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Altair Club Cars Porsche Cayenne Coupe 2020 | Car Launch, Walk Around + First Thoughts

Porsche Cayenne Coupe 2020 | Car Launch, Walk Around + First Thoughts

We were invited to the Porsche Cayenne Coupe 2020 Launch Event in Bahrain.

Ladies and gentlemen the new here we are and we’re back to it now this is staining the opening order launch of the cayenne coupe yes the 2020 cayenne cou this one here i think is the base model but a perfect perfect factory but the larva orange is there is well the badge says basic so we’ve got this amazing spec perf expect that lava orange over the best

Wheels and come on look at this i’ll get to it later but this is the best policy on the doorman yes fine it’s fine we have another much time if you look at it – ten minutes – i mean this yes interior looks amazing back on the most beautiful part here come on out we get me okay so this guy engine respect so begins my own car guy yeah i get the turbo v8

V rosarian transit fast 4.0 v8 creates in 550 brake horsepower now looking at this you have to remember this is a uris without the twin turbos i think the main feature than the back should be talked about the main thing of the companies loving part of it i think it accentuates the whole 911 windshield kind of thing the muslim what i would say what makes

The 911 most renowned and obvious is that shape a positive exterior you’ve got these amazing taillights and they’re in a clear form – i know they can come in red with this orange exterior and black highlights and the four exhaust with a carbon diffuser i didn’t see that yeah what’s crowded man we couldn’t see anything now opening the boot now not opening

The boot is because that’s my choice and not because the car is locked i’m moving on the car still open okay that’s good so going around the car this model here is finished in land oh what is it lava orange they didn’t think the ladies for the cayenne is the launch color it is the heart pumps illogical it’s a great one over there we go i didn’t notice

I mean the suspect highly man over there’s the crane coop f yeah i’m not mistaken and as long as they just so be always looking at it i think the coop is all it’s needed so this is the basic model it’s a five-door at the back as you can if you remember if you did watch that that makini video the uris video it’s got the four seat configuration all which i’ve

Been told to say will fit a dog me akmed each other we’ve got the amazing experience which is something that i always love i mean to have to have a sports car without alcantara so as i’m talking i’m talking you got alcantara you have the chrono package over here you have this touch feeling book there is one thing that you didn’t notice well the gauge cluster

It’s not the full digital gauge cluster so you have a sense of analytics exactly the same is good 911 like all cars are designed to be here in the game active i have to say it’s quite spacious car can’t move the seat back hence i can’t get in being the size of a small boat but it’s classic 911 on the inside but i just think that this is the perfectly finished

Model for me i mean over here you have the what i call it cupholders you have the gear knob over here with the obvious touchpad and everything and you have this brace bracing we’ll call it i don’t know handles but they’re sturdy a firm hand we have some nice tactile not doctor you have some nice heel to the bottom and obviously porsche we can’t go without

This the shift knob so since there is really busy i’m carrying over with the review let me have what i think carbon fiber on the tour leather on the dash the seats are leather would be what you call them sabretooth so anyway moving on to the back as has been seen already we got the two-seat configuration over here and you got your i would call it the back

Control for the ac obviously if you look over here on the roof itself you have the wind and actually oh very haughty oh slowly i just hit the record button okay okay okay go i’m so i’m very hot yeah i continue a little bit of the review without you we believe it or not a fan came up to us a fan we have a fan there are no fans over here lacy’s ahmed with

The gadget amazing moving on to the interior of the car yeah i think i covered the steering wheel icon as a corner package more will come in a full review we are coming soon and if everything pans out with my wonderful marketing gentleman we met yes more coming even after and i think they need to take the car so let’s wrap up from the roof itself yeah the

Wing the way yes this euros don’t have which is something i love and the client group i mean they all look the sloping design and believe it or not even with the sloping design because the seats are lower three millimeter three something good i could feel millimeter yeah so people can’t fit without you know being sitting too much hang on hang on hang you’re

Saying it’s three millimeters lower and i could fit yeah i legit fare you can i’m telling you the seats are lower so even with the slope design you can still fit a large gentleman a very large gentle just like you a king let’s go and probably review this is the back this is a mix i need three anyway so this was a brief and short video on this was the mutant

To the cayenne cook yes here in bahrain post the event and obviously wait for us until we review the car any details okay driven or even also the showroom yet so we’ll have two reviews for you guys yep we’d like to say a big thank you to taha all of the marketing department of peppa hani we’d like to say a big thank you to the i hope that i’m in the young

Guy that recognized me because that’s made my week and the fact that i fit in this yeah so thank you all for tuning and don’t forget to like comment subscribe and turn on the notification bell and tell us what do you think man not you move they want to see the via coming for me listen did a fan come up to you no he came up to me and thank you not to me so

Tell us what you think of the porsche cayenne coupe and tell us what do you think of the colors and the option which i really choose so until next time guys just try

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Porsche Cayenne Coupe 2020 | Car Launch, Walk Around + First Thoughts By L.A.M.E

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