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Altair Club Cars Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Ferrari 488 Pista vs Lamborghini Hurac

Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Ferrari 488 Pista vs Lamborghini Hurac

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Hi everyone matt watson here from car wow so i’ve got a killer drug race for you today i’m sat in the new porsche 911 turbo s next to me is a ferrari 488 pista and next to that is a lamborghini huracan perfomante spider this has a 3.8 liter twin turbo flat sits with 650 horsepower and 800 newton meters of torque it drives all four wheels via an eight-speed dual

Clutch automatic gearbox it weighs sixteen hundred and forty kilos and costs one hundred and fifty four thousand pounds that ferrari it’s a lot more expensive over 250 000 pounds it’s lighter though 1385 kilos it’s got a 3.9 litre twin-turbo v8 with 720 horsepower 770 newton meters of torque 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox rear-wheel drive the lamborghini

That has a 5.2 liter natural aspirated v10 with 640 horsepower and 600 newton meters of torque four-wheel drive seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox with launch control and it weighs just over 1500 kilos and it costs 238 000 pounds what’s going to happen let me know in the comments below what you reckon it’s going to be the result of this drag race and before

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Engines so porsche first sounds like my dyson vacuum cleaner i bet the italians sound better than this let’s start with the ferrari gone ferrari let’s hear your engine way better matt in the lamborghini let’s have a listen to yours that’s definitely a case of naturally aspirated for the win when it comes to the sound but what about the performance let’s get on

With this see what happens whoa in the lamp after live struggle that piste has died and this has just smashed everything though what happened to you i got destroyed did you launch badly or was it just rear-wheel drive tires aren’t warm but to be fair but it always spins do you want another go at it don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference we can

If you want it’s up to you you lost against a performante yeah let’s have another go come on then oh lambo is smart off the line this porsche is a killer it kills all and everything what happened then phil i think that’s just four-wheel drive versus two-wheel drive i thought you might beat him let’s move on to the next challenge that’ll give you an advantage you

Know what phil when we met up last time you said that your cold beat are performante and that’s the spider this car has been a performante two different performances but on half a mile i was catching him ah half a mile yeah i think you’d have him over the half mile but this is quarter mile so you didn’t you’re lost so then what exactly happened while the porsche

Did the standing quarter mile in 10.2 seconds the lamborghini took 10.5 seconds and the ferrari came last crossing the line in 10.6 seconds now we have a rolling race from 50 miles an hour just cruising along ready three two one go get down oh blimey that ferrari just off yeah you win that phil i think you got a better gearbox that was quite decisive to be fair

And you’re in comfort mode and everything like that so oh okay right let’s take the kick down the gearbox out of it let’s go sport manual i bet you the two italian cars are much cooler than your porsche yeah mine’s sport plus y’all what’s your sport name in the ferrari i mean sport isn’t it yeah it’s better in the lamborghini why is it in the lambo well sport in

The lamborghini is normal but it’s cool you really want now you have a rolling race again from 50 miles an hour this time in third gear okay guys here we go three two one go up phil three two one go that ferrari showing it’s light away i’ll tell you what when you take the launch out of it that ferrari with it’s lighter weight higher power honestly that engine

There’s no lag is that there’s a bit of lag on this there’s not in that is that i don’t know how they’ve done it how they’ve made a turbocharged engine with no lag it’s absolutely wicked what happened in the lamborghini that’s really the race they should have done well in isn’t it naturally aspirated v10 but nah couldn’t hang on to those two not a chance now you

Have a brake test from 70 miles an hour when we reach the cone full emergency stop i’m in the heaviest car what will happen here we go oh whoa well there you go ferrari won that the lightest car obviously some carbon ceramics the lambo lost that and the poor actually notes the heavy is not really that much different between me and the ferrari very impressive

This car i mean the launch on it is just insane in gear the ferrari had it on acceleration also on just the normal rolling race as well the kick down is amazing lamborghini it’s floating fast it sounds the best but it’s a loser here today that was fun i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did please give it a like also don’t forget to subscribe to the channel

And hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on so you’re alerted when we make a new upload also check out phil’s channel more than cars the link is in the description and check out our merch as well that’s in the carousel below the video thanks for watching if you enjoyed the video please give it a like also comment below any kind of other videos you’d like

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Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Ferrari 488 Pista vs Lamborghini Hurac├ín Performante – DRAG RACE By carwow

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