q50 parts that will make you slo
Altair Club Cars Q50 Parts That Will Make You SLOWer

Q50 Parts That Will Make You SLOWer

Believe it or not, there are certain parts that will make your Q50 Slower!

What you guys are making your cars slower and you don’t even know it what is going on guys welcome back to the channel thanks for stopping in if you’re new to the channel hit the subscribe button right now and hit that little bell notification as well you don’t want to miss how to do three videos every single week tuesdays thursdays and sundays and i got an interesting

One for you because this is not necessarily a mistake but this is something a lot of us don’t even take into consideration as we add try to increase the performance of our q50s and 60s and and push the limits of the car and make it faster you know improve our 60-foot time improve our 0 to 60 time improve our quarter mile time etc etc but we keep putting these parts

On it thinking that it looks cool and it’s actually slowing the car down i not blaming you i did the same thing it’s something that i’ve noticed particularly over the last year or so as i do different things to my q50 so it’s a big topic it’s an important one something we need to take into consideration especially if you’re trying to go faster we all want our cars

To look cool right that’s what we’re doing we’re enthusiasts that’s why we’re involved in this hobby so what are some of the things that we do right away of course we had a chance spoiler whether or not since boiler front split or some people refer to it as uh whether it’s you have a sport q50 or a non-sport q50 adding that front splitter makes the car look a lot

More aggressive gives it more of a lower profile just kind of adds a little bit of um attitude i guess you could say to the front end and of course what else do we do on the back end we add high kick duckbill spoilers right um in my in in my opinion the q50 sort of is in it’s not it’s not very well balanced from the factory in terms of its aesthetic and i refer

To this as weight of a vehicle so the front end of the car is really really long the back end is a little bit stubby and it’s a little bit kind of it’s it’s just lacking in design in the rear end in my opinion from a profile so adding that spoiler adds a little bit of weight to the rear end or rear diffuser goes a long way making that the backhand look a lot more

Sleek a lot more aggressive a lot more stylish i guess you could say but the problem is is that you add these pieces of arrow and it actually slows the car down we go beyond these pieces that i’ve already listed and we’re doing side splitters which makes the car look a lot lower again a lot more sleek more aggressive we had m style mirrors it’s got the little fins

On it of course they’re sleek it’s reminiscent of the bmw m series cars they look it looks fantastic but it’s making your car slower and it’s this is even more important to take into consideration if you’re in a vehicle that’s not making a ton of power the vq37 for example a lot of us are making 230 sorry 330 340 maybe 350 horsepower so when you’re adding these

Pieces of arrow it has a much larger impact in terms of its overall performance i know a lot of people are going to say oh race cars have arrow race cars have really aggressive arrow how is it supposed to slow the car down it does it does think about this theoretically what is what is the purpose of arrow right what’s the purpose of a big wing on a race car the

Big front splitters it’s to create downforce it’s to push the car down on the ground to maintain traction and stabilization at higher speeds particularly around corners now when you’re in a super high performance high horsepower car you may not experience it as much your 0-60 times are going to be really fast your quarter mile times are going to be really fast but

If you’re in a 335 340 horsepower q50 that weighs almost 4 000 pounds now you put a big duckbill spoiler on in the front splitter and side splitters you’re gonna feel it and i’m not saying this just theoretically i experienced this myself some of the best 0 to 60 times that i’ve run in my q50 sub five seconds the best one i ran 4.84 seconds something like that

I had essentially no arrow on the car i had no front splitter and i had just the oem style rear spoiler so there was really no flip up it was just kind of straight off the rear decklet if i have a picture i’ll put it up here the car was really sleek it was essentially factory in terms of its look i’m not even sure i had the the heavy uh drag what is it the heavy

Drag wheels and and not even good tires and i got the car to hook somehow and nice cool temperatures and we ran a 4.84 0 to 60. that’s pretty impressive um then i started adding arrow now i actually ended up putting lighter wheels on my car uh these four star f14s are like 23 pounds a piece something like that so significantly lighter than the drag wheels i had

On before um but i put the front splitter on i put the side splitters on i had the carbon fiber rear diffuser although it doesn’t weigh that much it’s messing with how the air flows on the underside of the car and exits the rear and i put that high kick duckbill spoiler on one of my favorite aesthetic modifications on this car i think it’s a modification it’s a

