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Altair Club Cars Q60 Borla Catback Walkthrough (Best exhaust?)

Q60 Borla Catback Walkthrough (Best exhaust?)

This Borla Catback is the best sounding exhaust for the 2017-2022 Infiniti Q60 in my opinion. Paired with the AMS lower downpipes give it nice deep sound with no rasp or drone. This 2.5″ full catback also has larger piping giving the car a little more power than the stock system. I highly recommend this combo!

What’s up guys it’s a boolean q60 and today i want to talk about the exhaust system i have on my 2017 q60 red sport my exhaust is the borla cat-back the borla cat-back here’s a little idle sound so mine definitely hangs a little bit low i got to go back and adjust it kind of move the pipes a little bit and put them back on the whatever the those are called the

Holders coming from a motordyne g37 that was probably like the best exhaust system you can get for the vqs um so i was very very picky on what exhaust i wanted to run stock these cars it sounds like a test i’m not gonna lie to you when i got it you couldn’t hear it literally sounds like quiet as a mouse um so this borla catback definitely opens it up quite a

Bit personally in my experience and all the other vr 30s whether it’s a q50 or q60 there is no exhaust that you know compares as far as sound quality it’s a deep and throaty sound there’s you know fast intentions there is a motor dime exhaust but it’s definitely more expensive but um there’s a couple other ones that just don’t sound the same so i’m also paired

With ams lower down pipes which definitely give it the extra throw that you kind of want this extra deep sound and it kind of pops every now and then so that’s cool sounds good um but this cat-back i got about a year ago i would say it was priced at about twelve hundred dollars now i think everything has gone up in price so i think they’re probably about 16 1700

Bucks so it’s a little bit cheaper than what or more expensive than it was before but it’s a really good sounding exhaust and obviously i’m gonna do some sound clips as far as the system goes i’ll attach the foot i believe it’s it’s a true dual exhaust the muffler actually looks very stock and it looks like the stock muffler right here um just kind of below it

There’s some so with this exhaust it is i believe only the muffler there’s no resonators it’s basically straight pipe with the mufflers so the only thing i would say that cons about this system is there are a lot of clamps and with clamps a lot more clamps and separate pipes is they have a larger tendency a more frequent tendency to have exhaust weight so luckily

I haven’t really experienced it but um you know it is something that comes up with these cars as you can see it is a true dual exhaust and it only has a rear muffler and but there are many clamps to it and it is also a 2.5 inch exhaust with four and a half inch tips foreign get that checked out but so yeah all in all if you want a similar sounding vr30 q50

Or excuse i don’t think they make them because of q50 actually unfortunately they might you might have to uh make your own system but for the q60 if you are looking for a nice deep sounding throaty exhaust the borla cat-back is an amazing choice sounds amazing i love it um i’ll put some flyby videos and some other stuff and ams lower down pipes with it adds that

Extra deepness and throw me sound that you know these cars do not come with from stock i swear to god sounds like a tesla which i hate and i know a lot of people hate that too so definitely if you’re in the system or in the market for a cat-back for your q60 whether it’s uh deluxe the silver sport the red sport they work for all of them so borla cat-back exhaust

I will put that in the description and i’m no way affiliated with them at all i just really like their exhaust i want to share that with the world let’s get it foreign foreign foreign

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Q60 Borla Catback Walkthrough (Best exhaust?!) By Boolin_q60

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