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Porsche Macan Test S

Porsche’nin kompakt SUV modeli olan Macan’ın 2.0 litrelik turbo beslemeli benzinli motorlu versiyonunu test ettik. 237 HP güç ve 350 Nm tork üreten Macan’da 7 ileri çift kavramalı PDK otomatik şanzıman görev yapıyor. Bakalım Macan gerçek anlamda bir Porsche mi?

As you know, the porsche is a brand that produces sports cars. but in the recent era, as you are aware, an suv called cayenne has been added to the porsche family. it reached a very successful sale figures up to now. the porsche must have been pleased with the results of the emerging market conditions, so that now they produced the macan as smaller sibling of the cayenne.

Let’s see if compact suv macan has features to compete with its rivals in this class ruthlessly? lets start to analyze the macan, as always, from its design. speaking for myself, i do not think there is much concerning the design that can be said because, for all intents and purposes, this car is clearly a porsche. especially, it reveals this explicitly by its headlamps,

Bonnet and the bumper with wide air intake when viewed from the front. when observed from the sides, i can say that the macan looks like a small cayenne. for example, an extra piece is used here, and if i am not mistaken this carbon fiber is optional. further more the optional 20 inches wheel rims; in my opinion have added plus to the appearance of the macan. it looks

Like spider web and uses grey and smoky tones. in my judgment it is very chic. the rear of the macan is also insofar sportive to be a porsche. but we cannot say that it resembles its big brother cayenne very much. for one thing, taillights with quite a different design are used here. because its center light up with led, the macan looks attention grabbing from the rear,

Especially at dark. apart from outstanding there are other details too. the exhaust outlets on both sides of the bumper inform you of the power of the car. by the inclined rear window, the macan reveals clearly that it is more sportive than the other compact suv’s. naturally this has one disadvantage, which i will show you when we open the boot that also has an important

Factor. under normal circumstances, due to this beautiful design, there is a smooth boot lid. in other words if you do not know, under normal conditions you will move your hand around here to open the boot. but, the boot lid of the macan opens electronically by the button positioned under the wiper. even though the macan shares the same platform with the audi q5 its boot

Is smaller than the audi q5. as a matter of fact it has smaller booth than its most serious rival the range rover evouqe too. the main reason for this is the inclined rear window. but still the boot of the macan has one advantage and it is this sliding rail, which helps you to fasten up your articles. all in all, i do not think you would like your market shopping’s

To scatter just because you are driving a sportive suv. the living space offered in the rear seats of the macan is not spacious but as you can see the knee room offered is not bad at all. the headroom is also sufficient but you have to admit that due to the panoramic glass roof the ceiling is a bit lowered. by overall assessment, you have to admit that the living space

In the rear of the macan is behind its rivals in its class. especially, when you consider that due to this high transmission hump, as i see it, it is impossible for three persons to sit here in comfort. when you sit behind the steering wheel of the porsche, you may not know where to put the key if it is in your right hand. that is why you get in when it is in your left

Hand, turn the ignition, as soon as you are in the macan you definitely realize that you are inside a porsche model. the layout of the controls is similar to the other porsche models. due to the leather materials used in all around the cockpit and the chromium pieces, i can say that the macan’s cockpit is one step ahead of its rivals. at the center console of the macan

There is a touch screen multimedia just as in almost all the models of today. but the a/c controls position is different than the ones we are accustomed in the other brands. the controls that are positioned on both side of the gear lever can be used very easily. and since same controls are on both side, the driver and the passenger can set their desired settings easily.

Apart from ease of use it is pleasing to the eye but some drivers may not like the congestion here. the indicators consisting of three round hoop and a big rev counter in the center are very legible. the three-spoke steering wheel fits to the hand well and adds plus to the sportiveness of the car by its elegant design. the seats are very comfortable and furthermore these

Ergonomic sport seats can optionally purchase and has 18 different setting functions. the heating and cooling features of the seats increase its functionality and to be able to set the lateral supports deserve praise since it hugs you better when driven fast on curvy roads. i cannot say that the cockpit of the macan is very generous on the subject of cubicles for you

Small items but the two-cup holders behind the gear lever and quite sufficient armrest satisfies the expectations explicitly. let us consider the engine and the driving features of the macan. under the bonnet of the macan 2.0 liters turbo charged petrol engine is functioning. this engine that develops 237 hp and 350 nm of torque is to be the first for the porsche because

None of the porsche’s manufactured up to now ever used 2.0 liters 4-cyliders engine. therefore, the macan is the first among the porsche models. the engine with 237 hp and 350 nm of torque can offer very good performance values. you can purchase this engine in the macan with only 7-speed double clutch pdk automatic gearbox. the gearbox with its fast and smooth passes

Definitely adds dynamism to the drive of the macan. you are able to change the gears from the gear lever or from the pedals behind the steering wheel manually. in the mean time the gearbox answers your wishes fast and correctly. there are two driving modes as sport and sport plus in the macan. you are able to choose them from the buttons on the left of the gear console.

You intervene to the throttle reaction, steering impulse and transfer characteristic of the gearbox when you choose either of them. you realize that the car really becomes more dynamic when you choose the sport. the main difference when you choose the sport plus is the faster gear changes that makes you feel as if you receive a kick from behind. on the matter of reaching

To high speeds the macan is not coy and as far as i am concerned it satisfies the expectations explicitly. the porsche macan shares the same platform with the audi q5. in other words, to some people these two cars are identical. but the essence of the matter is absolutely not so. the macan reveals that it is a porsche in every aspect and especially with its driving

Character it is able to exhibit it clearly. the macan with its firm suspension settings and with its steering system that reacts distinctly and fast makes you always feel that you are on the driving seat of the porsche. you are also able to get very distinct answers from the macan when you want to drive fast on the highways and especially on curvy mountain roads when you

Have performance expectations. i can also say that this car is very successful in the subject of insulation. you clearly do not concern yourself on what goes on at the outside. let us consider what kind of fuel consumption value the macan presents. i have been driving this car for 3 days and have covered 145 km. at the moment the trip computer indicates to me 12.9

Liters fuel consumption averages. this value, of course, is not low and to some it may even be too much. but if you, ultimately, are driving a porsche, you have to accept this. furthermore, i have to point out that i have covered 45 km. today and its fuel consumption averages is indicated as 10.6 liters. in other words, if in fact you want to be frugal on open roads

It has the potential. but of course, if you say that you ultimately are driving a porsche and want answers to your performance expectations, than you have to know that you may see 12-13 liters values. the macan with its appearance, as well as quality and driving dynamics and price succeeds to exhibit that it truly is a porsche. this car is normally sold between 250-300

Thousands tl price bracket. but the version standing next to me has a price ticket of 550 thousands tl with extra equipment. in other words, if you have this type of money in your pocket to give to this car than you can buy it and lead a life of pleasure. but if you do not have this money than there is nothing to be done.

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