly sway bar right down there moving underneath the truck there’s a couple more goodies to talk about i have the low mount steering stabilizer from carly the high mount again from carly then there’s going to be the track bar which is this black bar right here running from left to right and then the carly diff guard one of the biggest things

When it came to ride improvement was this carly sway bar so i can’t say enough good things about this and all of these parts are so well made and i’m very very happy and impressed by them i also opted to go with the radius arm drops which are necessary for the three and a quarter inch kit as well as the carly radius arms themselves so these are just a beefy

Unit and honestly they look a lot better than stock when you’re sitting out here looking at the truck so since it’s gonna be lifted this high with the three and a quarter inch lift i decided to go for the radius arms and i have absolutely no regrets doing that i can’t tell you that the truck rides so much better with them on or off because i did everything all

At once so i don’t know really what each individual part feels like but man these things look good they’re beefy they’re built well and there’s just not too many things i can complain about when it comes to these carly units everything’s really really well made so far so good with the combination of the new rear soft ride springs in the truck which does lose

About 15 percent of towing payload capacity and the valved and tuned by carly king 2.5 the ass end of this truck has just become buttery smooth to drive compared to what it came like stock where it was very uncomfortable to drive this truck on the freeway it’s changed it a lot and i’ve been very very happy with it i’ll also add the rear track bar from thurin

To my build list and i’ve been very very happy with it it helped settle a lot of the unevenness that was in the rear of the truck a lot of the random wobble movements that i would get when i would hit a dip or two dips consecutively and the truck ascend would just shake side to side so i’ve been really happy with the the third rear track bar and it’s made a

Huge huge difference so if you’re on the fence absolutely worth it and this is one of those upgrades that i just haven’t shown either this is a classio seat covers inside of the ram and these things look fantastic for 200 bucks or whatever it was 200 and change these are synthetic leather seat covers that just protect the seats and if you accidentally spill a

Drink or pee yourself because you laugh so hard you won’t worry about staining the seats at all instead it’ll just pull up and you’ll sit in it but honestly i’m really happy with these things i had these in the tacoma they fit great they look great and if you squint hard enough it’s almost a laramie the last thing i changed on the truck was the rear bumper so

I just opted for one off of ebay and this looks fantastic to me since it’s powder coated it’ll be protected unlike the primered ones i really have no complaints but uh the only complaint i had before was that chrome was disgusting so that thing had to come off so that’s it for this video i just wanted to update you guys on how the build is going and keep you

Guys uh in loop of the parts that i’m putting on this truck this is a lot different of a build than what i normally see people doing with these single cab rams most times it’s i feel like it’s people buying these trucks dropping it off somewhere and having an av lift installed with the av bumpers and just adding a ton of weight and not so great suspension

Components to a really good truck and then trying to take it off-road and maybe complaining that it doesn’t do so well when i feel like there’s better parts you can put on the truck and you have to sacrifice somewhere to build the truck elsewhere and that’s what i’m doing here so with this carly kit it doesn’t make sense for me to throw on a flatbed in a

Camper that weighs 1800 pounds because that ruins the whole suspension kit so instead i’m keeping it light doing the vagabond build oh i’ll save that for next time see you guys in the next video and hopefully i can give you guys more details on what’s going on with the camper so until then peace out see ya

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Ram 2500 Cummins with Carli Pintop 2.5 Kit – Offroad Full Size Build By SoCal Expeditions

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