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Altair Club Cars Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupe: Journey from Conception to Reality

Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupe: Journey from Conception to Reality


When we talk about one-off vehicles this is one off to a new interesting level it’s the beginning of where as a company we can really take things what this really makes me think of is the porsche spirit cherishing our past but always looking to the future the concept began four years ago in monterey sitting around in a burger joint brainstorming with the

Porsche classic folks from germany on our side we had the entire executive council of porsche club of america we brainstormed and came up with all kinds of interesting ideas we had the idea to come up with a factory one-off car we then had to decide on the model range so we thought it’s just about a time to set the spotlight on the 996 and come up with a 996

As you have never seen it before started with very crazy ideas here to tell you that every single idea is implemented in reality here with this car well the 996 is special in that from a historical standpoint it was a big change for porsche back then a jump in a new direction so it sort of led the way for the future generations of the 911s to come when i heard

That the decision was taken to base the car on the 996 i thought it was a revelation finally a car not based on like all the resto mods and reimagined cars from the air cooled generations the 996 was one of the most unappreciated of all the 911s the time has come to give a little bit more attention it was a 1998 911 996 that we found in the u.s so the condition

Of the car was poor this was the very first 96 which was restored by porsche classic it was very interesting making something completely new we really started with a white piece of paper with a classic club coupe we are in this zondabunch world so this means taking a car back from a customer or the porsche club of america and then having time to work on it this

Gives us the freedom to really work on technical solutions where we try out we don’t have to approve it will work we can try out and that’s the biggest differentiation between a zonderbunch or a classic project and an exclusive manufacturer project that takes place inside the production process the north american team had to really look at all the specifications

Around the vehicle when we look at the era of the car the air of the engine today’s regulations we had to bring all those elements together make sure the car met all those and then say what’s the trajectory for the car what do we turn that into from a story and a branding perspective to make the car have its own personality the requests of our colleagues from

The portugal club of america they gave us some headaches and they put some challenge on us especially tom gorsuch come up with the request to put in a gt engine i’m sure that was a big challenge in this case this 996 has the full performance of a 996 gt3 second generation the complete drivetrain the kunlich chasse was brand new it’s it’s a gt3 the expectation

Is you you open the door sit in start the engine and then the sound the gt3 engines has a very special sound you always have to have experience and skills to drive this car fast but this is fun if you have the skills and the ability to drive this car this is money can’t buy i think everyone recalls the sport classic based on the 997 and we were probably one of

The first ones we come with like a neutral actually like a gray color with a little bit of color in it but it’s still basically a gray and then the tone on tone stripes that we did back then so basically we took that same theme and then turned it around so we have a little bit of a darker color it’s a different gray and the stripes are instead of dark they’re light

So you get that same tone on tone effect but just turned around the other way the other thing we integrated is the porsche club blue or otherwise known as club lau there were many challenges with this classic club coupe first i would say was the bubble roof something was in the sport classic and we really wanted this to be a prequel to the sport classic that was

The idea i would say it took two years before we had final approval on that idea but they did it it was kind of an expensive idea to exchange the whole roof because basically glued in we thought well if we’re doing a one-off car we’re going to stick as many features as possible in that car the specific ducktail when it comes to thermal and aerodynamics was a

Big technical challenge if you look around the car in every little area there’s some new parts and things to separate it from a basic 996. that was the idea behind it every single detail which is not original was a challenge while being an exterior designer i must say that the minter is my favorite part i really took the 996 from what it was back then and all

Of its small compromises and really upgraded it the woven leather topic is a very interesting one because this is also something that combines traditional porsche projects from the past and in the future but with the classic club group we wanted to bring together the pepita style and the woven leather from the sport classic 997 into one new material the

Wheel was developed directly with fox the company themselves of course we made a few modifications to make it look more individual it’s basically all about the proportions of the wheel the proportions of the original fox wheel a relatively small black area where the where the paddles are and a lot of aluminum finish aluminum color and that’s what we wanted to

Achieve with this car is to have that historic fox look well we’re here for the porsche works reunion which is one of the biggest gatherings of the porsche club of america our club members are our best brand ambassadors they share their passion to the outside world they tell their friends how great it is to drive a porsche how great it is to be part of this

Community because in the end if you buy a porsche you not only buy a porsche you become part of a family for us it is really important to keep on this great collaboration between porsche 8g between porsche cars and north america and especially the porsche club of america the amount of customization here the ideas that pca put forward and the classic put forward

Is in terms of what is possible it is a wonderful representation of both the passion of pca and porsche enthusiasts as well as the talent and passion of porsche classic and all porsche employees i think the project ended up as like a perfect collaboration between our studio and porsche a porsche cars north america and porsche club of america as well as porsche

Classic that the combined ideas of all of our thoughts are basically we got everything in the car the way we wanted it this car is absolutely recognizable as a 996 but it has the stamp the pure stem portrait club of america we had the launch of the new 911 sport classic in april and i think now seeing all three cars together with their ducktales spoilers with

Their light grey exterior with the fox rims you get the story and you clearly see the familiarity of all three together if you look at the picture right now the classic club coupe is the perfect example of what factory restoration is capable of going to the highest level of service with a zonda bunch program and turning a dream into reality you

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Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupe: Journey from Conception to Reality By Porsche Club of America

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