Part that the q50 needs again just that short stubby rear end of this car it needs sort of an aggressive spoiler in my opinion in terms of aesthetics however i noticed right away my 60 foot times increased and my 0-60 times increased i went from consistently running 4.9 second 0-60 sub 5 seconds 0 to 60s to a 5.3 5.4 0-60 some of that had to do with attraction and

This was after a tune by the way so the car was making the most horsepower and the most torque that it’s made 335-ish horsepower 278 almost 280 foot-pounds of torque um so even even when i was getting grip or i was running traction control of course that cuts a little bit of timing or cuts a little bit of power but 5.4 seconds 060 is terrible i was eventually able

To get it down to 5.2s um i think i did hit a couple 5.05s something like that but it’s a good quarter of a second slower zero to sixty even in similar conditions even making as much the same amount of horsepower just adding that splitter and that duckbill spoiler actually makes a difference um there’s some other things that you can do to your q50 that a lot of

People do but that makes it slower still and i’m going to talk about that in a video coming up so you guys want to stick around if you’re not subscribed please do but i think this is an important topic too so the point is is that we add arrow to make our cars look better and it does it goes a long way in making the q50 look better but we have to realize that we’re

Actually cutting its performance at least 0 to 60s at least straight lines now if you take your car to the track there’s a certain argument to be made you know running a road course or autographs that a high kick duck bill spoiler and front splitters may benefit this car so i’ve actually seen this on a number of occasions and there’s videos all over the place you

Guys can check them out where a car will show up to a track day they run a bunch on laps and they feel like the car is holding them back a little bit so actually pull the wing off and they might be able to might be able to increase their overall top speed on the straightaway by a couple mile per hour for example or maybe they’re able to cut a couple of tents or

Maybe a full second off of a lap time just because they pulled that arrow off and now it might be sacrificing a little bit of stability in some corners but they’re able to carry speed around the track a little bit more effectively so there’s other circumstances where they have to put the wing back on because they’re losing control in the corners there’s a top speed

Episode that comes to mind i think gosh i don’t remember what it was but they pulled the wing off and jeremy clarkson took the car off the track and it was like a quarter million dollar car or something like that what it was like a pagani or something i think pagani huayra i’d have to check it out anyway another this this topic comes up often in talking about c6

Corvettes uh between the base and the grand sport the grand sport looks a lot more aggressive it’s got the wide body kit from the factory it’s got a little more aggressive spoiler a little lower to the front end different suspension of course bigger wheels and wider tires but having the same amount of horsepower as the base the base corvette is actually faster

In a straight line now the grand sport might carry around the track better with bigger brakes and a little bit better sort of track inspired stance but that wide body kit and the more aggressive arrow on that car actually slows it down 0-60 in a quarter mile so a lot of people will talk about that same the other grand sport looks cool but the base corvette c6

Corvette is actually faster so arrow plays a major role even in factory cars you wouldn’t think like adding just a little spoiler to a q50 or a front splitter can slow it down all that much but it does i’ve experienced it we see it in other cars you know other makes and models this is it’s something very interesting to to keep in consideration when you’re spending

Money and you’re taking your time and putting in a lot of effort to try to maximize our performance for the car a lot of us think about horsepower top speeds and things like that but then of course we want it to look cool so we put these other components on but it’s actually counterproductive so just keep in mind think about what you’re actually trying to get out

Of your car if you’re doing a road course maybe you want some arrow if you’re just doing straight line performance stuff like like daily q50 for example you don’t want a big old spoiler on there and a bunch of splitters and canards and all that stuff you don’t you don’t see him with the big wing on the back end of that q50 putting down the times that he’s able to

Put down so keep those things in mind as you go forward and you continue to modify your q50 or any vehicle for that matter that although they’re little pieces of plastic that you might be putting on your car they are actually having an impact and it might be a negative one so let me know your thoughts in the comments below i always like your guys’s feedback i

Appreciate you watching some interesting stuff coming up on the channel possibly possibly some giveaways that you might be interested in so hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already thank you guys very much for watching i appreciate it very very much we’ll see in the next

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