prestman auto 2021 hyundai palis
Altair Club Cars Prestman Auto 2021 Hyundai Palisade Walk-through

Prestman Auto 2021 Hyundai Palisade Walk-through

Hey katie this is nick from pressman auto i’m just going to do a quick video walkthrough of your palisade what i’ll do is i’ll walk all the way around the vehicle so we can check for any dents scratches or blemishes then i’ll go inside the vehicle and double check all the features make sure they all work correctly and then finally i’ll pop the hood so we can check

Out a little bit under there so at first glance honestly the like i was out here with a little i was out here with it a little earlier and it looks great um i couldn’t find any complaints i mean it did rain here recently so it’s got some watermarks on it but of course we’ll get that out as far as actual scratches or blemishes or anything else on it i haven’t been

Able to find anything yet the tires on it also very new so that’s wonderful they have loads of life left in them so it’s a little bit squished back here with a bush but as you can clearly tell it looks great all right so let’s go inside the vehicle and look at that real quick so what i’m gonna do is i’m going to leave the phone up here so you can see for any

Check engine or other warning warning all right so it seems to be in perfect condition needs a little gas and i’m not wearing my seatbelt but both fixable problems so honestly it looks solid so as far as other features go you have the buttons for this we’ve got your usb down here and other charger ports they also have some more charger ports in the glove box

You have these fun little drink holders which i mean you’re not gonna buy a car for the drink holders but they’re really fun to play with got cooled seats heated seats heated steering wheel all the bells and whistles the ac is working great which is awesome because it’s hot here audio turned off the radio for a sec we’re gonna pick a station all right there

There it is best deals nice you got your navigation system the radio maps all the fun stuff let’s make sure the windows all work correctly all right side mirrors out there great awesome so as far as i can tell everything in here looks and feels really nice so happy for you there let me pop the hood and we can check out under there all right so i don’t

Know how mechanically sappy you are or aren’t but regardless of your mechanical capabilities you should always always look under the hood of a vehicle you’re looking to buy the reason being you may not know the difference from a nut from a bolt but you know what neglect looks like if there’s acid buildup around the batteries or rust all over everything it’s not

Necessarily a bad purchase but you should be asking some more questions so with this one however everything looks to be in really really good condition honestly so solid choice i’m happy for you honest like legitimately i know i’m the salesman i know it’s like cliche or whatever but out of the cars on this lot like this is a really nice one so if you have any

More questions about it let me know but until then this is your palisade

Transcribed from video
Prestman Auto 2021 Hyundai Palisade Walk-through By Nicholas Neel

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