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Altair Club Cars QCAutoplex.com 2019 GMC Canyon SLE Crew Cab 4×4

QCAutoplex.com 2019 GMC Canyon SLE Crew Cab 4×4

2019 GMC Canyon SLE Crew Cab 4×4

Qc autoplex comm hello again everyone we are here today checking out a 2019 gmc canyon this is an sle crew cab there’s only 3,000 miles on this one here you guys liking new absolutely beautiful blue exterior this one’s got a gorgeous black cloth interior 3.6 liter v6 4×4 this one’s got bluetooth connectivity backup camera automatic headlights it can actually host

A little wi-fi hotspot for you apple and android car play features remote start got a tonneau cover and bed mat all-weather floor mats tow pack it’s got a tall you guys take a closer all right let’s get a look at the interior of this canyon got power windows mirrors locks lots of nice steering wheel controls here cruise and the bluetooth connectivity see 3,000

Miles here big display screen backup camera it’s got all the great features you want nice plugs down there bluetooth or excuse me the usb and your auxiliary inputs it’s a nice wood trim here throughout let’s have a look at these seats black hoth is in wonderful shape round to the back even got the extra floor mat still in here but they got the nice rubberized

All-weather ones here back seats looking great door panels are nice and clean good drink storage around to the back seat a little backup camera right there someone’s got the soft drop tailgate see the rough country tonneau cover here nice mat here in the back as well goodyear tires on this one good tread let’s get looking underneath just got to look out for the

Nice set of running boards that’s on here gorgeous paint i love this blue color up front nice form-fitting to ashes looking great i love a little stitching there all the way around passenger seats looking spotless let’s take a look under the hood here as i mentioned 3.6 liter v6 nice little torquey engine 4×4 great little pickup truck right here you guys hello

Again everyone we’re out today in this 2019 gmc canyon it’s an sle 4 door crew cab 4×4 has the 5 foot bed in it absolutely gorgeous blue exterior get a black cloth interior with this one only 3,000 miles you guys this one is ultra clean inside and out tires are in wonderful shape this one is all loaded up on the interior yeah it’s bluetooth connectivity here on

The stereo system got a backup camera that you can also get to pop up there on the screen it’s a 4×4 of course a size traction control the tow package this one can host a wi-fi hotspot for you there’s apple carplay as well as android audio connectivity here for the stereo system got auxiliary inputs bluetooth as standard as well not just the apple and android

Car play there’s some cool features that actually integrate when you do connect through the apple carplay app or the the android one whichever manufacturer you’re partial to on the phone front but there is just standard bluetooth pairing as well got remote start there’s that tonneau cover as well as the truck truck bed mat that you seen there in the back a nice

Set of running boards all-weather floor mats throughout on the interior here absolutely fantastic little pickup truck i’m a real big fan of these smaller pickups anytime you need to do a little hauling you can get it done got good ground clearance four-wheel drive good set of tires so the winners that the midwest throws at us not a problem for something like this

There’s always the full-size pickups i feel like if you’re not towing something every day not hauling something every single day with that kind of a midsize pickup like this canyon right here is an excellent kind of all-around choice here it is guys an absolutely fantastic little pickup from us be sure you check out all the details of this one at qc autoplex comm

We’ve got 30 plus photos of this and every single vehicle that’s in our inventory listed on there for you if you are local to the quad cities be sure you stop on out here to eldridge we’re five minutes north of davenport we are right off of highway 61 grab the keys from us take this one for a test drive of your own if you’re not from around here though don’t worry

Guys you are the exact person that we started doing these ultra thorough listings for if you’re not able to make it to us here in eldridge we always want to go that extra step that’s why we get the camera out take a ton of photos from every angle then we get it mounted up and take you for a virtual test-drive the way that 2020 has unfolded on us that has shown

Its importance right from the comfort of your home you can check out all the details we can take you for a virtual test-drive and then if you’re all set to go we can ship this vehicle right to your front door if you have some more questions about this one or you’re ready it’s set up an appointment on it remember to reach us at it’s three zero nine nine four five

Six two two seven that’s a cell phone that scott has with him all the time so you can give him a call you can even shoot him a text hurry up for this great little canyon right here you guys this one won’t be around too long

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