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Altair Club Cars Pre Owned Polestar 2s Have A Better Resale Price / 14% Premium To New Car Prices

Pre Owned Polestar 2s Have A Better Resale Price / 14% Premium To New Car Prices

1. Used Polestar 2 EVs are selling at 14 per cent premium to new car price

Hey everyone welcome back we’ve got big news for pole star fans today now in recent news used polestar 2 evs are selling at 14 premium to new car prices that’s crazy and insane so used car prices have been high during the pandemic we’ve seen over the last two years this year however that trend has now shift to used ev prices too new data revealed that the use

Post tattoo prices also reaching their new peaks to on the back of the soaring popularity of evs especially post our cars post our cars have been gaining popularity at masses they’ve been gaining popularity just overwhelmingly incredible now new data on ev prices from carloop shows a rise of fourteen percent above the new price of the post r2 the usv pricing of

The post r2 has crept up over the past couple of months as the demands for evs have also increased along with the very limited options on the market now post r2s have been in the top five evs sold in australia so far sitting in the third place on the best-selling evs listed in australia data shows that the 100 percent of postar 2 the used vehicles up for sale in

August so far are single motor variants prices of the new pulse r2 single motors are currently 73 000 drive away in victoria with a pilot light package that will include safety features like adaptive cruise control and 360 cameras now many models are selling above 83 000 in august 2022. that’s crazy the demand for this ev is fairly high which goes to show that

Less than 10 use post r2s up for sales around the country that’s crazy only less than 10 used post r2s are up for sales in australia and by the way compared to the amount of post tattoos that are selling in australia it’s a complete difference poststar sold well over 350 post star twos in australia in july alone i believe i think it was up to 380 or 390 to be

More accurate which is insane in fact i think they were the best-selling ev in july which is not the first for poststar in australia that’s because the tesla model 3 was late on the market in australia specifically now this would help relieve some pressure on the high ev prices in 2022 like those seen from other popular evs alongside the pulsed r2 these include

Very popular tesla model 3 and hyundai lunique 5. so with improved supply and newer more affordable evs like byd auto 3 launched not too far either it’s likely going to bring local used ev prices back down over the coming months that’s absolutely incredible you know from my experience i know that the tesla vehicles they tend to have a really good resell price i

Know that the tesla vehicles they don’t really lose a lot of value over the course of two to three years considering that the majority of post r2s that are on sale the second and vehicles they’re probably less than a year old or less than two years old and yet they’re selling for a profit these are secondhand vehicles now it’s not just tesla and postar there’s

A bunch of ev vehicles that are extremely good when it comes to resale value over time tesla tends to be the most popular one but now that we can see that poststar is also joining that family especially new electric cars like mercedes vehicles they have really good resell mercedes ev vehicles i’m not talking about the the combustion engine mercedes vehicles i’m

Talking specifically about ev vehicles there are some mercedes vehicles that have really good resale value like the new electric vehicles but it’s just incredible to see and of course from more news from australia as well it was quite recently that hurts and pole star started offering the poststar 2 availability in australia as well this was incredible i believe

Hertz received their first 100 evs from postar to start offering these vehicles in australia this was incredible to see and of course it will only continue post-op promise hurts up to 65 000 vehicles these are not just the poster too this will include the poststar 3 and possibly even the post off 4 and pulstar 5 because the post on hertz deal will last for 5 years

This deal will include quite a few different post-op vehicles not just the post r2 keep that in mind it will include the two suvs that are upcoming it will possibly even include the gt5 sports sedan and that’s the pulsed r5 plan for 2025 i believe so it’s certainly an exciting time for a lot of people it’s an exciting time for a lot of first post our fans we’ve

Obviously been supporting this company for a very long time and it’s just really good to see that they’re finally doing what they promised to do you know postdars always said that they are the second company along with uh tesla that are global players they’re in almost every market i think postar is in 24 to 25 market at the moment and they’re going closer to 30

Different markets absolutely incredible ladies and gents and that’s exactly what i like to see i will not lie that’s exactly what i like to see but if you have any thoughts on this information obviously leave a comment share your thoughts let’s have a discussion thank you for watching subscribe to see more and of course i will see you in our next video

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Pre Owned Polestar 2's Have A Better Resale Price / 14% Premium To New Car Prices! By Monument

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