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Altair Club Cars Provkrning: Ford Mustang Mach-E – V8:an som blev eldriven (ENG SUB)

Provkrning: Ford Mustang Mach-E – V8:an som blev eldriven (ENG SUB)

Vi har provkört Fords första riktiga elbil, Mustang Mach-E under en solig, men väldigt blåsig vårdag (dessvärre kom det med en del vindbrus). Trots att bilen bär på ett namn med ett prestigefullt arv så har bilen inte särskilt många kopplingar till tidigare generationer och den har ett formspråk som aldrig tidigare skådats på en Mustang. Ford har inte bara bytt ut en mullrande V8:a mot en vinande elmotor, men byggt en unik bil som ska vara starten på bilmärkets elektrifierade framtid. Titta gärna på videon för att se vad vi tyckte om Ford Mustang Mach-E!

We are back with a new episode here at carexplorers! the car that we have with us today has a very prestigious heritage, although the connection to previous generations is not that apparent. the car model has been produced since 1964 and has produced a couple iconic model years. the car that we have with us today is nothing less than a ford mustang, with the addition

Mach-e, as you can see behind me. it is a mid-sized crossover, which is purely electric and has a design which has never been seen before on a mustang. join us in this test drive to see what we think about the ford mustang mach-e! as usual, lets take a quick walk around the car to get to know it a bit better. here in the front we can clearly see the mustang badge on a

Covered ev-grille. many electric cars today have quite a soft look, but ford has managed well to keep the confident and aggressive mustang look also in this mach-e which is an ev. if we move along and look at the car from the side perspective, we can clearly see the crossover curves. at a closer inspection, we realize that something feels a bit different or that something is

Missing – the car does not have any door handles. instead we can unlock the car in three different ways. the first one is that we use the car key, having it in our pocket and getting closer to the car unlocks it. the second way is to use our phone to unlock the car. the third way is the most innovative, which is by typing in the correct code on the keypad on the b-pillar.

Once unlocked, we can open the door in two different ways, either through our phone or by pressing this button here. the door opens up a bit, about 4 cm and i can take this handle and open the door. the same principle works for the rear door. i press the button, the door opens and i can now open it wider. while we are looking at the car from the side perspective we can

Observe a sporty detail on this awd-version of the mach-e. these red calipers really enhance the sporty look of the car. here at the back of the car the connection to previous mustang models is probably most apparent. the taillights have these characteristic three slots, which can be seen on all mustang models. we can also see that there is no ford badge here either,

There is only a mustang badge also here in the rear of the car. while we are here at the back of the car, we can take a quick look at the trunk capacity and we can see that the space is enough for a crossover. it might not have the most container-shaped format, but it should be enough for the trip to ikea let us conclude this quick walkthrough where we started. the mach-e

Has a frunk which has a capacity of 80 litres. the good thing about this frunk is that it can be rinsed with water. so, if you would like to put the freshly caught fish directly into the frunk, then that works very well. when you get home, you can pick up the fish, take a hose and rinse the frunk with water. the first thing to notice is this large 15,5 inch screen.

Many electric cars nowadays have quite large screens, but what is special with the mach-e is that is that this screen has a small knob. unfortunately, the knob can only be used to increase and decrease the volume. we will look more into the infotainment system later in the review. from the driver seat we notice that there is plenty of storage space in the front of the

Mach-e. we have quite a bit of storage under this console here. we have place for two phones, with the left one getting inductive charging. we notice that the gear shifter is placed here, which unfortunately has a slightly plastic feeling, but that is a detail comment. if we look up a bit we can see that the car has a start and stop button and a small display in front

Of us. this display shows the most basic information, speed limits, our speed and the range of the car. just next to it we see that there is a cloth panel, or at least that is what one could think at a first glance, but it is actually a bang & olufsen speaker which is well hidden. let us finally have a look at the infotainment system. overall our opinion about the

System is that is it easily navigated and intuitive. if we take a look at the screen in more detail, we can see that the lower part of the screen is for all the climate functions. we can change the temperature easily like this, we can turn on the steering wheel heater and fan speed. the middle part of the screen shows all the different applications and there are plenty

To chose from. we can also connect to either apple carplay or android auto. what is of most interest for us are the driving modes. if we select the driving modes setting we can see that there are three different driving modes to chose from. the first one is called active, which is the standard setting. whisper is a slightly softer setting which both reduces the light

In the coupe and makes the driving a bit calmer. the final drive mode is our favorite, untamed, which is exactly what it sounds like. it makes the driving more aggressive. the steering becomes more stiff, the response becomes maximal and the color becomes orange both of the interior lighting and on the screen. now its time for the cameraman to take over and show much

Space there is in the backseat. i have adjusted the driver seat based on my height and i am about 190 cm. now i will jump into the backseat to show how much space there is. i think there is a lot of room, i have about 10-15 cm here for the knees and i have at least 5 cm space to the panorama roof which is very good for this type of a car. depending on version one can

Get 400 to 610 km range and 269 to 351 hp. we are driving the top version with awd, 99 kwh battery and 351 hp. the range for this version is 540 km and 0-100 is done in 5.1 seconds. the options for the mach-e seem to have been based on simplicity as the guiding principle. there are two different versions, a rwd and an awd. these versions can be paired with two different

Battery sizes, 75 kwh or 99 kwh. there are two options, the technology package which includes a bang & olufsen sound system and a 360 degree camera. there are seven different colors to chose from, six shades between white and black and a red color. these are all the different selections one can make for the mach-e. this is in line with fords dna since the model t,

A car that you could choose in any color you wanted as long as it was black. easy, simple to understand and just right, why should things be made unnecessary complicated? the mustang mach-e has a starting price of just above 570 000 sek and for this price one gets a car with rwd, 269 hp and 440 km range. the top version, which we are in, is priced just above 730 000

Sek and that is almost in the range of competitors such as audi e-tron, mercedes eqc and jaguar i-pace. thanks to the three different driving modes, one can really adapt the driving setting to reflect the current need. if one would like to take a calm cruise, then one would chose the whisper mode. if one would like to drive a bit faster and sporty, then one can choose

The untamed mode. the cars characteristics really change with the different driving modes, which makes it very comfortable for me as a driver to choose between. worth mentioning here is that the mach-e is quite a heavy electric vehicle, but the weight is not at all felt, which is a very good characteristic of the car. the driving comfort is good, maybe not really in the

Same class as in a mercedes eqc the same goes for the steering, overall good and differs between the drive modes, but does not really have the precision as an eqc. the suspension is more towards the sporty side, rather than a soft premium crossover. as usual, it is possible to select a one pedal drive, which is done via the infotainment system. the mach-e has just one

Setting for the one pedal drive, its not possible to select a stronger or weaker regenerative braking. there is also a function which is called propulsion sound and this is fords attempt to add an engine sound when pressing on the gas pedal. ford claims that this is the sound of a v8, we would rather describe this as a weak v6, but there is a background sound at least.

Many people have opinions, both positive and negative, if the model name mustang is right for this car. from a marketing perspective, the mustang name has been a success and it has become a hot discussion topic. ford has succeeded very well with the mach-e. the base version is well priced, the car has plenty of power and a competitive range. if one would like to have

Even more power and performance, then the mach-e gt which will be launched later this year, could be the right choice. the car will have 487 hp and do 0-100 in 3.7 seconds. we at carexplorers believe that the mach-e has potential to become a popular ev choice here in sweden and a common sight on swedish roads in a near future.

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Provkörning: Ford Mustang Mach-E – V8:an som blev eldriven (ENG SUB) By CarExplorers

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