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Altair Club Cars Porsche Cayenne Turbo vs Range Rover Sport SVR – E100k SUVs reviewed | Autocar

Porsche Cayenne Turbo vs Range Rover Sport SVR – E100k SUVs reviewed | Autocar

The new Porsche Cayenne Turbo is a mighty piece of kit. Big 4x4s like this are expected to do it all: go off road, be incredibly refined on road and yet be sports cars while they’re at it. Subscribe now:

Welcome to the inside of the range rover sport svr place lee range rover sport svr we’re doing some light off-roading hence the glasses any water gonna make you mints i’m just taking a bit of a view on how comfortable the ride quality is by seeing how much water gets spilt what can i tell you about the svr it is the fastest range rover sport has a large v8 and

Because it’s facelifted it gets a new infotainment system screens top and bottom like the range rover bella gets the full suite of on off-road driving modes you can put it in grass crops no you get little terrain even do it in ortho you can put it in mud and ruts and stuff on that this is a scientific right let’s pop open them so far i’m doing average okay so

Far we’re doing less than average i’ve got comfortable seats one of the seats in the front like driver very sport if there is 40 there quite weird we’ve got fixed head restraint they’ve got these sort of plastic max don’t think you have to have something quite the sport business but it is quite a luxurious place to be gonna swap to see what the porsche cayenne

Turbo is like in the back if that retains more of its water and then actually get our way from this off-road stuff because that’s not really what these two cars are about and welcome to the back of the porsche cayenne turbo which appears to be having it slightly more trouble with my glass same same same speed same driver but apparently worse road right according

To these budgets a slightly less flamboyant interior but in the 20 18 k and turbo there is a new massive display at the front and then this big sort of haptic display / control panel on the centre console it’s quite a nice place to be from the back i’ve got a throne but quite a lot of edram i’ve got loads of legroom more so than in the svr but i am getting it

Wetter so we’ll go and then see what these cars are like if you like this give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe because for all of the off-road goodness akn and the range rovers for our suvs that do have off-road goodness it is worth remembering that liens are at this price level and this performance level 100 grand 500 horsepower plus both of them

Road-going machines aren’t they really that is where you will predominately find them there are some people who want an suv and they think i definitely want the fastest i definitely want the most expensive and the manufacturers of those products i’m not going to turn around and say sorry we’re not gonna sell you one of those they say yeah you want 550 horsepower

Give on a hundred grand or we could do that so here we are it is pleasant than uk and it’s has a very wide screen here i’ve got lots of digital dials i had my porsches dedication to putting a single analog rev counter right in the middle of the instrument binnacle i suspect on ok and turbo it is not the most important dial people will use i can flick around and i

Could get the sat-nav screen up on this side all kinds of things tire pressure monitors fluid temperatures things like that that’s all sensible and then there’s a big speedo in the middle this sort of new haptic control display on the transmission tunnel is pretty clean and precise there’s a nice number of dials on the wheel but it’s still a nice round sensible

Wheel regardless of all that how does the kn drive well i’ll level with you i thought it’s one of these cars that seems to me a bit points if you’re gonna buy ok in fine biokm there’s lots of sensible versions you can buy wine earth do you want a 100,000 pound 542 horsepower 560 old pound foot version it’s a practical practical family car and then i got into

One in the home counties not drove it here to wales which is 250 miles now i know for overseas north american viewers in particularly that is not actually very far is it but in the uk you can kind of get from one side do that up in 250 miles or so and it just massage those miles away brilliantly so on air springs okay and turbine service brings this one gets

48 volt adaptive anti-roll bars so they can stiffen when i go into a corner like that and produce virtually no roll and then they were slacking in a straight line or indeed off-road and that means that you get a decent amount of wheel articulation as befits an suv and it all melts together very seamlessly this four liter v8 with two turbos is not the loudest of

Engines the old porsche v8 before it was a more aggressive sounding unit this is quite a smooth sounding v8 engine that’s how a little listen it sounds quite smooth doesn’t it sounds fairly restrained but there is no denying the speed with which it gets on no it’s not necessarily the most engaging drive it’s not a sports car but it does allow porsche to build

Sports cars crucially because the profit margins in these aren’t fast and it also is an incredibly capable car as a large luxury car basically it means you don’t have to have an s-class you don’t have an out of the area you don’t have to add something that makes you look like you’re on an airport taxi run you can just have an suv it spend a lot of money on it

Be very comfortable very relaxed very refined very luxury ated i like it quite a lot whether porsches take on it is nicer than range rovers take on it is something we will now find out and so to the range rover sport svr revised for 2018 give it a mild facelift including a carbon fiber product if you pay extra as somebody has for this one the carbon-fibre

Bonnet stays natural carbon fiber colored rather than being painted i don’t know why that costs you more but anyway it does i don’t know i mean i suppose that lightens the weight on the nose i will make a tremendous difference to this 2300 kilogram suv won’t it but if you want a performance suv this is as loud and grunty as they come pretty much maybe one of

Those treatments is again tweaked up but this is as bonkers as it gets we get 5 liter supercharged v8 it has more weight than the kn but it also has more poke than the can also drives all four wheels through an 8-speed automatic gearbox and it also has different pride modes and so on and so forth the nouvelle are based i save lr because it just that’s where

This dual screen thing came out first so along the top touchscreen are things that i’m gay likely to use most often so the navigation the media telephone some of the settings are on this lower one is meant to deal with things that i don’t touch quite often because it’s quite a long glance down to do with it so you could quite easily have a little fear if you’re

Not careful so it’s got some vehicle settings it’s got the climate control it’s got your heated seats and stuff on that and then there’s a digital instrument panel in the front which is not quite as attractive i don’t think as the porsche one driving environment is good is it high as you do in all range rovers i got a commander dragon so you do sit very tall in a

Range rover you get an imperious view out mirrors are good and large sides are quite slimy so actually even though this is a big car it’s quite an easy car to place inevitably i don’t get rise quite as comfort of as the kn but if it is any shorter than a kn but it certainly feels it it feels like it turns right about here so when you turn it feels incredibly agile

For a car of this size for a car of this girth i don’t think there is a large norm sports car not a big coupe a in some big coup pace don’t turn as willingly as this does it is pretty phenomenal it’s got a really quick reaction to the steering wheel in steering’s light and responsive and accurate it’s not nervous but it really does respond to steering movements

Quickly so it does have a really dynamic feel and that is accentuated if i press the exhaust button it’s ridiculous it’s got a proper muscle car soundtrack and then when you lift off it’s like somebody’s having a battle of waterloo recreation in the boom it is just ridiculous to get at the right the right frame of mind and just sits and it pops and it bangs for

The fun of it if you want maximum performance feel from an suv and there is an argument that some people do clearly then the range rover svr is the car for you i would have won it slightly less conspicuous but there is something quite addictive about the powertrain and there’s also something quite addictive about the agility the way it turns that’s really very

Cool it does do amazing things for a car of its size i always have this slight feeling of conspicuousness in a car like this and the porsche is a bit more subtle so if you want something a bit more understated i think the kn is probably the car for you and the car for most sensible people is neither but hey these cars are not about being sensible so if you want

The least sensible the wildest the most intoxicating quick suv in the world i think this is probably it the videos at least every week don’t forget to subscribe and we’re at auto cart code at uk all the time

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Porsche Cayenne Turbo vs Range Rover Sport SVR – £100k SUVs reviewed | Autocar By Autocar

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