present it bmw 2 series coup
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Present it BMW 2 Series Coup

Alongside its 4-series, BMW is also bringing a new 2-series coupé to market. Compared with its predecessor, the 1-series coupé, the 2-series has grown in all dimensions. It has a sporty, elegant profile with a roof line that flows gently into the rear. Thanks to a sportier range of engines, it also packs a mighty punch out on the race track.

There’s a new sheriff in town sportier and more aggressive than the last one muscular and armed with six cylinders it wears its badge with pride but what is this new car patrolling the streets i’m ann hill dish from bmw says the new 2 series is a logical development the coupe a is more able and bigger than its predecessor and has more powerful engines it’s got a

Lot more to offer and better driving dynamics and that makes it fit perfectly between the 1 and 3 series brian billet soma tainan a shouldn’t buy up a car chester montes kirat once proof does the 2 series really drive so much differently from bmws 1 series we’ll soon find out the kupe feels like a racecar for the road thanks to his engine and sporty chassis but the

Manufacturer says fuel consumption is moderate 7.6 liters of super for 100 kilometers not bad for an engine that puts out 240 kilowatts those horses under the hood help the coupe a sprint from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in just 4.8 seconds and fired montes says the two series seems quite respectable out on the highway especially with its juggernaut engine now it’s

Time to take the car to the limits on a race track for that montes we’ll turn it over to a professional test driver mathis wants to bring the car and himself back home in one piece how was it caught on that’s all so it’s off to the races las vegas speedway race car tester florian dietrich we’ll see what the two series can do the engines 450 newton meters of torque

Ensure that the car accelerates powerfully out of the curves the 8-speed automatic transmission gear changes are instant floria notes that despite its increased dimensions the 2 series has become more manageable and agile it’s driving dynamics are stronger but it’s still easy to drive even at the limits of its capabilities the chassis has changed a lot the axles

Are the same basic design as the 1 series but have been completely reworked the same goes for the suspension components in the steering kinematic elastic idiomatic for coming lawyer up goostin part the sky he gives for the feed on them from component the interior is understated and functional the steering wheel provides a good grip and the instruments are easy to

Read the seats are sporty and have good side support on the dashboard the gps monitor is positioned above the radio and air vents a special feature is the driving experience control switch with its eco mode and two sporty steering modes not only the stiffness of the suspension is adjustable but also the response of the engine the characteristics of the automatic

Gearbox and the feel of the steering the kupe uses the brakes to control slides would-be race drivers can request the optional limited slip differential which improves acceleration out of curves with that the perfectly balanced 2 series can be wielded as precisely as a surgical scalpel experienced drivers can be sure they won’t lose control even when drifting

Through a curve so this is a two series that’s in the running for first place my father our car tester sums up the two series is clearly different from the one series most obviously and it’s looks the interior may be a bit less roomy because of the sloping trunk but if you want to coop a that is more compact than a four or one series bmw but also a mercedes clk

Then mathis thinks the two series is a good alternative done is that spire do showers an alternate eva an alternative that has no reason to run from the competition if you want to buy an m-class to 35i in germany be prepared to pay forty three thousand seven hundred fifty euros if you want the 8th gear sport automatic transmission you’ll need another two thousand two hundred forty euros

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