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Altair Club Cars PX Ford Ranger Supercab Rear Doorskin Removal T6

PX Ford Ranger Supercab Rear Doorskin Removal T6

Just some random pics and video of removed rear door skins of a PX Ranger Supercab, I guess this would apply to BT-50 as well, hopefully it will give you some insight before removing your skins, in the video I point out one particularly difficult pin. The difference that sound deadener made was impressive, much quieter, the rear floor of a PX Supercab doesn’t have any sound deadener either, laying some foam/rubber will make a dramatic difference also. Hope this helps you🤘

I don’t know whether you’ve ever tried to um pull the door skin off the back of a super cab on a 2013 px ranger which i’d say he’s they’ll be the same all the way through probably to the current model but don’t quote me on that you’re gonna have a real prick of a time with this guy hear that that’s the one that’s gonna give you all the headaches going up around the

Top no worries all around the bottom little fiddly here you can see that i’ve broken one there but yeah there’s nothing on the internet the sort of says anything and i’ve been hacking away and hacking away i was nearly gonna see a car install person but my ego got the better off me and i gave for one last crack so it’s this guy you need to be really careful with

Cuz he will fight and fight and fight you inside there’s a screw here inside the little hand piece there’s also a screw down here at the bottom outside of that on the door handle you’ve got one little screw in there some of these are torx screws some of these are phillips heads oh and then you’ve got you to talk ones here and as i suspected the speakers are just

Complete garbage this is just you look at the door i know you can’t really see a hell of a lot because of how closely and but i’ve already soundproof the front doors worked really really well really effective there’s lots of tutorials on the front of the ranger door of course but with these super camp doors it doesn’t seem very much at all i’ve installed some s

Series four type s i’ll point speakers into the front it’s made a great difference what does show me is that these don’t like everybody knows you know these things are complete garbage just one thing you need to take note of the positive and the negative and you can’t always tell that because this plugs in and there’s no markings so i’ll just have to look that up

I’ve got a screenshot of somewhere has all those bits of information on there so look it’s gonna be smooth sailing now i think which is really great and it was a total head but hopefully some of this will help you if you’re trying to do a super cab door just reach in here can you see that tiny bit of beautiful sound deadener it’s like a token effort by forward to

Cut down some form of vibration so obviously there is some vibration on a rag and gotta clean the door skins down let that just dry up turkey dry cuz this is australia of course yes you know break some of these it’s just the way that it is so what i do is when i make the decision and i’m gonna put a bit of a radio in the old ranger oh wait tin um yeah just bought

Some cheapo aftermarket ones i’ve just checked them they fit into the holes and then after that i’d actually like to wrap it a little bit of beautiful rubber just got some scraps there um just in there so there’s no rattling or anything like that but i think there’s gonna be any yeah but it doesn’t hurt just a little bit roughly wrapped around there the bit that

Is gonna butt up against a car and a little bit in here which is going to wear is one it’s going to slot into something like that and this just um the camera that i just hold it nice and firm this is my rattle nothing i’ll show you she’s pretty body noisy so let’s put some stuff in there and see what happens so that’s that’s what’s in the front doors it’s a butyl

Rubber – mil i’ve got this other stuff like housing insulation it’s six mil closed cell foam self-adhesive so we’ll throw that in the door and take a listen to what it does grow on video because everybody’s seen a video of soft stuff going in a door all pieces in there now i really don’t think this is as good as butyl rubber um give it a tap butyl rubber there

Isn’t there’s a massive difference i mean it’s gonna be better than what it was but yeah surtsey standard speaker that comes in a ford ranger and yes very dismal so i’m putting in just a i said it out alpine’s just type s they are well s series they’re not the competition once this isn’t a competition car and i’m only listening to talkback so but uh i guess the

Thing with these is that we’ve got to take that out and it doesn’t say whether it’s positive or negative check out the fridge magnet on that one comparison here that’s a that’s a lot bigger and that’s a fridge magnet so the next thing to do is i need to clip out this guy here and find out which is the positive and the negative go there’s no indications anywhere

On this but i’ve already done the front and cook the same l point speakers in and i’ve got a screenshot of what the colors are it took me quite a while to find but um yeah when we come back i’ll be telling your colors they are so the standard speakers have this little clip you can see that i’ve jacked out a bit and what i’ve done with my front speakers i’ve just

Taken that out for me these are well these fridge magnets i guess you know i’m gonna have no use for this because for me they’re just they’re just garbage now the problem the problem is that they don’t tell you which ones positive or negative these don’t hook up to anything here but says positive or negative same cable co i think i’m one of the four wheel drive

Forums i actually found what the polarities are yes so if the if the point comes in this way and it plugs in brenham what’s on this side brown and yellows on that side yeah green why it’s positive brown yellows are negative so yeah we’ve got the little bit of a room and these like clip into the outside of the speaker on the standard speakers now with it being a

Different speaker i guess you could drill a hole through here if you really had to but i’m just gonna run it under it looks like i can get it it’s it’s gonna be a it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to put on but there’s enough there to to get it to work

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PX Ford Ranger Supercab Rear Doorskin Removal T6 By squeable

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