quick look at the 2022 bolt ev s
Altair Club Cars Quick look at the 2022 Bolt EV | Star Chevrolet

Quick look at the 2022 Bolt EV | Star Chevrolet

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I am taking a look at the bolt ev that we just got take it down the road here incredibly quiet okay doing able to cop nearby but whatever you’re gonna see me with this phone it’s uh very quiet you know with no motor uh no regular gas motor uh you thought you think it would be kind of noisy inside but it really isn’t you know probably had the triple sealed doors

Or whatever they uh whatever shell they call it let’s see that was regular regular windows if i was to guess i would say it’s more of a an upgraded spark in a lot of ways looks like the interface is similar to the rest but they did put a bigger screen on it acceleration was surprising uh do we have any traction control or anything this is a full acceleration

In three two it is roasting the tires i say roasting the tires man that’s 75 from basically nothing uh but when you turn this on when i let go of the accelerator it drastically decreases in uh speed which i can replicate this by holding the phone right here so on the throttle and all the way off uh i mean you can’t feel it but it feels like a breaking system

It feels like it’s decelerating fastly versus i’ll turn it off and release yeah it’s not it’s not decreasing in uh as much it feels more like a gas car um i’m trying to get a good angle here um i like it to me i like this chilling because acceleration i don’t know if you’ve driven a spark but the acceleration is dangerous in that thing it’s like a 1.2 i think

Later on they took the the 1.4 snatched the turbo off of it and gave it a little more horsepower but it’s underpowered and is just crap as far as i’m concerned about that i wouldn’t mind pulling out in traffic with this because uh on the ground it is not decreased like it’s it’s bad um it says it’s a max 280 on the it’s a max 280 on the uh acceleration or

I mean the battery and everything i have enough time to spin around turn traction control off i don’t know if i can do it here i might have to do it there’s a balloon right here i don’t even know if track struggle is off it says it’s off i don’t know if i can do it here either i may have to pull in lots of stuff on the highway right here and i don’t know

If it’s pulling from the front this thing’s nasty uh i think that was yeah it’s pulling from the front i don’t know this kind of acceleration you know if it’s not too crazy to to put you know if it’s not too crazy you know it’s the setup because you know it is a life changing difference you know you have plan your life a little different especially right now

It’s still you know electric stuff’s still early and everything and it’s new to people if that part isn’t really that big of a deal you know chevrolet might have something it says i’ve got 237 miles left on this thing and me driving it like that you know i might be able to not you know not have a lot to it but um i definitely would give it a a chance i mean

There’s look at the radio here we got an energy button so i don’t know if that shows okay i probably had that on while i was driving so it shows like a battery depletion i guess there um the lens on this thing looks dirty but i think it’s just all a bright light coming in there’s impacts which i guess is okay technique to rain climate so it really anything

Else in there flows i was looking at a minute ago driving in accessories climate settings so it does give you pretty good information about how like your behaviors impact your battery history as well what i just see three miles per kilowatt lifetime since full charge let’s see what else we got on here i guess it’s all regular stuff the audio the interface

Looks you know pretty much the same which makes sense it’s cheaper to you know keep that all going but um oh what do we have here sport mode are you kidding and then that’s lane departure oh yeah i’m gonna do another video with sport mode say what

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Quick look at the 2022 Bolt EV | Star Chevrolet By Star Chevrolet

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