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In this video we do a unboxing of a frostbite subwoofer box custom made for my RAM R/T 1500 They did a fantastic job.

What’s up mopar fam we got some exciting news and it’s christmas time for frostbite so we got some new toys to play with frostbite box made us a special custom box for frostbite and it is absolutely sweet so i’m gonna actually unbox one of them and show you guys what they made us and i’m gonna show you my old box that i used to use and this is a box that i actually

Built and i claim i do not claim to be any sort of a speaker box builder but this is what we had before it’s just the regular wedge box for a tendon sub-woofer and what frostbite built us is absolutely sick and definitely guys if you are looking for any sort of car audio enclosures for your ram chargers challenger’s your 300 your jeeps durango’s whatever they make

All kinds of different boxes guys different color face plates everything they can do custom stuff they got stuff already ready to go off the shelf not to mention you can color match to the build of your car or your truck so if you want say a white or a black outside box and you want the face plate to be say red or yellow blue or whatever you could dream up they

Can make that thing the way you want it to be so let’s get to unboxing this box and see what we got so here’s one of the boxes right here all wrapped up haven’t even opened it yet do you guys get to see it firsthand definitely well wet wrapped up that’s for sure they got it saran wrap cardboard it and everything definitely wrapped up good guys that is for sure

Trying to keep the shipping companies from ko in it on the way here that’s for sure whoa man that right there’s purdy whoo holy moly look at that guy’s we got the mopar symbol in there they put it down for us she’s cut out for a 10-inch sub-woofer frostbite logo these boxes are sweet frostbite box i got the got my ram logo in there frostbite engraved in the top

That’s what i’m talking about super badass and i’m going to show you the subs we’re gonna put in them it’s the same subs i’ve been running there to scar tens triple stacks and these bad boys are heavy that’s a ten inch subwoofer from scar audio and these are triple stack magnet and these joker’s will hammer not terribly expensive either i think i paid about 99

Bucks around $100 each for these subs but they do the job can’t wait to put them in these boxes so again guys if you are looking for anything for your car audio build and you needed a subwoofer enclosure and you don’t want to settle for some off-the-shelf generic look in every day box definitely hit up frostbite box.com their website is in the description of this

Video and any of my other videos in any video in the future you find them on instagram also they have tons and tons and tons of different closures different designs they also just recently released a custom box for the new ram trucks that fit on neath the rear backseat and that box looks absolutely amazing they have been so on a ton of those boxes so if you have

The newer four-door truck with the back seat check that box out it is it’s sweet it doesn’t take up any functionable room in the truck utilizes everything the seat still lays down the same it’s awesome these boxes are gonna go in the back of frostbite as i said and i’m sure they’re gonna be working in the future on regular cab boxes and enclosures for those for

The regular cab guys but if you need something definitely hit them up and check them out guys like i said even for the cars if you have trunk room or a durango or a hatch or something like that in the back they got tons of different designs for all of that kind of space so again check them out guys but that’s going to do it for this video today next video we’re

Going to get these boxes installed and test them out see how they sound and see how they look in the truck but as always guys don’t forget to tap that subscribe button tap the bell button for the notifications so you don’t miss anything in the future and we’ll see you guys on the next one

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