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Altair Club Cars RAM 1500 8 Speed Transmission Fluid Level | NO DIP STICK (ZF 8HP)

RAM 1500 8 Speed Transmission Fluid Level | NO DIP STICK (ZF 8HP)

My Ram 1500 doesn’t have a transmission DIP STICK! Odds are if you also have the 8 speed ZF 8HP Transmission in your ram 1500 or vehicle it won’t either. There is a way to check the transmission fluid but it isn’t as simple as you might think!

You will not find a dipstick no matter how hard you look what is going on today guys my name is alex welcome back to the channel today we are talking about this new zf 8-speed transmission in obviously my ram 1500 and where you can find the dipstick and how you can measure the fluid level in your transmission because as you’ll see later in the video it’s a little

Bit harder than what you might think so first thing we’ll do is we will pop the old hood and let’s go find the dipstick all right we’re up under the hood here and you will not find a dipstick no matter how hard you look because there is no dipstick for the new zf 8-speed transmission on these trucks and for any vehicle with the zf 8-speed in them so the zf 8-speed

Is a sealed unit meaning that in this case there’s no dipstick but that doesn’t mean you can’t check the level of the transmission now before we jump into how to check the level um i just want to talk briefly about why maybe zf chose not to put a dipstick with their transmission and they call the transmission a sealed unit now that might be a little deceptive

Because you can indeed service this transmission and then there is a filter in it that you can change or replace um so it’s not like a hundred percent a sealed unit and once it’s junk it’s junk and you can service it but um my thinking why they chose to do it this way is because um the number one reason why transmissions um internal components bearings the number

One reason why they fail is contamination and what i mean by that is dirt debris water and just contaminants in general and those are the number one reason why stuff like that fails so my thinking is they are trying to eliminate as much contamination as possible and when you’re checking your transmission fluid and you pull the dipstick out and you wipe it down

With a you know dirty old rag and you put the dipstick back in and you bring it back here wipe it down again put it on your hood here and there’s dust dirt debris those small contaminants can get into the very fine components of an automatic transmission and not necessarily destroy it but it’ll definitely shorten its life so that’s my thinking why zf is trying to

Keep this unit sealed and just to extend its life um as far as it can go however that doesn’t necessarily make it easier on the end consumer as you can see there is no quick and easy way to test or to measure your transmission fluid you gotta get underneath the truck because there is a plug down there on the passenger side that you can pull so you gotta crawl

Underneath your truck and you gotta pull that plug and there is a very oddly specific manner to check your transmission fluid so um we’ll jump out of the truck and i’ll show you where that is okay so we’re up and under this transmission here and this is indeed the transmission pan here your filter’s actually housed in here as well and now if hopefully you guys

Can see this right here is the 8 mil plug which you want to remove to check your transmission level now it’s not as simple as you might think uh zf engineers were i don’t know if they’re just playing with us but there’s a very complex way to check the fluid level properly now if you’re not too too concerned about following the complete correct protocol what

I would do if you are concerned about your transmission level on this zf 8 speed is to make sure the truck is on a level ground first and foremost get the temperature of the transmission fluid up between 30 and 50 degrees celsius i think that’s like 88 to 122 degrees fahrenheit and the best way to do that there should be an option on the dash inside your truck

You can just scroll through and then bang there’s your transmission temp so minus 67 degrees celsius so it is too hot technically to check the fluid level because the fluid as it gets hot it’ll expand so it’ll actually pour out of that drain plug and we don’t want that because it’s too hot so and it makes sense because i was just driving so you kind of want it

In that specific golden temperature range because if i did take that plug out right now some oil would come out and then i’ll put it back in and technically my level would be too low if that makes sense so when you’re on a level ground your fluid level is the right temperature you can pull that plug and you can see if um you have the correct level now if fluid

Runs out apparently there’s too much if no fluid runs out at all there’s not enough you just want a tiny little dribble of transmission fluid coming out just to make sure you’re just even with the bottom of the plug hole and you should be good to go with that being said i will link a video um i forget the gentleman’s name but he does an excellent job explaining

The actual full procedure that zf has outlined to check the transmission fluid it’s like an 18 minute video it it’s actually kind of crazy how long this procedure is so i’ll link that video down below if you guys want to do the step-by-step 100 correct way um checking your transmission fluid and when you when you watch that video you’ll think how easy it would

Be just to have a dipstick just to check the transmission fluid but nonetheless that’s what zf decided to do before you do go pulling your plug and checking your transmission fluid make sure you try to get as little contaminants in the fluid and make sure you kind of know what you’re doing i feel like again the reason why zf has such a complex um procedure to

Check the level and why they have sealed the unit is because most likely the eight-speed transmission the zf 8-speed transmission is probably very sensitive to the level and it needs a very exact transmission fluid level as well as being very sensitive to external components like dust and dirt so that’s my fair warning and i would advise you guys to go watch that

Video i put down below with the full explanation of how to properly check your transmission fluid level that way you can make your own choice if you want to follow that or just do a much more simple method like i explained either way that is why you will not find a dipstick under the hood because there isn’t one anyways guys that’s gonna be it for me just a nice

Short little video something i found pretty interesting and i thought i’d make a video about it because i’m sure quite a few you guys have run into this problem or are going to run into the problem of trying to find your transmission dipstick um so hopefully this helps a little bit and if you did like the video make sure you leave a thumbs up helps me out helps

The channel out and lastly if you like stuff like this if you want to see me tone with this truck up some big mountains and me doing some off-road stuff with this truck maybe even think about subscribing we’d love to have you on board um with lots more cool stuff to come anyways enough of me we will see you on the next frickin video guys

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