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Altair Club Cars Quick Drive: 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF (Manual)

Quick Drive: 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF (Manual)

I go for a Quick Drive in the new Miata RF with a manual! What do you think of these?

What’s up everybody mapper in here for another quick drive videos this time i am in the brand new mazda mx-5 miata rf so this is the retractable folding hardtop here that goes up and down i think i said like 12 or 13 seconds and it’s very quiet love them you notice i drove more than a little over a year ago the standard soft top and it’s a very fun impressive

Little thing you know i mean it’s basically as quick and as straight behind is like a brz or an frs even though it’s down like 50 horsepower and this one i especially love this sole red exterior with via tan leather and i love the body colouring here on the door panels and stuff it’s just a really cool thing and i like it you still get a lot of wind and it’s still

A very convertible feeling vehicle even though you know it’s kind of a targa in the way that this roof folds but yeah it’s a really a cool little thing i’ve always loved them you oughta interiors and you know you have a little touchscreen that also has a little controller here if you’d like and this one as you’ll see in a second here sounds a little louder then

I remember these standard miatas big well let’s turn down to the street right here see how it does real quick where the reason why these things are so legendary they just are so fun to drive and just makes the most out of that a little bit of power that you have there it got a 2 liter reactive powder that has a little more grunt to it they did in the past is

Doing 155 sponger than that they get the skyactiv unity litre 4-cylinder ashley aspirated so i mean everything is so razor sharp the throwers super-quick the steering of course is really nice and tight small little steering wheel you know in the rmb go but the standard mx-5 also had a little bit of lean and roll to it and they kind of anything built any as being

Part of the fun with it’s not quite as sharp and composed as something like a vrs the sibling to this vehicle the fiat 124 also has a little bit flatter so they kind of purposefully left in some of this body road i think it adds we’ll be perfectly honest another thing though about the miata is oh we have such a great nice light clutch that feels good the shooter

Is nice and naughty but short and precise and feels really great to use and like i said you could not hear all my extended thoughts on the standard me on a soft top in my resume that i did last year and just cruising along here now it’s a very good smooth you know i mean these roads are in pretty good shape but you know it is a very fun thing there’s a little bit

Of cal shake so i apologize if the camera shaking a little bit here but that’s just you know because of that convertible top shotgun no corner playful handling it’s just so fun just check into a corner and i think the water bowl they got to put in here so that you feel like you’re going faster than you are and it feels like the car has lower limit that actually

Does it done this excitement and drama to what is otherwise mundane driving experience you know you get a lot of other vehicles but it is perfectly flat perfectly stable and you just kind of you know cruise along and eat with ease this that kind of gives you a little more of a playful character and fun to it and i really like you know that even you know run to

You know the grocery store or something can still be fun and exciting even if you’re not on some amazing back road for doing some epic driving it just always feels fun you know you know this little butter you have to ring out anytime you want to go anywhere quickly to you know you can redline this thing all day and not be thrown in jail you go around corners and

You feel like you’re going faster than you are it’s just i like that about it i really admire you know it’s not trying to be anything more than it is and it’s just all about the fun and the playfulness i think that’s really cool well let’s do another acceleration here just for fun plenty of speed to have fun highway speeds but windows you have to be at a slower

Speed learn about the table of course some wind that’s caught behind the everest there additional noise more than i was expecting here with the windows up honestly down but yeah if you live in a place you know where you have a pointy roots bring out a car and not be thrown to jail for it one of the best choice out there if you want kupah traditional good bearsy

Every now i like them to be on you know you can have the convertible but you’ll never be able to get in the 86 or the frs and you know brz my you know and have a great lovely parnes up you know awesome roof off experience if you want you can really one of these to go more in depth and more to detail with this my first little driver i’m really impressed with this

Thank you guys very much for watching now see take care

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Quick Drive: 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF (Manual) By Matt Maran Motoring

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