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Altair Club Cars QUICK AND EASY How to remove fenders from a 2003-2021 model year GMC Savana/Chevy Express Van.

QUICK AND EASY How to remove fenders from a 2003-2021 model year GMC Savana/Chevy Express Van.

Tools needed to remove the fenders from the van…..

Hey what’s going on hey you got mr law jones coming at you live with a new video hey uh it’s been a little bit i hope all is well with you all if you haven’t done so yet go ahead and take a second and click like subscribe to the channel we greatly appreciate it um just out here a new facility this time around here so right here a little noise in the background

This nsa 35 over there you see the vehicles kind of rolling about uh a little cool here in texas today um in the dallas area so it’s about 55 degrees look cooler out yesterday was 80. now today is in the 50s but you know like i said button up just got to be prepared for it so um first of all this video is a little different here um this van right here this is a 2014

Um gmc savannah which is a twin of the chevy express uh chevy express van so uh first i want to give a shout out to mr jose paz ramirez martinez uh he did a video here back about almost a year ago 10 months to be exact and now the video he did was um he kind of touched on how to take these fenders off for these uh 2003 to say like i think it may even go up to

21 uh how to take these fenders off these vans right here um it was very very good video i just wanted to kind of reiterate on what he did because uh i took off one of the fenders off on this side right here i got the passenger side fender off and it came out exactly how it said it was so very very easy very simple it wasn’t hard to do so um i got this driver’s

Side fender which i’m gonna take off for this van here just kind of show you how it work so what you got right here you have some bolts right here so it’s gonna be 13 millimeter bolts right here so you got one here you have that one right there uh you’re gonna have another one right here one there and then you have the two in the back right here so those are all

13 millimeter and then you have one like down here so when you come over to this side here so as you get those bolts loose you’re thinking that’s it right now you got a few more things got a couple more things you still have to do what makes it easier on here the doors removed off here but you don’t have to take the door off anything like this i’m taking the door

Because i’m selling parts off this van right here you got this little trim piece right here this is held in with seven millimeter bolts so however took the bolts out already and once you get those bolts out you’ll take this off just like this here and you just put it to the side for right now so as you see right here um it has rivets in here so this how that gm

Made these vans so they put these in with rivets so um when i looked at the size of this here this came out being like a 3 8 size so you can do like three eight sides of drillies out or as mr uh mr jose did uh what he did was he popped it out with a screwdriver and i did the same exact thing so what i ended up doing so right down here you have this little split

Right here this is part of the defender as well too so this actually detaches um but what happens is when you get down here um it was actually like a little piece right here just like a little uh like a little slide-out piece you just get like a little screwdriver put up on here you pop that out and then you just take a screwdriver pop out the other piece as

Such and just pull it out and so that’s loose and then you just take this off put that to the side so you got that bottom part off and then so what we’re going to do is i’m actually going to take a screwdriver right here just kind of show it to you real quick here to show you how easy it is so you know guys or even ladies if you work on these uh work on vehicles

At times you got one of these vans right here you need to get you know you need some fenders anything like this here um this would be the quickest way to get these off so uh you don’t have to drill these off uh you just tap it in a little bit as i’m doing right here i’m kind of doing this one-handed so i’m holding the camera just kind of showing you how i got

This off i got that pretty good as such right here and then so what i’m going to do is i’m going to pry back it’s just going to pry forward a little bit here so you’re going to pry this up a little forward right here you’re going to pry forward and then until it comes loose and so once it comes loose you’re pretty free so that’s how you want to get this off of

Here see that’s it that’s it just popped out just like this here and then i’m gonna come down here get a screwdriver in just put the screwdriver in that way and this one already almost ready to come out defending about to follow them like these fingers are light then i have like old stuff back in the day so just pry this forward sorry about the camera i know it’s

Shaking i’m gonna pry for it and that’s it that’s all you do pry forward and then this here comes out just to search just like that so now i got my fenders off on it so what you’ll want to do so like i said what you want to do you want to take these bolts off right here like you got 13 millimeter bolts here so you got two here we have one right here which is one

Steel stock in here that’s where the prop rod is at we got two right here and then you have that one right there and then so of course you have these little trims right here you don’t have to worry about taking these off there’s already separate and then you have you have the other little bottom piece that goes with the fender here set a little piece right there

Then that’s it just come straight off like that so um like i said just a little quick little video here just trying to take fenders off of a 2003 to say 21 um chevy express or gmc savannah van and uh that’s it so um y’all take it easy happy holidays you all and uh i will be with another video soon take care

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QUICK AND EASY!! How to remove fenders from a 2003-2021 model year GMC Savana/Chevy Express Van. By Mr. Law Jones

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