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Welcome everybody to our show this is custom fab garage on our channel octanetv on youtube make sure you go down below and hit that subscribe button and on top of that make sure that you hit the notification bell so that you can get all the new content that comes out weekly and even every day we’re going to be working on this vehicle today it’s a 2018 ram 1500

Going gonna be doing an amp install and new speakers really clean looking truck so we’re gonna go ahead and start removing this radio it’s like the uconnect this is a 2018 ram 1500 this is the generation before the body style changed in 2019 so we’re gonna go ahead we need to take all this off to be able to do the four channel so we’re gonna go ahead and

Remove this bezel the first step of doing it is we’re going to take this little plastic piece out that’s right in here and that way that we can get to the bolts underneath it so if you take this piece right here you just kind of stick your finger up underneath it and you just pull that up this little piece right here will come off we’re gonna set that up there

And then down here you’re gonna have two it looks like t20s um we’re gonna remove those so that this bezel will come off i’m using a t20 but it feels like it could be a t25 so just want to let you guys know it’s probably a t25 i mean you can get it out with the t20 um but it is definitely probably a t25 we’re gonna take these two out right here all right and in

Here there’s a t20 as well at the very back and you got to take that screw out as well all right and then we’re going to take these two screws out here and here and then we remove this little plastic piece right here is that a eight millimeter seven mil seven millimeter right there so we’re gonna take that out so that we can remove this piece right here and pull

Pull this up to be able to get this whole fascia off okay and we’re going to unplug the plugs that are underneath it to be able to pull this up all right you’ll show the bottom of that one so right here is the cigarette lighter right there on the back side and that’s actually where we tapped into right here for our remote wire because it has switched ignition as

Well so now we should be able to just pull this whole bezel off because this was kind of sitting in the way of it so now we should be able to pull this whole bezel off to be able to get behind the radio all right so we’ve got everything removed jimmy’s gonna try to pull on this dash it feels super super super tight so we don’t quite know why it’s so nice that’s

Really super tight like a tiger tight like a tiger i feel like i got it oh that felt very nice did that feel like it came out oh there we go oh it doesn’t sound good is it coming oh is that good that doesn’t sound good that does not sound good damn it what is going on okay so we finally got this thing to come off it was hell and a half basket so basically the

Clips were so super tight it was extremely hard to get it off so now we’ve got all this piece off so we got to take all the harnesses off so that we can basically remove this so there’s a ton of harnesses down in here you’re gonna have to unplug and then pull this piece off okay so everything is removed so here’s all your plugs that you have left over you know

There’s four right here there’s a fifth one right here so you got five plugs on this side he’s got one right here so all those have to be unplugged to be able to remove that plus we have all this out so now we’re gonna go ahead and look behind the radio and see what’s back behind there so we’re gonna move these four looks like seven millimeters on the side and

See what’s behind this radio all right so we have everything behind here this is an actual radio i thought this would be a screen and separated brain but it is actually the radio because you can see the main harness harnesses right here so basically you’ve got your usb your xm your antenna that’s antenna so all this is pretty much everything’s in here for it so

This is the main harness that’s going to be right there okay so we unplugged everything all the everything from the radio is unplugged um we went to these two wires because they’re cross-braided they’re normal chrysler colors it’s basically a green with yellow and a green with purple we basically took our tone generator here and we tone generated here you know

Just basically tap them just to make sure that this thing is not amplified and it does tone generate so right now we know all we got to find is the color codes on this to be able to make it work and right there speaker tones so we’re gonna run this four channel in here as long as the customer says it’s okay we’re gonna go ahead and do it so that way he can get

The great sound that he actually deserves because this thing is terrible on sound okay so we’ve cut up his factory harness this is the actual factory harness behind the lcd if you look it’s kind of hard to see but there’s one two three four um wire basically double pairs of wires right here those are all four of the speaker leads um so you’re two green basically

Two like there’s grit two grays two greens um that’s how the left and right are so basically we’ve we’ve cut our inputs out went to the dsp down here so everything’s wired in got our rca is wired in and then the rest of it’s all the outputs that’s going to the four channel amplifier which will be underneath the driver seat right there so we’re gonna clean all

This up plug this back in to the back of the radio test everything make sure it all works and hope for the best all right so for the wave tech piece we need a power and ground coming out of it so we actually went over here and connected in with our remote and our ground here for this is the cigarette lighter that switched ignition so we just used that to run

Switched ignition and uh ground for this wavetech fee so everything’s all wired up here getting ready to finish this all up plug that all back in we’ll see if everything works okay so we got everything working got the wave tech piece installed now what i did i screwed up on was i ran a two channel input and i put it into the one two instead of the three four so

I switch it over to three four summed it and then that all worked correctly how it’s supposed to work so i got everything running in here um we’re gonna get ready to put everything all back together but it sounds phenomenal i mean it’s like night and day difference from what you had with these six by nines like i bet he was probably getting 10 15 watts at the

Most of those six by nine so it sounds really really good and we had to turn every single thing down because it’s just so much more power than what he had before but everything sounds awesome here’s the uh amps mounted this is the sub amp the 600.1 this is the four channel that we mounted down here that’s the two amps he’s got running everything right now which

Sound and look great audio dynamics makes a great amplifier plenty of power for the subs at 600 plenty of power for the highs as well we actually have probably more than enough power for the highs but more than enough is going to be better because we can turn everything down this is the box we’re going to be using today it’s a bee box by a trend the quality of

It looks really really nice even inside of it they’re one of the only ones i’ve seen that uses at least five eighths and three quarters everything’s glued it looks like and brad nailed so it looks really nice hopefully it’ll perform as good as it looks but definitely a very good quality box atrium’s always made really good boxes so this is what we’re going to

Be installing in here today this is the custom sub box installed featuring the audio dynamics 10 inch shallow subwoofers sound great in this vehicle especially for the little amount of cubic enclosures that they have and they are up firing all right customer asked us to install some leds underneath the dash these are the heist leds that we are going to be using

In blue we basically are going to install these strip lights underneath the dash under here we did a toggle switch over here that lights up blue so we’re going to be warning all that over here to the actual cigarette lighter this ignition base so we’re going to be putting all that in right now all right we’re going to show you these lights that we put underneath

The under under lights under the dash there you go wow that looks good holy moly that’s crazy and that’s what the lights on inside of here and lights on outside so it’s super super bright in here so that shows you how bright these are and these are the upgraded heists these are the top of the line heist leds so they are really nice here’s the driver’s side we

Even installed a switch right here that has an led on it so you can know when they’re on and when they’re off that way you can turn those on and off which is really nice so these are super super bright love the way that these turned out these are really high-end leds as well so that’s why they are so much brighter than normal brands as well you

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