preferred plus 2023 mazda cx 50
Altair Club Cars Preferred PLUS 2023 Mazda CX-50

Preferred PLUS 2023 Mazda CX-50

This all black Mazda CX-50 Preferred Plus came in and went out. The Preferred adds features to the Select such as windshield wiper de-over, heated side mirrors, rear power lift gate, and heated seats. The PLUS portion on this model is the panoramic moonroof.

Foreign sales at mitchell mazda on the boulevard and enterprise and over my shoulder is a 2023 cx-50 this is the beautiful jet black in the preferred plus so let’s jump in four more ignore more carvings or more more more garbage starting up front of course you see everything’s tied in well with this jet black you have the black signature wing of course the

Black body color and the black cladding so it’s very beautiful have your sensor down here in the lower bumper camera up top for all of your safety and this was just awarded a top safety pick plus by the iihs so just like all the other mazdas we have another that’s a top safety pick plus so very safe standard safety and you can see the new styling of the headlights

Here with the led bulbs and just the 17 inch black wheels tie in beautifully with the jet black so again everything’s black everything looks good and uh 17 inch wheel of course gives you a little more rubber for the uh off-road or or even just road comfort a little bit more and this is the preferred plus so one of the additions on the preferred and it’s kind of hard

To see here but you actually have the windshield wiper de-icer right there and it’s going to of course in cold climate would melt the uh ice as the windshield stacks up there similar interior to the select but the preferred does add heated seats which are right up there so you have driver and front passenger heated seats and again i just love this standard interior

Trim this leatherette’s very smooth right here very firm here and very durable so any needs that you have or any uses is going to be well protected there of course you have a nice leather wrapped steering wheel and love the vertical vents on the cx50 just kind of puts you in hugs you like a cockpit and then of course your instrument panel going around to the back

You also have a rear power lift gate is an add-on to the preferred and so the preferred plus has it as well and just love this access here nice full size spare temporary spare this one also has the little cargo blocks here with the cargo net front license plate cover here and 60 40 split back here of course you can fold those down just love the cargo love how it’s

Very flush right here so you can sit down or load heavy items and be easy and good to go and my son xander’s favorite feature is that lock button there which is the master lock or super lock is what he calls it because it’ll lock all the doors and this of course the preferred plus is just your regular 2.5 naturally aspirated and the only things on here that aren’t

Black is you have this little chrome accent here and the standard roof rails and i think that’s just the right amount of accents there so it matches with your emblems around and looks very nice the last thing that i’ll say on this preferred plus is the plus adds the panoramic moon roof so we’ll hop inside and take a peek at it cranking this up real quick you can

See the digital clusters here and of course just like the cx-30 you have a digital speedometer if you choose a standard parking brake which is right down here so as you put it in the gear that goes away of course you can also elect for the auto hold also have the mi drive here so you could toggle between sport and off-road modes dual climate control of course on

This preferred which is really nice big screen which allows for the wireless yes that’s right the wireless apple carplay and android auto and here’s a look at that panoramic roof so i know it’s not as wide of an opening as some other manufacturers but just to have that open-air feeling i think is wonderful and just to show you the back of course you have the fold

Down arm rest and same interior back there air latch systems everything to be real durable and again i love the feel of this so this is the preferred plus in jet black mica i am jonathan sewell sales at mitchell mazda on the boulevard and enterprise if you have any additional questions or comments on this trim or the cx50 in general just drop them down below or

You can text me at 334-718-0504 i can’t wait to see you in a beautiful cx50 and matter of fact the new owner of this one is waiting to take it home as soon as some paperwork’s finished so end today and out today perfect story of a new mazda and a great vehicle for a great customer foreign

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Preferred PLUS 2023 Mazda CX-50 By Jonathan Sewell

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